Lee Murray’s Crimes and Misadventures | Fightlore Preview
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The mean streets of 1980s London turned out a teenage troublemaker named Lee Murray. Despite a burgeoning criminal career, Murray took a detour into mixed martial arts. He fought at UFC 46, but Murray remains best known for a back-alley brawl with Tito Ortiz... and his involvement in a multi-million-dollar robbery. Friends, witnesses, and Murray's attorney recount unbelievable stories of an unapologetic athlete.

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  • Naum Pitropcevski
    Naum Pitropcevski

    This guy was the street version of Ryu. Anyone, anyplace , anytime

  • Sin26

    The real Notorious! Tito's fairy tale! Pmsl 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️⚡⚡⚡

  • Poin Endev
    Poin Endev

    Dana pay the bribes and get this man back into the mix let's fucking go

  • Michael M23
    Michael M23

    I was just getting in to this, it could of been an hour long for me

  • Spoony

    I remembered this story well, but never knew who Tito's friend was that got Knocked out.

  • Alonso Winston
    Alonso Winston

    Lee Murray is a legend

  • Remt Hildebrand
    Remt Hildebrand

    Please Get an interview with Lee!!

  • A Mos
    A Mos

    Head stomped the Ortiz man !

  • chrismasonic

    This Story IS Always Retold Incorrectly, Pat, Chuck, Mat Hughes, Tony F...You Were All Mortal & It Never Happened Like The Way Any Of You You Tell It...& Tito Had Shoes With Flames On The Toecaps...

  • Bigdaddyhomer 23
    Bigdaddyhomer 23

    Damn Dana that’s cold 🥶 48 laws of power destroy your enemy At any cost

  • George Russo
    George Russo

    Man I was there that night - my best mate James Zikic fought Phillip Miller on the same card - We went to China Whites afterwards for the afterparty and I witnessed the whole thing - at the end of the night outside I saw Pat and the other guy messing around, typical childish drunk yanks who can’t handle their booze- then it all kicked off - it happened so quickly - I shit myself - I never saw Murray hit Tito but I saw him kick him in the face while he was on the floor- me and James were shitfaced from all the free booze, I was just getting in a mini cab with James (or trying to) when it all went off, then, James run over and jumped in the middle of it all too - James and Murray are good friends from London Shootfighters, the fucking cab sped away with the door open, leaving me standing there in the middle of it all, it was terrifying- I’m not a fighter, there was this swathe of people fighting, most of them trained killers! I can only liken it to a tornado and anyone in the middle was getting fucked up!! I saw one women knocked out cold, stiff and twitching - I swear to God- I saw the police, a group of them, jump on Tito and he threw them off with a roar like something from a movie... how they didn’t arrest him still amazes me today. Later I was back at the Gloucester Hotel foyer where Chuck was recounting his story of the fight, he wasn’t that drunk btw- he spoke about taking his watch off and going to work - I saw him knocking people out with my own eyes- it was fucking surreal because I was a massive UFC fan, still am. I also saw the fight start with pat and the drunk dude, Matt Hughes was there (could have been his brother) also outside the club fighting. Then after Tito came storming through the hotel in his black leather Mac, like a big goth dude, cut and bruised being chased by a woman I took to be a manager or something she was screaming ‘Tito! Tito!’. We also had the room next door to his or one over and we could hear him smashing it up. To be honest Tito was walking through the club with the fucking UFC belt on!! like he owned the place - HE NEVER EVEN FOUGHT ON THE CARD!! when Murray turned up with his mate Paul the aura coming off them was tangible- they both had dark glasses on - inside the club- and matching camo outfits, like Versace or Maharishi or something. - anyway they were there to let people know who they were. Lee was gonna make a name for himself and he did, Highlight of the night for me though wasn’t the fight it was watching the replay in the club of that nights UFC event, I was sat next to Genki Sudo - still one of my all time favourite fighters - and when he subbed Leigh Remedios in the replay I turned and looked at him and smiled and he gave a wink and the thumbs up! He’s a cool dude! Wow! Awesome but surreal times man!

  • Shane goose
    Shane goose

    Tom hardy will play murray in a movie in a few years

  • Chriseubank Signsmicrowaves
    Chriseubank Signsmicrowaves

    Crazy seeing stuff about lee pop up when I grew up with him. He best mate Paul has been shot recently along with his daughter just after getting out from doing 18 years for the 53 million heist. Life has been hard for them both since that robbery.

