James Krause Balances the Life of Fighter and Coach
James Krause explains how he balances the life of a fighter and being the head coach at Glory MMA.

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    My Favorite Fighter



  • Chantl Mcclary
    Chantl Mcclary

    Amazing video I didn't even know that stuff tbh

  • Jeppe Rasmussen
    Jeppe Rasmussen

    THE James Krause is one of the most underrated guys in the sport. He’s so good in and out of the cage and this proves it. How many other coaches or fighters gets a show piece like this from the UFC? Not many and that just proves that Krause is something special.

  • Strickland Jobe
    Strickland Jobe

    So which card did James step in on?

  • santos

    Let's go man. Get the money 🤑🤑

  • Aldo Estrada
    Aldo Estrada

    Great bet tips too

  • jacob Houston sports pod
    jacob Houston sports pod

    Damn he wanted to fight

  • Dick Suekkerre
    Dick Suekkerre

    Krause hasnt fought in years hes just a coach now and if not go fight Buckley

  • The Satisfied Customer
    The Satisfied Customer

    saw krause first on TUF - he is a class fighter and a class coach. total respect.

  • shahin PR
    shahin PR


  • Clayton Bigbsy
    Clayton Bigbsy

    Megan Anderson was by far the best mma fighter I have ever seen…..

  • DoubleDOwnage

    I prefer the original title.

  • Supa CG
    Supa CG

    I haven't found my way into learning martial arts in any way yet, though I intend to.... (I live in the true middle of nowhere down in Alabama and the closest gym is a bout a half hour away) but james is the type of coach I'd love to have training me I think!

  • RedmiNote5Pro Gaming
    RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

    10% James 90% Title

  • John Aden
    John Aden

    James Krause is a bmf Mr. Cerrone with all due respect, right beside you Sir fuck yeah!!!!🤫

  • literall ghostt
    literall ghostt

    Clearly a dedicated and exceptional coach. Glad to see him get some spotlight. Looking forward to see him get his first champ.

  • Ashley Singh
    Ashley Singh

    awesome human being!

  • Dejaun Hotpocket
    Dejaun Hotpocket

    James looks like an older brother mix of Michael chandler and Dustin porier. Great fighter and coach

  • UFH

    4:07 I’m guessing that this is from Tim Elliott’s camp for the Su Mudaerji fight that never happened. Idk why I’m saying this, but it’s pretty cool.

  • Yo MMA's House
    Yo MMA's House

    Well deserved spotlight here on Krause and Glory. 👏

  • Bobby White
    Bobby White

    James looks like he's Dustin Poiriers older brother

    • CostelloXIII

      Haa he really does

  • Meat Fractals
    Meat Fractals

    Legend. We see you Krause

  • Nate Talks A Lot
    Nate Talks A Lot

    The guy is 28 and 8, that’s pretty frickin good

  • Niall Brooks
    Niall Brooks

    I love how honest he is in a fighters corner


    *The question will always be… how selfish does he want to be? Because fighting twice a year doesn’t often lead to title shots.*

  • TheAntManChannel

    One of my favorite fighters.

    • DoubleDOwnage

      One of my favourite video titles.

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max

    Such a great coach 👏

  • Trace Finlay
    Trace Finlay

    I go to the FAC events fairly often And, I must say that it's awesome to watch the local talent improve event after event. Keep up the great work GLORY! 👏

  • In7amiTe

    Who the fuck dislikes this video? This is so inspirational.

  • StillLivesWithMa

    Krause as a fighter is smart and intelligent but Krause as a coach is better for his body and health. If he says he’s fighting to be financially free, coaching is the way to go. I’ll be watching him fight/coach no matter what.

  • Matt Hdz
    Matt Hdz

    He’s like the welterweight Dustin porier

  • JLDoubleU

    That Dawson finish vs Santos had me on my feet applauding it was beautiful, kids going far with Glory

  • Zach Tavaris
    Zach Tavaris

    He should work on Megan..

