Mackenzie Dern Looks to Show Her Grappling Efficiency | UFC Vegas 39
Mackenzie Dern doesn't plan to try to prove her striking ability against Marina Rodriguez at UFC Vegas 39, but will stick to what got her here on the ground if given the opportunity.

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  • melvin melvin
    melvin melvin


  • JeepZJ 101
    JeepZJ 101

    The Oscar goes too...

  • Gianmaria Fabris
    Gianmaria Fabris

    Man, she's hot.

  • A Kobayashi
    A Kobayashi

    She has a nice smile, stunning eyes... but something about her is so unlikable. Somehow, she sounds phony. Beautiful girl though.

  • Cezar G
    Cezar G

    in love of that kind of beauty 👌🏿

  • TheMass33

    No one will know you now!


    We know you ...... oh we know you 😏 the algorithm knows

  • R T
    R T

    This accent

  • Hunter Biden’s Vax Mandates
    Hunter Biden’s Vax Mandates

    Shes so hot 🥵 i actually have been practicing north south and full mount with her a bit

  • Rotem

    Cute & hot at the same time

  • Prh 22
    Prh 22

    Trained killer with an infectious smile 😁 Luv Mackenzie Dern 🙌🏻🔥

  • the weed friend
    the weed friend

    I think it’s a mental illness I hope she grows enough to get past the fake accent Cause she’s a decent fighter


    I can't decide if she's gross looking or good looking

  • Jeremy Thomas
    Jeremy Thomas

    Clearly none of you have ever lived in a different country for multiple years in a row

  • Shoot Box
    Shoot Box

    Is there even a possibility she was bullied out of her accent while going back and forwards to Brazil as a child? Not really educated, just curious.

  • Osman

    And your winner McKenzie Dern by Accent

  • Hoss97

    Lol her fake accent is such a joke. Pathetic 😂

  • D Krappenschitz
    D Krappenschitz

    Marina by tko

  • Trash_Panda

    She is terrific at jiu jitsu, but I don’t get the whole accent thing. She is delayed in English sometimes like she’s having difficulty remembering the words. I’m so puzzled

  • SexNugsandRocknRoll

    Whoever is slamming that does not care about her accent

  • ADenizen abroad
    ADenizen abroad

    Mann she only half Brazilian too, this cringe LOl

    • Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥
      Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥

      ถึงน้องมิว มีหลายๆคนที่ไม่ใช่แฟนคลับชอบเพลงของหนูนะลูก ยิ่งเค้ารู้ว่าน้องแต่งเพลงเองแต่งเพื่อใคร เค้าก็ยิ่งทึ่งชมว่าเด็กคนนี้เก่งจัง ขอให้มิวมิวรับรู้ว่ามีคนหลายๆคนที่ได้ฟังเพลงของหนูแล้ว ทุกคนบอกชอบทั้งนั้น อย่าเสียกำลังใจกับคำดูถูกพวกนั้นนะครับ หนูเก่งอยู่แล้วเพราะหนูพัฒนาตัวเองเสมอ สนับสนุนทุกงานที่หนูทำนะครับ

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs

    Now this is a winner very good person very humble I hope she gets to the top I would love to see a real person not a jackass with the belt. and she is way to pretty to get hit in the face lol

  • Pamela Skouhus
    Pamela Skouhus

    It's pathetic that so many bashers are here to talk about Mackenzie's English when this woman is such a skilled combat athlete. I bet that before you even finish your perfectly-accented English word, Mackenzie will have submitted you. Such losers!

  • Drew

    She can’t be serious. Why is she still pulling this fake accent BS?! Does she think it gives her some sort of advantage in any way, shape or form?! It’s the opposite of endearing and insulting to fans’ intelligence. I mean I guess she’s not hurting anyone, but still. It’s gross.

