Marina Rodriguez Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 39
UFC strawweight Marina Rodriguez (15-1-2) scored her biggest win to date thanks to a unanimous decision win over Mackenzie Dern in the UFC Vegas 39 main event on Saturday night.

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  • justez witika
    justez witika

    Twins? LOL

  • J B
    J B

    Very sloppy fight they both suck but dern is absolute garbage can only beat girls who are jokes

  • Viktor Funk
    Viktor Funk

    Marina Rodrigues is my kind of girl. I like women who can take a couple right hooks to the jaw.

  • dog

    She's very beautiful. She looks like a Spaniard.

  • Ethan Hart
    Ethan Hart

    Dern never had a chance. Thanks for the money M ROD!

  • lcglazer

    Surprised by Marina's ground defense. And her takedown defense too. I wonder if she can stop Carla Esparza's ground game.

  • Supremely Average
    Supremely Average

    I've bet on Marina past 2 fights as the underdog. Keep it up Marina Rodriguez!


    y Marina always pulls down her shorts ?

  • Carlos Eduardo
    Carlos Eduardo

    Da.lhe gaudéria ,RS contigo

  • Perit Chacmu
    Perit Chacmu

    I like her

  • AletheAce

    Dern is about as good as a striker as Ben Askren. The fact that Marina still didn't get close to hurting her just shows that Rose, Zhang, and JJ are miles ahead in the division, and so was Andrade when she was still at straw weight. Both of these women would get absolutely smashed by any of them

    • Haze Dinero
      Haze Dinero

      That's not how mma math works..marina can beat any woman in her division..shes a beast

  • Kamanui Kerisiano
    Kamanui Kerisiano

    I like this girl.

  • Khan Saab
    Khan Saab

    Marina is tall forthe division too

  • W.

    The Beak beat the Butt...

  • King Brandon IX Stark
    King Brandon IX Stark

    Marina vs Andrade or Joanna Jedrzejczyk

  • Niron Williams
    Niron Williams

    I don’t understand why Dern tried to outbox Rodriguez, she should of stuck to her BJJ

  • MontereyZman


  • TuranciHareket

    Worst fight night of the year.

  • pepengagimat

    Marina is a cardio queen and she got even faster as the rounds went on.

  • UFC sports
    UFC sports

    All day long derm hunt for submission win she not the well round female fighter

  • Kevin Harvick
    Kevin Harvick

    Marina roizgruez vs Carla Salazar would be amazing because that her only loss on her record Carla xspaza vs marina roizgruez 2 make it happen

  • Bee F
    Bee F

    Give Marina Rodriguez a title shot!

  • d d
    d d

    happy marina won instead of fake accent girl.

    • Sean MMA
      Sean MMA


  • Wolferine

    I’m just happy that weird fk Mackenzie and her fake accent lost.

  • Dan Blekeberg
    Dan Blekeberg

    Marina, what a class act !

  • Sean MMA
    Sean MMA

    If u scored round 2 a 10-8 uR a simp straight up

  • Strong BlackWoman
    Strong BlackWoman

    Fake accent made dern lose

  • Arturo Quiroz
    Arturo Quiroz

    Unfortunately for Dana, the pretty girl who gets more attention lost 🤣🤣

    • Jeannie Feaster
      Jeannie Feaster

      Nah, I think Rodriguez is a pretty girl. She looks great outside the sports look.

  • Matt dten
    Matt dten

    Dern throws punches like a kid. Head looking away from the opponent in fear of getting hit herself. Didn't even look willing to throw marina down.

    • Matt dten
      Matt dten

      @Joseph Perkins agreed 🤣🤣🤣

    • Joseph Perkins
      Joseph Perkins

      Dern is a ground fighter with the Rousey stand up game 🤣

  • Dᴀɴ

    You deserve to win

  • MR.

    I need to rewatch this fight. I switched it off when it finished thinking Derby had won, only to see she didn’t get the decision.

  • Chr. 95
    Chr. 95

    So happy to see dern lose

  • Dustin Amaral
    Dustin Amaral

    my fav.. 115lber

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    andrew peterson

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      Eliana Erika

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      Nicolas Martinez

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    • Alisson Catalina
      Alisson Catalina

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    • Stefan Günter
      Stefan Günter

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    • Elizabeth maria
      Elizabeth maria

      @brayan Jhon Am happy for your achievement in such short period of time, trading with him. He must be a very sincere man❤️

  • Tushar Singh
    Tushar Singh

    Good work

  • Jacobite Bhoy
    Jacobite Bhoy

    This is all because McKenzie went from having an thick American accent to near enough needing a translator

  • Qaunt Quaker
    Qaunt Quaker

    Lol and people thought she was a threat to Valentina 🤣🤣

  • Pain2TheMax

    She beat the fake accent out of her

  • Cesar Moreno
    Cesar Moreno

    She's my favorite ufc fighter

  • Panik Attack
    Panik Attack

    Dern is overrated

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez

    Like i said, i miss THICCC mckenzie, she could be the best in onlyfans

  • Nuh Remy
    Nuh Remy

    Oh man my hot mum lost

  • Orange Cyans
    Orange Cyans

    Dern is the real winner in my book: Goddmn she was so sexy! Her thick thighs were trying to shove those shorts right into those hungry bubbly cheeks. Amazing to watch, very impressive performance by Dern.