  • Mixed Martial Mayhem
    Mixed Martial Mayhem

    James Krause is the man, one of the best coaches in the UFC. He is an absolute pleasure to watch him in the corner with his fighter. Mad respect!

  • William Lasseter
    William Lasseter

    You haven’t balenced shit you haven’t fought in a year

  • Oreo-San

    i just think krause is such a cool last name lol

  • dessspicable

    nice title!!!!!! HA!!!!!!

  • Sean MMA
    Sean MMA

    I don’t have respect for james Krause after the stunt he pulled in the Bobby green fight. Nobody should give up like that and fake a ball shot

  • Susan Mathew
    Susan Mathew

    *I'm so happy ☺️ my life is totally changed. I've been earning $10,250 returns from my $4,000 Investment every 13 days*

    • Susan Mathew
      Susan Mathew

      @Preston Wright Trust me you won't regret trading with Anthony Louis

    • Preston Wright
      Preston Wright

      @Susan Mathew Thanks you so much for the details

    • Susan Mathew
      Susan Mathew

      @Preston Wright That's his contact to reach and connect with him_

    • Susan Mathew
      Susan Mathew


    • Preston Wright
      Preston Wright

      How can I get in touch with Mr Anthony Louis?

  • Iván Fodor
    Iván Fodor

    More like this please! These videos what I really can like. I haven't got the slightest idea who was James Krause. But wow, what a guy. 💪👏👏👏

  • A B C
    A B C

    All i wanna know is when is Krause fighting Buckley?

    • • • •
      • • •

      When Buckley can get a few more wins together. Right now he's not on James level.

  • Trap Gambino
    Trap Gambino

    Ok WTF was the title error!? I’m late!

  • Henry Van
    Henry Van

    No offense James but I think he’s a better coach then he is a fighter just been watching him for awhile and that’s what I got from it.

  • someone anonymous
    someone anonymous

    I only clicked because of the original title of the video.

  • Erick Erick705
    Erick Erick705

    Damn, this guy is tough.

  • mary chang
    mary chang

    under the radar Hall of Famer

  • Juan DeLaRosa
    Juan DeLaRosa

    Respect to that hu·man be·ing.. wish he would have a match with that McGregor 🐔 chicken

  • mugil vannan
    mugil vannan

    I was a boy until I read the title and Now, I'm a grown ass man!!!

  • A kind Troll
    A kind Troll

    What the hell was that title tho? From the notification i could still read the old one


    There needs to be way more videos on Krause. Love that guy :)

  • Defeater

    Help, instructions unclear, Said title and summoned Satan. HELPPPP!!!

  • Chuck

    James Krause has the best corner speeches in the fucking game the last few times he’s brought the fighters back from being down to finishing with his inspirational words in the corner keep it up brother your a young legend in the making

    • El Mismísimo
      El Mismísimo

      @JJ Hat U are doing a great job! *gets finished* Incredible work!

    • JJ Hat
      JJ Hat

      Hes ok, nothing like Lauren Murphy corner..

  • ImJustFlynn

    The title of this video tho

  • HaqueSMASH

    Good vid, love Krause hope to see more of him in the cage soon! Also Fook Brendan schaub

  • Maddy Kim
    Maddy Kim


  • Eric Barkewitz
    Eric Barkewitz

    Really he still fights, Buckley would say different

    • • • •
      • • •

      How can you tell. Buckley barely speaks English.

  • Calvin Griffin
    Calvin Griffin

    They need to make that James Krause vs Joaquin Buckley matchup. Straight 🔥🔥🔥

    • bank80

      @so heal Buckley hasn't beaten any "elite" fighters. The best he's fought was Kevin Holland and he got knocked out. Krause vs Buckley is fairly even.

