Abu Dhabi Flashback: UFC 242 | Khabib vs Poirier
Two years ago in Abu Dhabi, Khabib Nurmagomedov defended and unified the UFC lightweight championship against Dustin Poirier. UFC returns to Abu Dhabi on Saturday, October 30, for UFC 267: Blachowicz vs Teixeira.

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  • zoo zox
    zoo zox

    Habib is .l.

  • subin shrestha
    subin shrestha

    khabib was bear, not a lion😉😆

  • Willy Maio
    Willy Maio

    4:06 🤣🤣🤣🤣that change of expression.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hamzah Nur Arafah
    Hamzah Nur Arafah


  • Captain Laut
    Captain Laut

    Just can said,wow......Khabib

  • Karunanidhi Ramaswamy
    Karunanidhi Ramaswamy

    Kabhi is ever green hero!

  • Keifer

    i love these guys

  • Эдуард Резаев
    Эдуард Резаев


  • angelica baez
    angelica baez

    Lindas peleas me gustaría que sean traducidas al español

  • EvilStorm777

    5:00 the fight

  • Ćirilo Латиновић
    Ćirilo Латиновић

    Habib is Novak Djokovic for UFC. He is my favorite 💪☪️♥️🇷🇺♥️☦️ Sellam from Serbia 🇷🇸

  • هه هه
    هه هه

    حبيب نورمحمدوف ☪️☪️☪️

  • Azlie Aziz
    Azlie Aziz

    Great people will be hated by many people, people who are too good will be hated by many people, that's how life is, pure holy people only use their own advantages by following the set rules, people still argue. People who fight use their smart brains to fight with It's easy to win, people don't like it, that's how life in this world, bad people are praised, good people are spit on, again, people who are not religious are hard to judge someone's goodness .. Only he knows the pleasure and freedom of living without a direction in life, he thinks he is using a smart brain instead of using a drunken brain, which brain is the brain ?? 🧠🧠👎🤣

  • DèYè TV
    DèYè TV

    The Eagle is Th Goat ... the True Fighter👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Fitness Master Zain
    Fitness Master Zain

    Khabib actually uses his fame to help people instead of flexing Everyone liked that❤️

  • Lucky

    Khabib 🤮🤮🤮

  • Ricky Smith
    Ricky Smith

    The best attitude the most respect simple he does it the rite way will always have my respect good luck to him and his family

  • isiac

    Khabib a goat

  • victor nice
    victor nice

    Yeah baby, Khabib is the boss!!

  • raden alvino
    raden alvino

    A true fighter is humble, that's Khabib, keep it up my brother, Allah always protects you

  • Lio Sama
    Lio Sama

    I don't hate khabib at all but I honestly don't like his fighting skills, mostly won by submission. I prefer throwing punches you know K.O.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace

    What a violent world we live in.

  • jack fessebag
    jack fessebag

    i was happy for the eagles but sad fort dustin...because he's a gentleman.

  • Story Teller
    Story Teller


  • Luka Williams
    Luka Williams

    Crazy how Dustin wasn’t fighting the hands

  • inaM✅🐎

    Respect to all sport person , they all are hard working person to achieve their dreams..

  • TrossBossinIt

    The respect and gratitude the fighters have for each other is a breath of a fresh air. I've always been turned off by the boyish characteristics of immature fighters, and this video was a nice change of pace for me.

  • Dark Raider
    Dark Raider

    I swear my brain is wired wrong... I don't root for champions like Khabib. I always root for the "underdog".

  • SpookyRedz

    Hang in there Dustin

  • ܐܝܠܗܐܒ إيل هاب
    ܐܝܠܗܐܒ إيل هاب

    طوبز خبيب

  • Abderrahman El Bakkali
    Abderrahman El Bakkali

    When Khabib said: "you're the most respectful for me and my family" tears went through my eyes.

  • jc one
    jc one

    Khabib será campeón de campeones pero aburre su manera de pelear en el suelo .

  • Vitaly Petrovich
    Vitaly Petrovich

    Купленный бой, смотреть противно.Фергюсон уделал бы Кебаба в первом раунде.

  • Mughatoli Shohe
    Mughatoli Shohe

    I want to see him fighting his opponent and win without tap.

  • Mughatoli Shohe
    Mughatoli Shohe

    I respect khabib for his wins and also happy that he is still undefeated but one thing ,I have never seen him fighting like man to man only tapping out his opponent,

  • Aquarius

    They said he never bled in the octagon... 7:10

  • Sugiyanto Belitang
    Sugiyanto Belitang

    Sangat jelek pemutar videonya

  • Sugiyanto Belitang
    Sugiyanto Belitang

    Sangat jelek pemutar videonya

  • Mike Frost
    Mike Frost

    Allota fighters couldn't handle that heat !

  • lovestospooge

    Most overrated fighter

  • Alwin Subiros
    Alwin Subiros

    J'avoue que nurmqgomedov et un monstre

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou

    not 2 of the best the TWO BEST FIGHTERS IN THIS WEIGHT n the two best guys too Khabib retires another Great fighter takes over

  • Luka Severkar
    Luka Severkar

    they almost had sex in the octagon... so I can understand the cuddling after...

  • ikust007

    8:04 great soul, great warrior , great man. And a graceful opponent. Bravo !

  • ikust007

    Beauty to see them like that. Real honourable champions. Far from some particular Irish man.

  • KingCarrot500

    Haha Felder! 'I'm still pretty?' 'You're alright.' 'I wasn't to begin with is the answer!' Loooool

  • Dave Powell
    Dave Powell

    Abner Dibley is nice.

  • Primusaur

    Charity is just a feel good version of money laundering.