    • Chriseubank Signsmicrowaves
      Chriseubank Signsmicrowaves

      @More Plates More Nates and yeah your spot on about who he was renting the house off

    • Chriseubank Signsmicrowaves
      Chriseubank Signsmicrowaves

      @More Plates More Nates nah mate just an argument gone bad, he’s daughter was hit at her nans house in woolwich when they missed Paul, Paul is currently on remand because of it all where he was on license from the 18 yr, 53 million heist. obvoulsly can’t say who done it to him on here but it’s all shocking just like there lives.

    • More Plates More Nates
      More Plates More Nates

      He got shot at that comedian Russel Kane's house didn't he? I didn't know about his daughter, what happened did he grass up or something?

  • Mr Glock23
    Mr Glock23

    They need to let Lee out. He has done enough time. Dana needs to reach out to the Moroccan King/ president and try to pull some strings.

    • Sin26


  • Younes dbi
    Younes dbi

    Lee Murray's Morrocoo King

  • Oodles of Noodles
    Oodles of Noodles

    Conor is just discount Lee Murray lol.

  • Hamza Bhf
    Hamza Bhf


  • Ali Aliouinne
    Ali Aliouinne

    Moroccan blood

  • Yobrat Lasky
    Yobrat Lasky

    Any dodgy streams for this?

  • Vaden85

    You know if pat and Sean Shelby say it that’s good as gold

  • Tyler Voelker
    Tyler Voelker

    About time

  • CM Hawk
    CM Hawk

    Looking at Lee Murray’s Eye reminds me of a great white shark 🦈

  • darkstag

    Next: Jon Jones crimes and misadventures

  • Jeffrey Gordon
    Jeffrey Gordon

    How many times you ever see Anderson Silva shoot for a takedown in the cage. He did against Lee that says a lot !!!!

  • Rob Dean
    Rob Dean

    Everyone a gangster till the man in the corner starts asking for a cup of tea when everyone else is on the whiskey slammers

  • Eric Stuff
    Eric Stuff

    If you think Chuck put his hands on tito, imagine what Murray would've done to him in the cage.

  • Europe

    Pat is well documented to be a bullshit artist. I don’t believe a word out of his mouth. Tito is a far, FAR more accomplished fighter than Lee Murray lol. Lee is where he belongs because he’s a complete fu*kwit.

  • Das Nutnock
    Das Nutnock

    Good fighter, but man, was he on a bucketload of PEDs throughout his career.

  • Vikas Sarin
    Vikas Sarin

    Lee murray is the notorious one

  • Tyler Honeycutt
    Tyler Honeycutt

    most guys will fight after numerous drinks.

  • BatCaveOz

    Wow, back in the day when Joe Rogan still had a normal sized head.

  • Mark James
    Mark James

    "The Fast Lane Episode 002 - Paul Daley, Dan Hardy & Lee Murray" Duck Duck Go it.

  • TKO1 TKO1
    TKO1 TKO1

    We’re can I find the fall documentary

  • Qudrat Rahimi
    Qudrat Rahimi

    Man I wish they had made the fight in the uk.

  • Yun So
    Yun So

    so Tito ducks tough competition... typical stuff

  • DaNlc

    They need to make a full on documentary and go interview this guy could of been a hall of famer if not for the heist! Insane story

  • EliteDavid Horne
    EliteDavid Horne

    Lee wasn't a better fighter. He was better at fighting wasted.

  • Daniel

    The original BMF, Lee Murray. 💪💪

  • D c
    D c

    Lee was a fucking savage. G outside the ring

  • Ian Slack
    Ian Slack

    Does anyone actually like Tito?

  • Robin Holland
    Robin Holland

    Can anyone identify the background music in this?