    • Drew

      @Nick Rodriguez well either way, why even fake an accent in the first place? She could’ve been playful with the fans and media saying “hey check out my impression of (blank) accent”. Instead she has to suddenly act like she’s born and raised in a certain country because she’s got a little of that blood in her 🤷‍♀️

    • Nick Rodriguez
      Nick Rodriguez

      Is it really a Brazilian accent? I'm brazilian and her accent seems to be American all the way, she is great at her brazilian accent speaking portuguese and speaking English with an American accent

  • Davi Medeiros
    Davi Medeiros

    Translation of the portuguese part: - Mackenzie, that´s your first main event in the ufc, after a long time, a long career, how important is that, what´s the feeling right now, and how would you describe this moment? - I think is the recognition of all the work and effort i´ve been putting, and all of that is paying dividends now, but it´s only the beginning, not that i am not happy, of course i´m happy, but i think i was deserving a moment like that it´s been some time, you know? But the fact that i am here, the feeling is: 'i am here´, the moment finnaly arrived you know, after my pregnancy, i think everybody knows that i am better than ever, but as i said it´s only the beggining, i am seen this moment as an opportunity to show if i have the skills to sell fights, if i can show my skills against a striker, i think that´s marina´s second main event, so she´s a very experencied girl, even though i am in front of her in the rankings, she has more wins than i have, she has more fights than i have and she knocked out the only girl that ever beated me in the mma (Amanda Ribas), so this fight is very important to me, to be in the main event, to really show that evolved a lot and i am ready for a title shot. - About the style battle, even the Ufc is selling this fight as a duel between a striker and a grapler, this profile of opponent interests you? Or you would prefer to fight against some girl that would accept the groung game better? -This marina fight, i think the only that concerns me a bit is her reach, that way she moves in the octagon, she has a good sense of distance and her height, due to the fact that i am little shorter, for me i am always thinking: ´it´s hard to fight against someone taller' but i fought against Ashley Yoder, Amanda Ribas who were also taller than me, so i am kinda used to fight against girls taller than me. But looking now to all the fights have made Marina, i think her weakest point is the ground game, so i am way more happy to fight against some girl like her, that struggles a bit when they a are in the ground, rather than a girl like Rose or Virna that knows a lot about grappling, that has a good defense so, don´t get so scared when they are in the ground, you know? So i liked this fight stylistic, and an opportunity for me to show the efficiency of the bjj. - We know this is mma, everybody trains a bit of everything, but if i asked you, do you think you have more chances with her in the striking or she has more chances in the ground with you? - I think she has more chance in the ground with me, but not in a succesful way, i think it's easier that i can keep her in the ground, than she can keep me in the strinking, i have no problems trading shots with her in the striking. Even in her last fight against karate hottie, michelle took her down, even though she is a karate fighter. And it was only the only round michelle won in that fight, because she took her down. Due to this agressive style that marina has, of trying to get closer and be more agressive, it will make it easier for me to take this fight to the ground, and she never fought against a grappler like me you know, she fought agains Esparza, who is a wrestler and like to do the ground and pound, you know, not a girl that is trying to gain positions to submit you. I know she has heavy hands, but i think even my striking is a set up for me going to the ground. - October, it´s a special month for the brazilian fans, there will be at least one brazilian in every main event during this month, started last week, was a very antecipatting fight, but end up being kinda boring fight. was expected to be very agressive, but ended up lacking on this aspect, do you think there is a possibility that this fight on saturday won´t be agressive and it will frustrate the fans again? - Of course not, i like marreta, i like walker, i am friends with them, but me as an athlete, after seen that fight that they were respecting each other too much, 'i was like there is no way our fight can be worse than this one' (laughs). I always like to walk on, never back. I think marina has a tendence to starts slowly, because i think she is studying her opponents, looking for opportunities, and from the second round on is pure pressure, so i think this fight will be a good fight, she trying to outstrike me and i trying to finish her. - Last one for me guys, if you get a win over marina on saturday, you currently top 5, if you beat her, you think it's time to strat dreaming about the belt and a possible title fight? - Depending on how this fight works out. maybe, of course i need to win first, but if a put a performance of the night fight, i could possibly pass carla esparza in the line, because she even turned me down, i konow she has 5 victories, but if i win i will bw with 5 victories as well so, and she had a very close fight agaibst marina, you know. If i go in there and finish marina in unbelivable fassion, making zero mistakes, i would deserve. But if the winner of the rose- weili fight wants to wait a lot for another fight, i would like to fight again, to keep this rhytm and this momentum. If i dont put on a convincing perfomance, there is other girls in fornt of me that i coulf fight, joanna, carla, xianon. - Message for the brazilian fans - Hello galera do brasil (brazilian people), i hope you guys support me on saturday and you can expect and show on saturday. see you guys there!

