Justin Gaethje Ranks His Top Lightweights, Favorite Fighters to Watch and Backflip Tips
Former interim UFC lightweight champion Justin Gaethje

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  • MVProfits

    That we agree with him or not, the man at least speaks his mind, no filters, without coming off as a pouty mouth disrespectful; prick as many "straightshooters" do.

  • Witcher

    Gaethje is like the Derrick Lewis of lightweights.

  • Eko Prasetyo
    Eko Prasetyo

    You are the best justin I love you

  • Dolo Salish
    Dolo Salish

    I sense Justin Gaethje sort of preying on Oliveria with that jab about being a quitter in every interview. I feel like they fight it’s gonna have some slight Connor vs aldo vibes

  • fundermentalist

    Taking his dog for a piggyback walk that’s class 👍


    believe me or not but justin will get the respect he deserves only by winning against islam, bec islam got same style like khabib and when justin beat him people will start believing in him.

  • Spaghettimafia

    Big Conor hater justin is. And always have been

  • casablanca los Angeles
    casablanca los Angeles

    Islam will smoke all of you Just wait and see

  • Ted Bundy
    Ted Bundy

    Charles is better than gaethje

  • Kevin Corso
    Kevin Corso

    always enjoy what he brings to the octagon but the comments about poirer at the end were silly. you were able to go out and take pictures after the fight because there's a third guy in that cage with you who's job is to keep your opponent from turning the lights off for good 😂 i also can't help but wonder if he genuinely still believes oliveira is a quitter or if he's just trying to ruffle some feathers to build it up in case it ever happens lol

    • Red808s

      He's bitter. He got the shitty end of the fights for the top 5. He feels he deserves more then everyone else. How you gunna call a man a quitter when you just tapped in your last fight.

  • The Enlightened One
    The Enlightened One

    4:30 epic disrespect 🤣


    McGregor beats Gaethje. Change my mind.

  • hhhhh

    Love Justin! Such a big fan!!!

  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias

    My subtitles say Gayest of all time. 🕵‍♂️

  • El Calavera
    El Calavera

    He's on the highway to brain damage, but at least his fights are always entertaining

  • fooeatshorts

    Gaethje for the win via severe demolishing of chandler , sorry chandler 😢

  • Sandman

    I’m sticking with Charlie Olives

  • Waani Waaani
    Waani Waaani

    I bet my life Justin would be Charles easiest win. If Charles take you down it’s over in seconds 😂

  • Jaylen Lenear
    Jaylen Lenear

    Justin wasnt throwing a shot at charles I think he genuinely believes he ranks above him.

  • Pedro Luiz
    Pedro Luiz

    Why he hates Charles so bad dude.. wtf..

  • jcdulos1

    Garth not taking Oliveira seriously won’t go well for him if they ever fight. Charlie’s no joke. I can see him submitting Garth.

  • wristfroze!

    Justin’s mad salty about Charles

  • Nate Castro Channel
    Nate Castro Channel

    Yeah keep talking shit you probably won’t even make it past chandler and god knows what would happen if you fought olivera😂

  • Rob G
    Rob G

    Freak loser lol. Be humble tuff boy

  • the first chump 13
    the first chump 13

    He looks better with a beard (no homo).

  • Jacob Teixeira
    Jacob Teixeira

    this guy got destroyed by Eddie

  • Darian Warrick
    Darian Warrick

    Such a happy dog lmfao

  • Subject 19
    Subject 19

    What about Makachev

  • jay

    Without Conor none of these bums would be earning as much as they are.

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence

    He ain't lying though....

  • MJ Rashid
    MJ Rashid

    And Islam Beats all of them - undisputed

  • Luke_c22

    I just had an idea, Robert Whitaker teams up with Trevor wittman, it's only a hypothetical Rob won't leave his team or move his family to the US but man that would be great for his career

  • Kaine

    Unpopular opinion: Charles Oliveira would fuck both Poirier and Gaejthe up. Gets zero respect that champion.