    • Orange Cyans
      Orange Cyans

      @dog the only face that matters is my own when I see it. Might not bet the prettiest, but the happiest for sure.

    • dog

      ... but who has the prettier face?

  • Daniel Barbas
    Daniel Barbas

    Fakeness never prevails.. good and truth always wins

  • Mr. Be.
    Mr. Be.

    Rodriguez actually controlled most of the fight... Her defence was on point

  • Charlie Zelenoff official
    Charlie Zelenoff official

    Bruh UFC is downhill

  • theinFAMOUSassassin

    People say the event suck but the co-main and main event delivered as while not the greatest, but people get what they got.

  • Joel Robledo
    Joel Robledo

    How can you not root for her?

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko

    Yall thought dern was gonna be ready for jj rose or weli? People were even talkin about taking on valentina lmao

  • Yosep Yosep
    Yosep Yosep

    actually, Carla lost too

  • Orlando G.
    Orlando G.

    Rodriguez was throwing direct kicks to the knee cap. I thought that was illegal? I don't like it 😑

  • שוש כהן
    שוש כהן

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  • Joseph Handibode
    Joseph Handibode

    Dern overrated anyway

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    Both of them looked like twin sisters.

  • ThatOneVRGuy

    I gotta start putting money on these .

  • Jacob Walls
    Jacob Walls

    Nah, that knee rocked her...

  • Adriano Viana
    Adriano Viana

    It breaks my heart to see Mackenzie losing. But congrats to both girls 👏

  • Jeannie Feaster
    Jeannie Feaster

    Man, I was definitely celebrating this win. Hell yea!!!!

  • Maroof Ali
    Maroof Ali

    Happy for Rodriguez...always good to see a fighter that's protected by the top brass get some taste of reality. Dern was setting her sights on Valentina after would've been funny to watch.

  • gyllespie

    That knee to Dern's head while she was on the fence was nice! And so was the c*nt punt 🤣

  • Mangia RV
    Mangia RV

    Marina deu show e venceu!!

  • Tashi Sangpo
    Tashi Sangpo

    Marina 🔥

  • matthew mcrightallright
    matthew mcrightallright

    Weird that Dern didn't need a translator when her coach was giving her advice... UGH

    • wizmj2003

      @Bez11 It will never get old as long as Dern keeps up the facade.

    • anime music covers
      anime music covers

      @Bez11 that's all derns fault lol she makes an example of herself

    • Bez11

      This meme is getting old 💤

  • dog

    Felder, get your hand of her. 😡

    • Maroof Ali
      Maroof Ali

      Lol...easy buddy

  • Yōkai Gypsy
    Yōkai Gypsy

    Anyone who thinks that this is the end of the road for Dern is not paying attention. She's obviously what Dana White wants in the UFC. She's always heavily promoted. P.S. For the Marina fans, don't get too excited. What do you think will happen to her when she gets her ass kicked by Joanna? Back to irrelevancy.

    • David Amaro
      David Amaro

      Mackenzie got exposed now she has a long road ahead of her to get back in the talks of being a top contender. She can’t get by in this division on just BJJ alone and striking was never her strength so Marina will still be in a better spot even if she loses to Joanna.

  • Trilok Singh Vlogs
    Trilok Singh Vlogs

    Marina looking champ material. Should fight Zhang or Joanna..

    • J B
      J B

      Really that was a sloppy horrible fight

    • David Arango
      David Arango

      I agree joanna

    • Dudu Comel
      Dudu Comel

      @David Tokey 3 of them😂😂

    • goalposthead79

      not at all

    • Joseph Minton
      Joseph Minton

      She is such a savage. Way to go Rodriguez!

  • Oziel Hernandez
    Oziel Hernandez

    Dern won

  • David Tokey
    David Tokey

    how the hell is she only 115 pds? if she went up to flyweight she get destroyed in two mins by valentina she too slow woudnt mind seeing her vs thug rose!

  • Smooth Straight
    Smooth Straight

    normal, its normal.

  • Smooth Straight
    Smooth Straight

    came up short again.

