UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"


  • waynos gnger
    waynos gnger

    Valentina is hard to see past. Hope it’s a competitive fight

  • Drippy J
    Drippy J

    7:08 nicks hand looks swollen maybe he broke it or something

  • Coulter Gaske
    Coulter Gaske

    This is just a Zip Recruiter ad, come on UFC!

  • David Walker
    David Walker

    Don’t be scared homie

  • plink

    Nice advertising.

  • Ale D'Agaro
    Ale D'Agaro

    Let's go Nick

  • Farooqplvi

    Giga: ?

  • Mauro Lara
    Mauro Lara

    It was kind of disrespectful towards stipe to start that whole promo before he could do his interview. Like, before starting that shitshow let the guy who defended his belt 3 times speak, the you pull that shit with that steroid-head. I’m glad stipe handled his ass twice after this

  • HonestFan

    Two absolute legends go back to war

  • Ed The chosen one
    Ed The chosen one

    Brian Ortega bumping big burner!! That’s legit!

  • Ossie Marvel
    Ossie Marvel

    Win or lose Lauren Murphy has a fan in me

  • RagerTron

    Is it Saturday yet?

  • Nodis

    Kinda sad seeing Nick putting the UFC gloves on again. The potential he could've been but never saw.

  • Sir Charizard III
    Sir Charizard III

    Once again… nope

  • H J
    H J

    Glad to see the UFC actually giving Nick the recognition he deserves 👏

  • FunkyChildNino1976 StaySoundPeace
    FunkyChildNino1976 StaySoundPeace



    Nick is so comfortable talking now, I like it.

  • arthurcurry2003

    was thinking (with the whole let's fight at 185 thing), Nick vs Izzy would be a dream match.

  • Tyler Pinkerton
    Tyler Pinkerton

    I always think the fighters are athletic and then they shoot a basketball… lol

  • Jo Zim
    Jo Zim

    I don't care about any other fight on this card other than the Diaz vs Lawyer. Fight of the night.

  • Nopulau

    Lots of psychologists here lol. Just happy to see the guy back. 👍🏾

  • Berke Aslan
    Berke Aslan

    who tf is ganno LMAO

  • Jon Abundis
    Jon Abundis

    Childhood memories! and all kids at school thought I was a weirdo for liking this shit, now they watch this shit drunk lol

  • Terrence White
    Terrence White

    Ortega has really cute kids, good for him. Edit: And then I get to the part about Murphy's dogs and they are even cuter, damn.

  • Minor Mendez
    Minor Mendez

    T city all day.. lil man gonna get tapped out!

  • Matt Sefton
    Matt Sefton

    Calm down Nick, you’re getting over-excited

  • Silvan Studer
    Silvan Studer

    the peoples champ 💥🏅


    Those Aussies are great at basketball lol

  • Monitor Lizard
    Monitor Lizard

    Fucking hyped on this card.

  • Mark Walmsley
    Mark Walmsley

    Seems like Alex is trying to dislike Ortega just because he is fighting him. There might be a little bit of jealousy because hes a good looking/cool guy and Alex is a brute. He might have felt intimidated being on screen with him in a different setting than fighting and that anger came out as it has done in their relationship. Im saying this as we have seen what has happened to fighters in the past who were horrible to opponents for no reason, they often lose!

  • john m
    john m

    Brian ortega > trying to be a g Nick diaz > doesn’t have to try

  • Oto Mazra
    Oto Mazra

    Endangered species of fighters

  • Linda Mtatambi
    Linda Mtatambi

    Ortega’s girl❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • christopher garcia
    christopher garcia

    Lmfao the amount of times I’ve been to that jack in the box 😭😭

  • TehUltimateSnake

    6:04 oh nick 🤣

  • somali fishing
    somali fishing

    4:36 is that somalia 🇸🇴 flag or what?????

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins

    Gotta love Mr. Modelo

  • Blown

    Rock, paper, scissor......shoe? When did this happen?