  • Samuel van Rijckevorsel
    Samuel van Rijckevorsel

    Chandler glass jaw is not gonna hold up to gaethje massive strikes

  • Islamic Studies For Human Wrights
    Islamic Studies For Human Wrights

    i am big fan of queen president dana white........ from kpk pakistan

  • Logan Dutton
    Logan Dutton

    Holy fuck I want to see the rematch between Justin vs. Dustin. They’ve both improved so much as fighters. I really think that outside khabib, Justin will win a war against any lightweight. Dudes a savage

  • Sultanzai Noor
    Sultanzai Noor

    He is gonna smoke chandler.

  • Trust No Government
    Trust No Government

    Islam will smash all top 5. Easy . That's why yall avoid fighting him.

  • J Franks’S
    J Franks’S

    Respect to Gaethje for giving Poirier his due🙏🏼💪🏼

  • The Best of Tributes
    The Best of Tributes

    “I was out taking pics and he was in the hospital”

  • K Kast
    K Kast

    I like gaethje but not mentioning islam in the top 5 is funny, islam will be champion in 2022 InshAllah and be more dominant than khabib. And we will watch the greatest fight in ufc history in islam vs conor. 3 million ppv mark my words. (Not saying that conor will make a comeback but yeah knowing dana, he will make that fight happen when islam has the belt because there is bad blood between them)

  • StillBrokeOff

    justin tapped yet he saying charles a quitter you make no sense

  • anas ali kaan
    anas ali kaan


  • Michael Wou
    Michael Wou

    Hey Gaethje, how about Islam Makhachev? Not in the top 5 lightweight?

  • Luiz alexandre
    Luiz alexandre

    The disrespect on Oliveira. Justin´s an idiot.

  • Ken

    Can’t wait for chandler to KO him

  • ST0CKT4N3

    Justin is great and a smart dude. But something about his eyes make it look like he isn't 100% coherent all the time to me lol.

  • BR!!!!!!!

    I don’t even like him.

  • Eyedeas Never Die
    Eyedeas Never Die

    Im a big gan of Justin, but the disrespect on Oliveira aint cool. Hope Charles beats Dustin which is a tough fight and then Gaethje and Oliveira can finally settle this.

    • Vibe

      Gaethje getting knocked tf out by Chandler next and I can’t wait to see it.

  • reytw

    Look at who Gaethje has actually beat. His resume sucks. Chandler beats him

  • Avatar Oke
    Avatar Oke

    Lightweights are sleeping on Islam 💔

  • rrothew95

    Skill wise Charles is way better than Justin

  • HELLios6

    He's absolutely a savage but he's not very coherent already and it's so ironic that he's calling out Oliveria for quitting, when he himself TAPPED to Khabib. I think the brain damage is getting to him.

  • HELLios6

    Yeah you're better than Charles Oliveira but he's the champion and you aren't. And when you got your title shot, you gassed out in the 3rd round... What a fool

  • J**2 m
    J**2 m

    Idk i think chandler gives him problems

  • Simp Skylark
    Simp Skylark

    Hopefully chandler puts this Usman knob gobbler to sleep

  • Sam Darsh
    Sam Darsh

    Justin: taps to khabib before going out Also Justin to the current champ who rallied after getting hurt bad: Charles has quit in him Grow up

  • Sonof316

    Here’s Me just casually waiting for Islam to beat everyone in his path to become champ

  • Serpal

    Gaethje is overrated, just my opinion.

  • Aiden Frost
    Aiden Frost

    He always puts up a highlight of a performance. Most suitable nickname for a fighter

  • samir Mussa
    samir Mussa

    The battle of the backflips

  • Jadentwist

    Conor beat Eddie who beat Justin

  • VascoFX

    3:20 Khabib the GAYEST of all time lol the caption

  • Priteesh Garg
    Priteesh Garg

    Khabib> any other lightweight

    • Vibe

      Khabib is retired, move on.

  • cody beisel
    cody beisel

    Guys turned into a douche, I’m cheering for Chandler

  • Irish madden gaming channel
    Irish madden gaming channel

    Justin vs anyone is a great fight

  • nom prenom
    nom prenom

    He put Chandler in the 5th position so if he wins against him we would say that he beat a though guy lol

  • DaReal PacMan Boxing
    DaReal PacMan Boxing

    Justin might lose his head not where it’s at taking this fight

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    Oliviera is gonna embarass Justin

  • Beppe

    Waaayyyyy too much bass on his voice recording, what fucking amateur engineered that mic?