    Lol Tito got fucked up

  • 0331

    Crazy that dude is a talent scout…..doesn’t know the difference between and arm bar and a triangle choke

  • willson bruce
    willson bruce

    Lee murray he is moroccan origine

  • blue skyz
    blue skyz

    I need original Jersey Joe Rogan's accent Back

  • Jimmy Baldwin
    Jimmy Baldwin

    I dunno how true this is. But I heard Pat Tate bashed up Lee Murray when Murray was 16 in Southend. Or gave him a slap. I dunno how true it is though

    • Jimmy Baldwin
      Jimmy Baldwin

      @Rob Jacko possibly 😂😂. Southend was the place to go back then I would imagine. And Lee Murray would of definitely gone to the most lively places I would imagine. But how true that is. I don’t know. Maybe he didn’t bash him up. Or maybe just slapped him or something. It is a bit of a random thing to make up. But I know what you mean. The chances of them meeting is probably very unlikely 😂😂

    • Neutral


    • Rob Jacko
      Rob Jacko

      What an absolute load of bollocks 🤣🤣 Murray was from South London, why would he even be in a shithole like Southend for, Murray was 16 in 1994, wouldn't of pat Tate been locked up most of 94, sounds like some pat Tate rise of the footsoldier fan, making up lies

  • pppppp


  • Hamza Di
    Hamza Di

    Lee Murray preson maroco

  • Caleb Compton
    Caleb Compton

    The fact that he knocked out Pele is pretty impressive. Pele had a granite chin

  • SE D
    SE D

    Tito would've likely beat him in the cage

  • snoopaloop1219

    Wonder if tito's three punch combo was just three left hooks in a row

    • More Plates More Nates
      More Plates More Nates


  • El Goose
    El Goose

    Dana had to make a RSloft account just to like this video

  • J D
    J D

    I thought this would be about the 70 mil heist Lee almost pulled off…

  • Zenepaxla

    Now he is serving 27 years behind bars 😂 the guy had fast hands but slow brain

  • mr420

    Jon jones crimes and misadventures

  • ايوب محضي
    ايوب محضي

    UFC company need to go marrocco to see Lee Murray Talk with marrocan judges Lee is good guy he need only chance to go out in jail in rabat that's not fear he got 15 year that's enough for him it's time go out @UFC you need to do something

  • Bluebird

    Tito was also being a Jack ass in the club putting his drinks on Lee's Tab apparently.

    • Bluebird

      @Jimmy Baldwin I heard it from someone else. Tito was being an ass

    • Jimmy Baldwin
      Jimmy Baldwin

      Really. Do they say that in this documentary or did you hear that form someone else

  • Jon R
    Jon R

    these seems like the kind of series they can embellish a little more, every episode!



  • Tony

    Does anyone know the soundtrack? Sick tune...

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes

    Just goes to show you just how good Anderson Silva Really was! Murray was a badass

  • ImNotNormie

    They just picked this clip to make Tito look bad hahaha

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo Molele

    Of course Tito lied, it's fucking Tito Ortiz

  • William Richardson
    William Richardson


  • Don entertainment
    Don entertainment

    Please ufc get this man out of the jail he already paid the price of every thing he did

  • Keith Russell Athletics & Bodybuilding
    Keith Russell Athletics & Bodybuilding

    Lee saying he’ll fight any one, but I’m telling you I will fucking knock the lights out of him in no time once I become the feature professional UFC Heavyweight champion. He will have to fear me. Same for any of the guys. You guys have no fucking idea what I’m capable of. I’m surprised all the fans cheered him on, why, he said he’ll fight anyone.

  • knockoutart knockoutart
    knockoutart knockoutart

    The Moroccan warrior

  • Rock & Roar
    Rock & Roar

    Free the real BMF🇲🇦🇬🇧🦁

  • wolf woof
    wolf woof

    That's why titos head is so godamn fat like Mr. Potato

  • Jack Snuller
    Jack Snuller

    Show you how much UFC loathes Tito Ortiz.

  • sprocket685

    wow murray is a bank robber in jail.maybe we should give jones some slack for not robbing banks yet XD

  • the wise little goat
    the wise little goat

    why is sean shelby talking like he was there.

    • Neutral

      He was, it was after the ufc london event

  • Conor McGregor Clips
    Conor McGregor Clips

    Mojahed needs to make the bank robbery video

  • Conor McGregor Clips
    Conor McGregor Clips

    does anyone know the music from the debut entrance

  • Vince Vincent
    Vince Vincent

    Tito the champ at the time gets KO’d by a bar star 🤣

  • Conor McGregor Clips
    Conor McGregor Clips

    this music and his debut is movie worth

  • Ismaelovish Sd
    Ismaelovish Sd

    Ibrahim amrani lee Murray the dangerous Moroccan fighter ever inside anf outside the ring 🇲🇦

  • Adam Chapman
    Adam Chapman

    To bad Lee fuck his life up. Wasn't Tito really drunk I hate Tito. Different stories all the time but if they were in the cage Tito would kill Lee in first round. But Dana hate Tito Ortiz the only reason this video is up right now I hate both Dana and Tito but Lee wouldn't last in UFC if he didn't screw up

