Nate Diaz Reminds You to Eat Your Vegetables

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  • BaldLapse

    Yeah i eat my Girl friend's vegetable ☘️

  • B Mazz
    B Mazz

    Smoke ur broccoli

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    Who says he’s not a role model

  • N

    “Eat your vegetables, before I turn you into a vegetable.”

  • Fightrec

    .... smoke ur vegetables 🌝

  • Adam King
    Adam King

    Sorry kid's but if you skip your veggies, this is the veggie monster I been warning you about. Eat up.

  • messithegoat

    yes sir

  • Tyrone Bone
    Tyrone Bone

    Maybe if he ate meat he would stop getting his ass beat

  • Tmnt 1
    Tmnt 1

    “My vegetables will beat ure whole vegetables ass”

  • Telly Green
    Telly Green

    He smokes vegetables

  • Rorschach NL
    Rorschach NL


  • Shaniq307

    Jokes on you Nate I don't have any vegetables. Your move.

  • F.B.I.

    Oh, now we doin‘ spinnin‘ vegetables shit?

  • Risen Wolf
    Risen Wolf

    Fuck the'bout that ...?

  • Anonymous Legend
    Anonymous Legend

    Ight Uncle Nate💯😁

  • aunzz7

    Smoke them too?

  • José Morales
    José Morales

    "Oh so you're a vegetarian now?"

  • Washed Up
    Washed Up

    Imagine getting an ass whooping by Nate Diaz and in the middle of it just tells you “eat your vegetables” then continues to beat you up

  • dejana green
    dejana green

    Nate prollly could have stopped leon

  • Sena

    This is America nobody knows what a vegetable is - Nate

  • Third Account
    Third Account

    hulk hogan told me the same thing.. sheeeeit, turns out everybodys on steroids

  • Engotero TV
    Engotero TV

    😑 struggle is real

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    What a legend

  • J. Jonah Jameson
    J. Jonah Jameson

    "I see holes in his vegetables"

  • Rohan Gupta
    Rohan Gupta

    He sounds a bit like mike Tyson right?

  • The GuNNeR
    The GuNNeR

    I’d rather smoke my greens 🥬

  • vishnu lalwani
    vishnu lalwani

    If UFC events were held for 7 or more rounds, Nate would have been unbeatable.


    Love this man 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • MVProfits

    Bas did it better but I can't find that vid anymore. I'll show this to my kids instead. Oh, it's non smoked plants, right?



  • BMO 84
    BMO 84

    Maybe if nate ate protein he would have went for the kill and finished leon

  • Quan G
    Quan G

    "This is number one vegetable in lightweight division"

  • Aryan Nahar
    Aryan Nahar

    Then there's Jorge satin Pizza's and McDonalds every chance he gets lol

  • Francis Cruzado
    Francis Cruzado

    "oh you're a vegan now?"

  • Almighty Kevin
    Almighty Kevin


  • ǝɓɓǝɹZ

    "You seem to have it all figured out when you're fighting vegetables"

  • 정혁JayP

    So we’re doing leafy shit now ?

  • Fishehunter AL
    Fishehunter AL

    “That was a good vegetable, props” - Nate Diaz

  • Alippest Kek
    Alippest Kek


  • Bazid Shah
    Bazid Shah

    "eat your vegetables" and im gonna smoke weed ...Nate Diaz

  • ytb bty
    ytb bty

    Eey im not surprised vegetables

  • LaCosa x
    LaCosa x

    He means weed

  • Sponono dju
    Sponono dju

    Nate still vegan ?

  • larj Larj
    larj Larj

    This is got half 1 million views already lol

  • Asadullah 8xoxo
    Asadullah 8xoxo

    Weed is a vegetable right?right?

  • Jaw Shoe Wha Mald Onado
    Jaw Shoe Wha Mald Onado

    The diaz brothers are for the youth

  • Big Facts
    Big Facts

    Heading to the grocery store right now!

  • Kyle West
    Kyle West

    That was a beet-down with cauliflower ears on the side.

  • Tips Maths
    Tips Maths

    Imagine mcgregor having Nate durability

  • Pao Leon
    Pao Leon

    Oh, now you are herbivore 🌿 😂 Love Nate now Im showing this non stop to my 7 year old son.