  • Denny Deymon
    Denny Deymon

    Kabib il numero 1 e rispetto per porier grande combattente👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Дониер Эргашев
    Дониер Эргашев

    Diamond will be the champion

  • Ali Gillani
    Ali Gillani

    Dustin is a class.

  • Logan Maddox
    Logan Maddox

    When is Khabib gonna train Dustin?!

  • Halton Marungah
    Halton Marungah


  • PNW Jeepin
    PNW Jeepin

    The respect they show for one another is amazing to see.

  • Funny Pizza
    Funny Pizza

    Pls turn away from your sins before it's to late...

  • Viral dirty mind☆
    Viral dirty mind☆

    شاهد قبل الحدف فضيحة الرسام حرقا وسط سيارته صاحب الرسوم الكاريكاتورية المسيئة للرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Dayur Warfa
    Dayur Warfa

    “I don’t fight for the money. I fight for my legacy. I fight for history. I fight for my people.” -Khabib Nurmagomedov *“The most important (thing) for us is to stay connected with God, (it) doesn’t matter what happens with you, you always have to pray. You always have to stay humble and stay focussed and stay connected with God. This is very important for us.”* -Khabib Nurmagomedov

  • Dayur Warfa
    Dayur Warfa

    Khabib took out a prime Poirier and Gaethje with ease, he took out rda when his was his prime while khabib was 25 or something, Not just he was victories but the way he dominates them make it even more clear that he is levels above anyone in LW!

  • Abdullah Elhehyawi
    Abdullah Elhehyawi

    'لا تروهن يا (أناندا).. لا تحدثوهن يا (أناندا).. و اذا تحدثت إليك واحدة منهن فلا تكترث لما تقول يا (أناندا)'

  • LH Prod.
    LH Prod.

    A buddy of mine allegedly punched his twin brother in the back of the head and his brother ended having a seizure.

  • Guled Ali
    Guled Ali

    Damn! Edson Barboza was robbed

  • King Pasha
    King Pasha

    👑KHABIB 👑

  • alex vasin
    alex vasin

    Highlights: Barboza is dominating upon Felder. Decision: Felder wins.

  • 2Two

    we miss Khabib

  • Carlos Rodriguez Merino
    Carlos Rodriguez Merino

    5:05 *Khabib vs poirier*

  • Thomas Durand
    Thomas Durand

    khabib le boss ^^

  • Renan Terezan
    Renan Terezan

    Less than 1 minute and I hit the like button because those guys are just awesome human beings

  • nasuadus

    goosebumps it gave me

  • ipan [86]
    ipan [86]

    Wow sevchenko soo beatiful

  • Franklyn Hicken
    Franklyn Hicken

    Might as well reach around and tickle his prostate while you there Dustin. 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Wahyu Ramadhan
    Wahyu Ramadhan

    Man 😭😭

  • Nuriddin Hamraqulov
    Nuriddin Hamraqulov


  • Aqib peer
    Aqib peer

    The standard upon which all lightweights will be judged KHABIB.

  • Khabib Nurmagumedov
    Khabib Nurmagumedov


  • Asep Asep
    Asep Asep

    Khabib IS ok, SPORTIF

  • moch hadie
    moch hadie

    the most mma fighter that i'm most respect ever!🇮🇩

  • Night Monsters
    Night Monsters

    Nice play khabhib🐎🐎🐎shkthu

  • Gilberto aguiar RIPEAM72
    Gilberto aguiar RIPEAM72

    Khabib NÃO deveria lutar no Ufc pois NÃO luta nada

  • caveman lovesmoke
    caveman lovesmoke

    The way khabib learned to implement tactics from bears with his stomp and stampeding style of shooting really cool to see how he took nature and used it to fight . That *thumpthumpthumpthumpTHUMP* when he charges and mauls his opponents is 🤌🔥

  • Whatup B
    Whatup B

    Most people tap to that guillotine Khabib built different. 💪

  • Mihsalan Pariat
    Mihsalan Pariat

    Khabib 👎

  • KB NorCal
    KB NorCal

    Mutual respect goes a long way.

  • redda2

    Khabib lucky, could've easily lost with that guillotine

  • alvin aleman
    alvin aleman

    That last scene was touching RIP 🙏🏽

  • 병신

    처음장면 둘다 존나 멋있다

  • Rational Believer Urdu
    Rational Believer Urdu

    Khabib the real champ! ~Dustin

  • Dahl Osaurus
    Dahl Osaurus

    As much as I don’t like khabib man is a legend

  • Getreal

    Has anyone ever considered making a bubble head of Khabib

  • Samurai Gaming
    Samurai Gaming

    6:15 Khabib's father's reaction made me cry ❤️❤️

  • David Dupond
    David Dupond

    Pourquoi il à besoin d'afficher sa religion de musulman cet abruti de khabib

  • Matthew Burgner
    Matthew Burgner

    Same fight as with Connor! Khabib has it down to a science XD

  • Ahmad Luthfi Haikal
    Ahmad Luthfi Haikal

    Yeah UFC missing Khabib 🤗

  • Danial Zahar
    Danial Zahar

    Assalamualaikum Khabib Nurmagomedov. We all miss you Khabib

  • bangmeister 2020
    bangmeister 2020

    Khabib the GOAT

  • Cal Hegeman
    Cal Hegeman

    The total respect and sportsmanship by these fighters shown to their opponents gives me hope for the future generation

  • Zakirvilli22

    Konor best

  • michael okil
    michael okil

    The subsequent road quantitatively tug because road conformably turn opposite a stingy sunday. wide-eyed, nifty octave

  • Travis Goes There
    Travis Goes There

    shit on bus!!!!


    Khabib is always humble and respects the enemy

  • Chandra Yoga Aditama
    Chandra Yoga Aditama

    Respect fot Dustin the diamond

Khabib: The Movie
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