  • mike d
    mike d

    Mackenzie had her in deep doodoo twice. Nothing Marina threw had Mackenzie in danger. The scoring system failed on this one. It was a draw if anything.

    • mike d
      mike d

      @NEGA CHIN Whatever.


      @mike d that’s ridiculous and unprofessional

    • mike d
      mike d

      @NEGA CHIN Marina got saved by the bell twice. Period. I judge the winner of a fight by who would have walked away if a ref and bells weren't involved. Sometimes the scoring system favoring insignificant strikes is just dumb. Having someone locked up and at your mercy at the end of a round should negate all previous rounds "won" by an opponent.


      Mackenzie won maybe 2 rounds out of 5 and the rest were all Marina. You forget that Mackenzie did nothing all of round 3.

  • A Filthy Casuals Guide To MMA
    A Filthy Casuals Guide To MMA

    Could the Schmo do try doing a fight night post fight interview? That would be badass just to test and see the reaction

  • Ogre971

    I knew it

  • Andrew Slatcki
    Andrew Slatcki

    Looked like Hitler in the thumbnail

  • Marcos T.
    Marcos T.

    vontade de campea

  • The Isaiahnator
    The Isaiahnator

    Marina throws her punches like Thiago Santos. 🤣

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes

    Applause for both ladies

  • Nelson Mesa
    Nelson Mesa

    Dern is still hotter.

  • Tyro Cyr
    Tyro Cyr

    Congrats 👏🏼

  • Dusty Dust
    Dusty Dust

    Hype train detailed. Good job marina.

    • Naveen Raj
      Naveen Raj


    • Sanat Srivastava
      Sanat Srivastava

      Calm down.

  • Stephen Stuckey
    Stephen Stuckey

    Very impressed with marina. Can see her moving up smoothly perhaps. Shes deadly and comes to scrap. ...cant wait to see whats next for her. All the potential in the world. Str8.

  • Jake Harmon
    Jake Harmon

    Imagine how many inches Mkenzie can handle!

  • V P
    V P

    Dern looking sickly, gaunt and aged. I wonder what happened to her face...maybe she's just ageing badly, too much sun.

    • Mel Vel
      Mel Vel

      She had a baby. That'll do it.

    • Akai Haato's and Petra's Soul
      Akai Haato's and Petra's Soul

      She slimed down and got her conditioning right.

  • Yuh Yuh
    Yuh Yuh

    So happy she won, should’ve betted money

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    People saw a Brazilian vs Brazilian fight or a striker vs grappler fight. I saw a skateboarder vs surfer fight. 😀

    • alexandre ravigote
      alexandre ravigote

      lmfao i saw the same and as a skater i am glad she won

    • Brendan Nelson
      Brendan Nelson

      The cameraman was looking if there was a Brazilian too

  • levity90

    Strawweight is so stacked. Such amazing talent in that division. Honestly any of the top 5 girls on a good day can have the belt. I hope one day flyweight and bantamweight are as exciting.

    • Priyanshu Sharma
      Priyanshu Sharma

      @Cheddy Do it You clearly have not seen her fights

    • Cheddy Do it
      Cheddy Do it

      @Brendan Chatha and who ? The China girl ? Boy he’ll nah she only got a rematch bc China owns the rich in America

    • Brendan Chatha
      Brendan Chatha

      Definitely not.. only rose and Weill are the going to b able to

  • Chris Scarpa
    Chris Scarpa

    Dern is fucking creepy

  • obi emejulu
    obi emejulu

    Ladies and gentleman, we have a contender.. congrats to Marina!!!!!

  • Ashwin Shriyan
    Ashwin Shriyan

    Great fight. Congratulations, Marina. Would love to watch Dern vs Xiaonan next!


    Good fight, big Marina!

  • Dalvin manuel cruz Dalvin manuel cruz
    Dalvin manuel cruz Dalvin manuel cruz

    Marina VS rosse namajuna 👊👊🔥🔥

  • Compton2952

    Big Dern Rig didn't show up.

    • sainttrunks1982

      Her heart didn't show up

  • nhlpa17

    She clearly understands english.

  • Steven White
    Steven White

    I'm now a fan of her

  • Dylan Piazza
    Dylan Piazza

    Hell yeah. Tbh saving dern from ass beatings shed get against the top level

  • Damien rooks
    Damien rooks

    Good work! 👍 should of put money on that fight!!! My bad ! 😆☝🤙

  • Christopher Refusal
    Christopher Refusal

    🤷‍♂️ meh

  • Andre Howe
    Andre Howe

    Fight was garbage as expected 🤦🏾‍♂️🗑

  • camvick407

    Don't let felder do these lol

  • Mousso Schreiber
    Mousso Schreiber

    The translator was nervous but he did great indeed.