  • carlos vivero
    carlos vivero

    I thought that Nathan was better that Nick, but why does everyone think the opposite? I feel that Nate is more dangerous. Btw: I'm new on MMA

  • Shawn Ruby
    Shawn Ruby

    I like that they put the dogs full name 😂 “Penny Murphy” LMAO

  • classicshane 12
    classicshane 12

    Nicks gonna be 196 lbs on fight night and lawler will be about 184lbs.

  • Weston 1878
    Weston 1878

    Nick Diaz on Embedded in 2021... Unreal

  • Im Remmo
    Im Remmo

    Ight this will be my first nick diaz fight I see live and I can't fucken wait!!!!

  • Timothy McHugh
    Timothy McHugh

    Volkanovski is the weirdest most unlikable dude who knows he lost to Holloway and shouldn't have the title.

  • Donovan B
    Donovan B

    3:14 Getting Ey Foo'd by your kid is the West Coast equivalent to a NYer getting Son'd by they kid lol.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    WAR DIAZ!!!

  • ADM

    Rooting for Moreno to KHTFO on this trilogy. Undeserved title shot from Figueiredo regardless of the circumstances.

  • Stefano Nugent
    Stefano Nugent

    Nick looks like a character from an action film returning after being missing for years

  • ak kartal
    ak kartal

    Lauren you are a great fighter and person but fuck me valentina is on a whole other level

  • Blacula

    Kj noons spent more time fixing his hair than anything... Absolute dweeb

  • Dana Chou
    Dana Chou

    Using nick diaz as the thumbnail, ufc knows who’s the money shot.

  • Parker Blaze
    Parker Blaze

    They keep trying to make Diaz feel like it’s a big deal, but he isn’t having any of that lol

  • Dino Radja
    Dino Radja

    i thought it was brandon moreno appreciation but it’s just an ad

  • John Scott
    John Scott

    I want Nick to win cause he got fucked over,I still like Robbie Lawler.I hope it's a good fight

  • ps82xela

    Ortega's car is straight ballin

  • Monitor Lizard
    Monitor Lizard

    This is the best main event the ufc has put on in 2 years.


    I'm sorry I have to say this, but... God be with you Sunday Nick Diaz.

  • iSippOnSoss 11:11
    iSippOnSoss 11:11

    I wouldn’t bet a penny, but I hope Lauren does well. I don’t see her winning but she’s seems like an awesome person with an inspiring story. Fingers crossed she gets the strap.

  • Tim Cooper
    Tim Cooper

    You gotta love the warrior mentality when a man get Ktfo and is getting up falling back down and getting up trying to contest it. These dudes are fucking savages.

  • Shawn Ruby
    Shawn Ruby

    CPS bout to hit up Ortega about that no seatbelt thing 👀

  • Fern Dogg
    Fern Dogg

    Looks like the dudes ready to go

  • LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

    People are still wearing masks? Why?

  • Quoleman Pike
    Quoleman Pike

    Nick does not give one single fuck

  • Stain Gang
    Stain Gang

    Zip recruiter ad 😂

  • Criss Burns
    Criss Burns

    Glad to see the UFC finally acknowledge Nicks legendary run in Strikeforce.

  • VB savez
    VB savez


  • VB savez
    VB savez


  • VB savez
    VB savez


  • DaKid Uno
    DaKid Uno

    I feel Murphy is gonna get the upset and finish Valentina prompting for a big rematch

  • VB savez
    VB savez


  • VB savez
    VB savez


  • Revolt Ter
    Revolt Ter

    Only turned into a Nick Diaz fan after the Zaromskis fight because I realized that I always thought he'd lose but ended up winning in a convincing fashion up until he fought BJ Penn where I again had BJ Penn winning.

  • VB savez
    VB savez


  • Robert Torricer
    Robert Torricer

    4:36 Maaan I miss Big John reffing sometimes 💯

  • Lakruwan Ishara
    Lakruwan Ishara

    0:48 brian Ortega Ex Gf 😁😂

  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis


  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis


  • Nicholas agbeko
    Nicholas agbeko

    Nick seems to b in a good place and I can’t wait for Saturday night