    • so heal
      so heal

      @bank80 @Calvin Grifftin Buckley will ko Kruase. He's a joke of a person/coach/fighter. Kruase has not fought elite fighters like buckley. sit casual

    • bank80

      @• • • It's an even fight. James isn't fighting top guys. Buckley is younger, more hungry, naturally larger, and probably stronger. That can overcome Krause's skill level if the gap isn't too wide. Plus Buckley wants the fight.

    • Calvin Griffin
      Calvin Griffin

      @• • • Ok

    • • • •
      • • •

      @Calvin Griffin I don't care about their drama. I want to see even fights.

  • NoName

    Krause Web


    What the actual F WORD is this title! I fully support it and also brenden shaub is a big TARD.

  • Dudey

    Why did they name the video after Ronda's baby?

  • DeadFaces

    Like for first title lmaoooo

  • Dubby Salamander
    Dubby Salamander


  • ninejdan9

    Amazing video title

  • Veritas

    Here before they fix the title. Also, Khabib is an overrated weight bully and pull out merchant who only fought a few top guys before running away to preserve a a padded record and legacy

  • PeaceLoveProductions

    Weird title but ok 👍

  • Markus Downey
    Markus Downey

    james you never fought even a top 15 guy though... lol

  • いばん

    No one: Elon Musk's next child: (Edit: They already changed the title lol)

    • JAIRON

      What was it before?

  • bonechill

    Recording File name uploaded as title 😂 some lazy work there!

  • Alex Latham
    Alex Latham

    Yo who named this video in secret code

  • Fernando Valencia
    Fernando Valencia

    When the title said CON0036 409 HD V1 I FELT THAT

  • coolchinesekid

    I said to my mom "CON0036 409 HD V1 EN FF KRAUSE WEB" and she started to expand and fly away like a balloon

  • M J
    M J

    Ufc… you still have time to change the title

  • Aivarioha

    the fuck is this video title hahahhahha

  • Syaz Madzaini
    Syaz Madzaini

    Great title. Good job UFC.

  • Darling Boy
    Darling Boy

    James Krause is the goat coach.

  • Victor Silva Pacheco
    Victor Silva Pacheco

    CON0036 409 HD V1 EN FF KRAUSE WEB

  • M S
    M S

    Your intern goofed up with the title

  • Micks NotNice
    Micks NotNice

    CON0036 409 HD V1 EN FF KRAUSE WEB

  • Vipul Doshi
    Vipul Doshi

    they'll get more hits on this video bc of this title than it wouldve with the correct title

    • Migurushii

      Lmao yeah that's the only reason I clicked

  • fji919


  • Ajin Sato
    Ajin Sato

    What is the title of the vid?

  • Marc BM
    Marc BM

    Nice title

  • Ugo Ajaegbu
    Ugo Ajaegbu

    CON0036 409 HD V1 EN FF KRAUSE WEB

  • Bee's Knees
    Bee's Knees

    CON0036 409 HD V1 EN FF KRAUSE WEB??

  • Emiliano Schnider
    Emiliano Schnider


  • Emiliano Schnider
    Emiliano Schnider


  • Not Cyrus
    Not Cyrus

    Who tf tittled this??

  • Emiliano Schnider
    Emiliano Schnider


  • Soumik Datta
    Soumik Datta

    Stipe Miocic came up with that title!

  • Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy

    I grew chest hair when i read this title

  • Everything is Relevant
    Everything is Relevant

    CON0036 409 being the title of this video......



  • The Heel Synergy
    The Heel Synergy

    UFC.exe has stopped

  • S U R V I V E
    S U R V I V E

    Wtf title lol

  • Corrico Stewart
    Corrico Stewart

    Yeah this is getting re uploaded soon

  • Ya Boy Prince
    Ya Boy Prince

    Wtf is the video title?

  • Jakethesnake

    Someone’s getting fired

  • D and J song
    D and J song

    All praise Krause Web

  • Emiliano Schnider
    Emiliano Schnider


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