    • Davi Medeiros
      Davi Medeiros

      feel free to correct any mistakes that i could possibly have made guys

  • Warrior of GOD Fitness
    Warrior of GOD Fitness

    Some people are being mean for no reason. If she wants to change accents and the way she speaks for whatever reason she can. People spread hate for no reason. Some of the jokes in the comments are hilarious though.

  • PJ Dexter
    PJ Dexter

    Is she actually saying these words??...

  • Legitwhitebelt

    I didn't know what all the jokes were until a couple of days ago when I saw the video of her talking perfect English with no accent. Now I can't get past it. It dosnt make sense! Why is this happening:(

    • Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó
      Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó

      The moments when she feels she nailed the fake accent and gives the open mouth toothy smile is a whole new level of cringe

  • Matt DeJoy
    Matt DeJoy

    I'm from new york..and I tried moving to kentucky and I hated it well when I got back people were mocking me cause I started to have a accent that I obviously never yes you can pick up a accents..especially when you've lived in other countries and interact with only the people who live there...I don't get the hate for her

  • GivesGoodComment

    "F**" that! Portuguese accent, you're taken everything I worked for MotherF*cker." -The English Accent

  • GivesGoodComment

    The Elizabeth Holmes of accents

  • Ron Hertzberg
    Ron Hertzberg

    Being around that much Gracie has morphed her to have this Wanderlei silva sound to her

  • Ron Hertzberg
    Ron Hertzberg

    Crazy shes lived in USA her whole live Lol

    • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó
      Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

      lovely couple 😍

  • K M
    K M

    Seems like she's almost getting tired of using the fake accent lmao

  • H. J
    H. J

    This beautiful lovely woman must be only be hugged through grappling, hope never been punched!

  • Bull Mtn. Billy
    Bull Mtn. Billy

    MMA Mixed Makenzie Accent

  • Darin Dixon
    Darin Dixon

    Jesus these comments y’all really know how to run a joke into the ground for five years straight. And I guarantee you all think you’re so hilarious and original too 🤣

    • Darin Dixon
      Darin Dixon

      @ROLAND BISHOP So original. Stop obsessing over a woman’s accent weirdos


      I love the way you switched from y’all to you all in the same comment. There is a little bit of Macenzie in you too I see.

  • PH

    MD can get the D "thats for sure!"

  • 1.4142

    All you chumps picking on her because of the way she speaks

  • ℬ Ɐ Ƨ Ǝ Đ
    ℬ Ɐ Ƨ Ǝ Đ

    She's aiming for the english subtitles status

  • whiteout69

    My dumbass thought the accent was real at one point lmao

  • Benjamin Richard
    Benjamin Richard

    Dern has such a special set of skills! I can’t wait for this fight.

  • virgil crasta
    virgil crasta

    Only in America 😜👍....for me, this was the first one I watched and then went to watch the ones that folks were talking ..... One of the comments said she's going to turn into Anderson Silva.....I kinda believe that now 😂

  • SmokeyDesperado

    if someone misses weight by 3.5 pounds, thats half a Dern. if someone misses weight by 7 thats a whole Dern. Now you know

  • Joseph Mercel
    Joseph Mercel

    Is the subtitles on Portugese by default an inside joke UFC ?.