  • Redeye

    Did he really put himself second ?

  • Alex SB
    Alex SB

    Chandler only has 1 win aswell you stupid fool

  • Courtney Gillespie
    Courtney Gillespie

    I can't backflip bro 😅

  • Veljko Kenway
    Veljko Kenway

    Justin but you have quite too, you started tapping to Khabib's triangle but Ref didn't see it in time and you went to sleep, so don't discard Oliviera

  • BathingWookie

    I’d love to see Gaethje tap to Oliveira after talking so much shit about his heart.

  • Mitul Jyoti Amchi
    Mitul Jyoti Amchi

    Can't wait to see Gaethje vs Chandler 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️Assam INDIA

  • Nacho CI
    Nacho CI

    gaethje vs oliveira interesting fight

  • Invictus

    Sounds like he already has CTE, sad for him

  • helpoj

    Yeaah i agree with that ranking, Dustin, justin and charles

  • Ren Nohara
    Ren Nohara

    No matter what you do you cant find any reason to hate this guy

  • Farzam Ahmadi
    Farzam Ahmadi

    pictures after fight doesn't matters Dustin finished your ass off

  • Mike Hoenderloo
    Mike Hoenderloo

    The fact that his father is his mother's brother should tell you all you need to know about Gaethje

  • Mike Hoenderloo
    Mike Hoenderloo

    He seems to be super intimidated by Conor McGregor😂😂

  • Les Blàse
    Les Blàse

    Since Dagestan left, the Americans have a chance now at the 155 lbs belt. It’s in Brazil right now but Dagestan have another shot at taking the hardest belt in the game back to their mountains. New Zealand is coming for that belt too. Lightweight is the hardest division of the game. If you become LW Champion, you become the Man. You become King. 155 lbs is the division of all Divisions. The belt of all belts.

  • Chicago1

    I'm not a big Tony fan but yeah if you are gonna ask a fighter questions keep it to fighting don't bring up some b.s you have no clue about

  • That King K. Rool Main
    That King K. Rool Main

    Is it just me or does it look like he's been smoking meth 🤔 🤣

  • Side Arms
    Side Arms

    He’s 1 chromosome away from being slow, damn glad he’s not.

  • xiGuRux

    Top 5: Porier Gaethje Gregor Makachev Oliveira

  • Grant

    You were taking pictures because the ref was there to stop you or you'd have been bedridden for longer than a month 😂

  • abcd 1235
    abcd 1235

    im surprised this dope can count to 5

  • shawn sweetpee
    shawn sweetpee

    Justin your delirious ...when Chandler makes minced meat of you ....where will you be ranked then ....your just a hard Head punching bag

  • Edgar Torres
    Edgar Torres

    hell no you are not better then Charles olveria

  • Tarig Mansour
    Tarig Mansour

    I think it will suck for him when he fights makhachev unlike khabib he was nice to him so khabib wasn't trying to smash him but if he keeps dismissing my boy makhachev like that he will make him wanna prove a point

  • Tarig Mansour
    Tarig Mansour

    Well sad to say that but among current lightweights I think Islam and the the rest

  • Rahul Gahlawat
    Rahul Gahlawat

    Gaethje vs anyone in the division is a mega ppv

  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf

    Love how this dude fights, always entertaining. Hoping he catches Chandler. BUT.... I could see Chandler catching him too. Chandler is SO dangerous in the first round. As we've seen throughout his career, and specifically in his last two against Oliveira and Hooker, he explodes with his punches and covers crazy distance.

  • D V
    D V


  • Justin Farris
    Justin Farris

    Loved it till the end. Man got beat take it and get better

  • Truthful Audit
    Truthful Audit

    Dude what about khabib lmao 🤣 or cuz you lost against him 🤣

  • gamesilove

    I was expecting Khabib’s name on one of the lists but no..

107 хиљ.
107 хиљ.