  • فهد العنزي
    فهد العنزي

    *The Look At The End😂*

  • Ca$hMoN3Y

    Imagine nate throws a punch at you after every sentence while having a casual conversation

  • Daniel Dinh
    Daniel Dinh

    Nate looked like shit in his fight so imma do the exact opposite of anything he says

    • V Family
      V Family

      @Daniel Dinh Hentai? It's just a mobile game. I knew it, people named Daniel are truly dumb

    • Daniel Dinh
      Daniel Dinh

      @V Family says the guy with some hen.tai waifu avatar

    • V Family
      V Family

      No he didn't. I don't understand why people named Daniel tend to be so stupid...

  • Crooks

    This is funnier than it should be 😂😂


    "I'm gonna go out there, beat some ass and walk out with a pocket full of vegetables."

  • Samuzzwal Shrestha
    Samuzzwal Shrestha

    Nate : Baa baa , eat your vegetables . Everyone eat your vegetables rn

  • TheSauceBossHoss TheSauceBossHoss
    TheSauceBossHoss TheSauceBossHoss

    Watching this at 2:09

  • secrated

    By vegetables he means Weed? LMAO

  • Run Man
    Run Man


  • Alex Emery
    Alex Emery

    Plllllease talk to Paul Saladino Nate. Please. Seriously.

  • James B
    James B

    I’d eat you up, String bean!

  • Filip Ekelund
    Filip Ekelund

    i dont know what else i was expecting

  • Chris Ryan
    Chris Ryan

    It’s tough getting them back into the chair afterwords

  • JK Ronny
    JK Ronny

    Vegetable sales 📈

  • Whyinem


  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks

    Mannn when is he not shadow boxing lmfaoooo. He'll never get caught lackin.

  • Hugo der Boss
    Hugo der Boss

    İ Smoke Broccoli to Breakfast 😂.

  • Will Hanley Reed
    Will Hanley Reed

    Thanks Spiderman.

  • Wan Tobek
    Wan Tobek

    Gangsta.. hope in his match not to finish so early🙏🙏..

  • Deep

    *punching the sh*t out of me* "eat your vegetables" *still punching*

  • Raghav Seth
    Raghav Seth

    Nate smokes his vegetables

  • Daiyan

    Lmfao did he mean smoke my vegetables ? Broccoli ?? Lol

  • L. A. H.
    L. A. H.

    the game is, eat your vegetables

  • RetroWreck5

    "My whole vegetables will beat your whole vegetables ass." Nate Diaz

  • Sleep Videos Relax Videos
    Sleep Videos Relax Videos

    Nate always throwing punches towards the cam cringe asf

  • Karol Osuchowski
    Karol Osuchowski


  • Derbis the Eternal
    Derbis the Eternal

    Vegang 🌱

  • M A
    M A

    that's right doggy...Vegan Raza 👏🏾 🥬🇲🇽

  • Dr. Emmett Brown
    Dr. Emmett Brown

    He always shadow boxes when hes nervous

  • Doug Larsen
    Doug Larsen

    I fucking love Nate Diaz

  • Dr. Doppeldecker
    Dr. Doppeldecker


  • Fiero Becco
    Fiero Becco

    "eat your vegetables...but most importantly smoke them!!" -Nate Diaz, 2021

  • Tacitus Kilgore
    Tacitus Kilgore

    Right away sir.

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee

    Carnivores or people who are on a meat and fruit only diet called "animal based" or "Carnivore-ISH" diet are probably the only ones who won't or some people with autoimmune issues who can't tolerate certain foods.

  • EMG

    He means by smoking that good vegetable lmao

  • mxamiss5

    He sounds like one

  • Opalfusion ...
    Opalfusion ...

    Thanks big bro!

  • Omar Q
    Omar Q

    Look up "Nate Diaz says Assalamu alaikum"

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    Marijuana is not a vegetable

  • josh qaszq
    josh qaszq

    "vegetables and me were always friends" - dana white after watching this video

  • TattedMax

    He said eat your vegetables as pummeled you in the face 🤣 gotta love Nate

  • Pandazilla Gaming
    Pandazilla Gaming

    Every MMA fans , will love this man...except papa dana..😁


    Nate , есть чё ?🌴

  • tice sine
    tice sine

    Didnt he mean smoke your vegtables?


    Altitude diaz 🇲🇽🔥🇺🇸

  • kidk007

    I just gave my son the Stockton slap because he wouldn’t eat his vegetables.

  • cole

    this comment section is gold lmao

  • TriHard


  • Afiso

    Especially peoples in the US. In Europe it's normal to eat every day vegetables and fruit.

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