  • Vikas Sonkar
    Vikas Sonkar

    You have a lovely smile 😘

  • No Nonsense
    No Nonsense

    OMG!! Mackenzie please put me in a triangle choke and make me tap beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😙 You make my heart aubmit 💘


    😍😍😍 Amiright?

  • Hayden Lee Lyon
    Hayden Lee Lyon

    I'm born and raised in England, learned Portuguese when I was 21, now, at 32, I have a Brazilian wife and child, and we speak Portuguese. After coming back from Brazil for a few years, I didn't have a Brazilian accent (still can't really do one in English) but the way I speak English is definitely different than after I've been back in England for a while. The way they speak, the cadence, everything is different. They use so much mouth. If one side of my family were Brazilian, and I was raised bilingual, and then I spent 100% of my time speaking Portuguese, I'd also definitely speak weirdly in English, regardless of my previous natural voice. I also sometimes totally forget the words in English, and the Portuguese word is immediately there, even though for 21 years I only spoke English. Just saying!

    • Liam R Morgans
      Liam R Morgans

      Its one thing to have a bit of a tweaked accent, but this is extreme you’ve gotta admit

    • Hayden Lee Lyon
      Hayden Lee Lyon

      @Dr Thuganomics I thought it was obvious that the translator was there to translate when she would be speaking Portuguese, for the people at home who don’t speak it to understand her. I think that every time someone brings up the translator. In fact, didn’t he not even translate en->pt for her?

    • Jefersom Luam
      Jefersom Luam


    • Dr Thuganomics
      Dr Thuganomics

      it's true i agree a lot but needing to have a TRANSLATOR after the fight that was too much bro

  • Eda Diq
    Eda Diq

    You are not Portuguese or Spanish! Mental health needs work.

  • mmhowdy

    It's almost like a female FPS Russia

  • Kawa Seksi
    Kawa Seksi

    She's gonna get knocked the fuck out.

  • Zen Jamin
    Zen Jamin

    Her personalty = fake... her accent= fake her cringe worthiness = real

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior

    Came here for the accent comments, was not disappointed. Thanks team

  • Dawnofthedude

    I'm here for the comments

  • Ujcify

    In my opinion , dern has the perfect fighting style , she is constantly evolving and every time she steps into the octogon she looks ready , she is one of those fighters that you want to follow and watch , Dern also has nice armpits and I want to lube them up and do the needful and then finish on her feet , her grappling is top notch and her striking is good enough to knock anyone out! Wish her all the best for the upcoming fight.

    • Drew


    • D1ttO

      Money get on her head, maybe training more next time.


    around the 6:30 mark her accent slowly tapers off and she starts sounding American again 🤣

  • Seeking Christ
    Seeking Christ

    She is the most beautiful woman fighter for me. I mean really really beautiful.

  • Audi2.7Biturbo

    Absolutely pathetic 🤮


    The moments when she feels she nailed the fake accent and gives the open mouth toothy smile is a whole new level of cringe

  • Franco Oliver
    Franco Oliver

    Mackenzie, long time no see, I'm here for 2 things: may be a look at her posterior and the accent joke down the comments.

  • Sachin Mittal
    Sachin Mittal

    TBH it's been years and people can't seem to get over her fake this point doesn't matter and it's getting old

  • M Keller
    M Keller

    She can get it

  • Investing with Cam
    Investing with Cam

    Literally just came to read the accent comments

  • nick85able

    That smile 😋


    She is the Joe Biden of UFC.

  • Kyu

    heres all the unoriginal and unfunny comments from ppl who never heard an accent change before

  • Diego Castaneda
    Diego Castaneda


  • Tiberius Hassius
    Tiberius Hassius

    lol Its like Ross trying to phase out his British accent.

    • Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      I wouldn't mind Zylbrad playing Valorent, it's just that I wont know anything about it and I dont plan on playing it myself

  • Scott Mescudi
    Scott Mescudi


  • Shaikh Azharuddin
    Shaikh Azharuddin

    I think Marina by TKO!