  • Sigmafight

    "Lee Brahim Murray-Lamrani (born 12 November 1977) is an English mixed martial arts fighter and criminal. In 2005, his MMA career was cut short, after he was stabbed multiple times outside a Mayfair nightclub.[1] He was arrested in Rabat, Morocco in June 2006 and sentenced to 10 years in prison in June 2010, for masterminding the armed Securitas depot robbery in Kent, England[2][3] where over $92 million (£53,116,760) of cash bank notes belonging to the Bank of England were stolen by Murray and his associates on 22 February 2006. It was the largest known cash robbery in the world during peacetime.[2] After a foiled attempt to escape prison and a failed appeal, his jail term was extended to 25 years on 30 November 2010.[4] He is currently being held at a prison in Tifelt, northwestern Morocco,[5] and despite being incarcerated fathered a child from prison in 2010.[6] In 2018, Murray in an interview stated he was training to fight in prison, and still planned a UFC comeback, with the hope of securing a pardon from King Mohammed VI of Morocco.[7] UFC president Dana White commented on Murray, that "He's a scary son of a bitch, and I don't mean fighter-wise".[8]"

  • Lucky38

    Old school BMF.

  • Darth Balsamic
    Darth Balsamic

    I swear professional fighters live in another dimension. The stories they tell are unreal. Lol

    • RealMoneyFight

      @DaNlc no it was an Asian gang I think, somewhere in.... Asia

    • DaNlc

      @RealMoneyFight what from lee Murray ??

    • RealMoneyFight

      Uriah Faber has a great story of running for his life.


    He’s Moroccan 🇲🇦☠️☠️

  • ocelotrevs

    I feel like Dana White will have the image of Tito flat out on the floor as a frame on his wall somewhere.

  • mike james
    mike james

    what a load of shit embarrassing

  • Hole in Dans Sock
    Hole in Dans Sock

    Lul anyone else also get the video link for his robbery at the bottom? Lul

  • 55 & Counting . . .
    55 & Counting . . .

    The Real Notorious 🇬🇧

  • Top Clinch
    Top Clinch

    "He beats him with a triangle choke..." It was actually an armbar technically. :)

    • Mason James
      Mason James

      It was a triangle armbar……only Jorge can tell you which one made him tap……

  • joelmacleod17

    The UFC doesn’t want to affiliate their name with these kind of people………until they do?

    • Team Keto Fitness
      Team Keto Fitness

      @O K very smart, hard hitting and effortless work for Dana 😂

  • samy HB07
    samy HB07

    Thats because of the Moroccan dna of murray we are lightnings

  • Plop Doo
    Plop Doo

    FYI guys that club is NOT super exclusive😂😂literally the most average club ever, I was probably there that night!

  • Anton Afsar
    Anton Afsar

    Lee was a beast. Bit of a nutter

  • infg3570

    Joe Rogan back in the day, when we realized the Rogaine wasn't working

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green

    He saands like 'ees from Laandan??!

  • MR.

    The part where he’s stamping on Tito made me laugh 😂😂

  • Yassine Elkraoud
    Yassine Elkraoud


  • rich edwards
    rich edwards

    I'll be in minority here but I don't think the UFC should be glorifying a thug and criminal, the very opposite of a real martial artist. Many of his 'legendary' street fights consist of him lamping various innocent punters in pubs. His gang kidnapped and threatened a guy's wife and child to steal money. Guy was a bully and a thug. Side note, I suspect Dana okayed the video as it involves Tito getting knocked out.

    • Al Stevens
      Al Stevens

      Agreed. A low life thug, through and through. It was a pleasure seeing him get worked by the legend Anderson Silva

    • Conor McGregor Clips
      Conor McGregor Clips

      life is ups and downs my friend,the guy didnt kill anybody,people steal in all sorts of ways

  • dont tripbot
    dont tripbot

    Love these ufc toons lmaoo

  • scottr640

    Could do a whole season on Lee Murray stories alone

  • Eben

    Let me put some money in Lee's books for doing us all the favor and knocking bitch ass Tito out.

  • Levi Hanger
    Levi Hanger

    The UFC should try to get him out of jail, Dana could pull it off! 100%

    • Neutral

      The rest of out, he will be out soon

103 хиљ.