  • Dolan Am
    Dolan Am

    People who r laughing on her English need a life

  • Александр Сергеевич
    Александр Сергеевич

    Это же мужик ))))

  • Dino

    If she is spending alot of time around other Brazilians an accent is easy to pick up. Ive done this after spending alot of time back home. Shes a great fighter, focus on the fight

  • Dino

    Id really love to see Mackenzie beat up Joanna Narcissist Jędrzejczyk

  • Christopher B
    Christopher B

    I'm sure there are may people who were born & raised in Arizona who have lost their American accent when speaking English. Or maybe not...

  • KingDoms Kingdom1985
    KingDoms Kingdom1985

    I'd love to full mount this woman... and just hope it wouldn't end in a doctors stoppage.

  • anii0121

    Way too overconfident for me think Rodriguez gets the ko

  • MrMayki89

    I don't know why people are giving her shit for her accent. If she uses mostly Portuguese in her daily life it's quite understandable that she may have gotten a bit rusty with her English. It's not that uncommon. I used to live abroad a few years mostly using English and when I was speaking with my mates back home I sometimes struggled to remember certain words. Go easy people. At least she knows more than one language. How many of you linguistic experts out there can say the same? ;)

    • ItsameAlex

      nah 100% she's faking

    • Sachin Mittal
      Sachin Mittal

      @L. BC yeah stop being obsessed about it..getting old

    • L. BC
      L. BC

      Not remembering certain words is one thing. CHANGING the ACCENT is another.

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      Exactly, these people have never heard of something called language attrition.

    • Dino

      When I spend time back home maybe weeks, I pick up my old accent.

  • Jessica

    Fatkenzie is really talented, she only just learnt to speak English 3 months ago, she speaks better English than Jose Aldo.

    • Jessica



      Should have had a translator for this interview

  • Richiusa

    I wonder if there's another accent paradox from a Portugese speakers prospective. Too bad her fake accent is getting the lime light...Dernch is pretty good and entreating in the cage.

  • kay illa
    kay illa

    Fake accent

  • Kenny Moore
    Kenny Moore

    Who cares about her accent? Phenomenal fighter. She is getting ready to put on a show.

    • Amanda 24 y.o - check my vidéó
      Amanda 24 y.o - check my vidéó

      "Ahyeee petey griffeney" "No doubt"

    • Sachin Mittal
      Sachin Mittal

      It's getting boring with all these accent comments.. finally a genuine comment

    • mike d
      mike d

      She could speak in clicks and farts and still be an awesome fighter, fun to watch, and about as sexy as it gets.

    • Dino

      Thank you, thats all these people are obsessed with.

  • fetty wap's good eye
    fetty wap's good eye

    I dont understand how everyone thinks she’s so hot lol

    • fetty wap's good eye
      fetty wap's good eye

      @KingDoms Kingdom1985 yeah you are right about that

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      If you don't think she's an attractive woman, you have impossibly high standards.

    • KingDoms Kingdom1985
      KingDoms Kingdom1985

      The world would be boring if everyone liked the exact same thing dude, personally i think she's stunning.

  • Pubtomfoolery

    I've got $300 down on Dern's accent to change to the Queen's English, after she wins by Submission.

    • highlandritz

      Conversely, she could well get sparked unconscious and, consequently, forget her "Brazilian" accent and revert back to the original Valley Girl Mackenzie.

    • Pubtomfoolery

      @Filupon Deznuts "And there I was. Laid out on my back, as I attempt to rip her arm off from her torso. And within moments what seemed like years, she submitted."

    • Groo Wanderer
      Groo Wanderer

      I'll take Australian for 300, Alex.

    • Riley Sanders
      Riley Sanders

      300 on Irish. After she trys the Conor McGregor marketing route.

    • Filupon Deznuts
      Filupon Deznuts

      I got 300 on Morgan Freeman 🤣

  • Jonathan

    She’s 🥵🥵🥵

  • faizan khan
    faizan khan

    Marina Rodrigues is very high level striker, she has feints and deceptions, if Mackenzie is looking past her then its a big mistake. For me its actually Marina who is the favourite and Mackenzie is an underdog.

    • faizan khan
      faizan khan

      @Owen Rigby yes. She's struggled with her striking very badly. Also when Marina survived the second round, that probably took gas out of Dern, because after that she was completely exhausted and looked out of sorts. On the other hand Marina got confident.

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      @faizan khan Yep. Mackenzie has quite a few areas to work and improve on, while Marina appears more ready to be a title contender. Another win for Marina and she deserves a title shot.

    • faizan khan
      faizan khan

      @Owen Rigby I think you got the answers to all your questions. 😃

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      @faizan khan We will have our questions answered soon enough. But I'd like to think that Mackenzie Dern has a chin on her.

    • faizan khan
      faizan khan

      @Owen Rigby a punch is okay but can she endure a barage of punches? if you see Marina's fight against Michelle Waterson who herself is a very high level striker and highly durable. She completely outclassed her. Marina is very technical and knows how to keep range. But yes her takedown defense is questionable. I beleive if the fight finishes early it'll be in Marina's favour but the longer it goes it'll benefit Mackenzie. I like Mackenzie and I wanr her to win because I think she's a new Star in the making but this fight is not easy. Marina is a stiff challenge. She has only one loss.

  • Feng Shui MMA
    Feng Shui MMA

    Dern and Anderson are undercover scrabble champs

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez

    She has to know that there are videos of herself speaking perfect English. She has to.🤔🤔🤔🤔 YOU FROM ARIZONA HOMEGIRL!!!

    • Averroes Dude
      Averroes Dude

      @jabroni destroyer I don’t think that is what happens, she knows certain phrases like “double weight champ” only in Portuguese or English. So she goes from speaking Portuguese with English words etc etc

    • tunelowplayslow

      @Ashley Lloyd did you see what Riley Sanders said ? 😂😂 Roasted.

    • jabroni destroyer
      jabroni destroyer

      She trips an starts speaking normally several times throughout the interview, realizes it, pulls back into the fake accent. Its so fucking cringe inducing its not even funny.

    • Isaiah Enchiladas
      Isaiah Enchiladas

      this is the most fascinating case in psychiatric history

    • a00

      She moved to California years ago and her portuguese is getting worse too

  • Eldene Smith
    Eldene Smith

    Can she still talk in her native accent?

  • A K
    A K

    Along with her accent, her voice turned more masculine.TRT?

  • Chicken Joe
    Chicken Joe

    I have a bad feeling she’s gonna get Amanda Ribas’d by Marina like what Marina had done to Ribas.

    • Figuremonkey

      You really Amanda Ribas-ed that sentence bro

  • Non Available
    Non Available

    The faking of Brazilian accent was so annoying that i couldn't bear watch the whole thing

  • currierj21

    where did she learn english

  • G W
    G W

    She's a beautiful Brarazonian.

    • L. BC
      L. BC


  • Edwizze

    Just because she was born and raised in the States doesn't mean her parents spoke fluent English and/or in American accent around her at home. Look at Izzy and Usman - they switch accents from Western English to Nigerian Pidgin. It's normal. Who care if she wants to go down her Brazilian roots with the accent.

    • Uno Kaveru
      Uno Kaveru

      UsMAnS NiGerian accent is fAke

    • L. BC
      L. BC

      Lmao her mother and her whole family on her mother's side is are Americans. Besides, we all know Usman's Nigerian accent is fake and that Adesanya has identity disorders.

  • UAlloy

    Always happy; always smiling; always ready to give her best!

    • UAlloy

      @elmSTREETnasty She's been making weight after given birth to her child.


      Fake dude

    • elmSTREETnasty

      Until she weighs in 12 pounds over.

  • DevilDogRob

    What accent is she going with today..about to hit skip. Lets see

    • elmSTREETnasty

      No one knows...she doesn't even know.

  • black guanábana
    black guanábana

    She’s getting tired of faking the accent.


    Omg she’s fkn stunning



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