On The Line | Dana White's Contender Series - Week 7
The On The Line crew break down the betting odds for Dana White's Contender Series. Don't miss episode 7 of season 5 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

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  • Steve Garza
    Steve Garza

    You bet the over on papprick and Silva but didn’t say that bet on the show

  • TheUntold

    .... What does it mean to cash them, don't trash them. Any body know?

  • Bruno Castejon Mugica
    Bruno Castejon Mugica

    There's something about Giani that looks cringe to me. Perhaps his voice??

  • Mo Vo
    Mo Vo

    UFC needs dana white is slow his roll

  • NotAWinterWolf

    Gianni hands be so shaky

    • Russell Jones
      Russell Jones

      It's nervous job

  • Saiful Rahman
    Saiful Rahman

    Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 selalu hadir fans berat Khabib

    • MD Atikur Rahman_75
      MD Atikur Rahman_75

      And Bangladesh🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Oscar Silva
    Oscar Silva

    Something tells me this will be the week where Gianni doesn't do well

    • Pucchiaccha

      Mush just back everything he said?

  • Max Woolman
    Max Woolman

    Get james Krause on best bets for ppvs n fight nights plz

  • CM Hawk
    CM Hawk

    Keeping an eye on Martin Buday. Big, heavy, good grappling and from Slovakia 🇸🇰. “I love everything about this kid”

    • Luca Lu
      Luca Lu

      Could not agree more !!👏👏

  • CM Hawk
    CM Hawk

    Imagine if Brock Lesnar had started MMA right after college. He was big, athletic, strong and with very good wrestling pedigree. He could had mauled the entire HW division and be one of the greats but his WWE career also made him a big draw which helped to the grown of the UFC. Duo to Lesnar draw power is that Conor was able to make a living off fighting. Lesnar more title wins than Conor Lesnar better resume than Conor Lesnar never ducked anyone unlike Conor

    • bonzaipeter

      If your a UFC fan and you at least watched with understanding you know Lesnar is not even a good fighter. He was most of his matches scared after he got punched. If he didnt roll thru the oponent from the start after a takedown or a lucky shot.. he was backpaddeling and trying to survive in defensive eye flintching ducking and hiding mode. He was an animal and if he was trained as a fighter.. we dont know but he would be a lot better puncher and with a destroyer approach. When i saw that he was most of the times really really scared i knew that he is doing it only for few fights just for the money and that hes not a "fighter" or a MMA professional athlete. If he was lower weight it would be simillard to CMpunk :)

    • Devin Burkett
      Devin Burkett

      @McGroovy *Less* than *30* *Seconds* *Ngannou* makes *Brock* *drop* to his *knees* and *Tap* *out* when they *introduce* the *PREDATOR*

    • McGroovy

      Ngannou would ko him in 30 seconds

    • McGroovy

      Lesnar cheater

    • Darryl Wilson
      Darryl Wilson

      DC woulda fkd him up but I def agree with your connor points

  • المخلص فقط JESUS
    المخلص فقط JESUS


  • BoneScum

    Why can’t we get these for UFC cards?

    • Dylan Coykendall
      Dylan Coykendall

      they do them. its on fight pass.

  • Nick Rodriguez
    Nick Rodriguez

    I will be the there on the desk talking about bets some day in the future

    • Nate Norman
      Nate Norman

      you can do anything you put your mind to bro

  • Jonathan Kelsey SR.
    Jonathan Kelsey SR.

    It's *_TUESDAY!_* 🤘🐲🤘

  • Woldekidan Itbarek
    Woldekidan Itbarek

    Too much talk.

  • Dredd Mann
    Dredd Mann

    I can't stand the guys voice. It annoys the fuck out of me that I dont even want to listen to what he is saying.

  • Conor McFook
    Conor McFook

    I would put all my money on mcgregor for his next fight for the belt 😤

    • Conor McFook
      Conor McFook

      Justin never beat Conor you numb nuts. Khabib is hiding with his head underneath the sand. Conor is true champ.

    • Asif Tufail
      Asif Tufail

      Bro after Khabib, conor lost against Justin. Justin has also lost against Khabib 😂😂😂 What level you think conor is at?? 😂😂😂 Normagomadive is a carrier crusher and GOAT✌️✌️✌️✌️ So please show some respect otherwise it will show your mentality

    • Conor McFook
      Conor McFook

      @Asif Tufail he’s running like a rat from the rematch

    • Asif Tufail
      Asif Tufail

      What if this fight is against Khabib😂😂

  • DqMqD

    Lol, just call it "We pay these guys way less than the pittance we give or "star" fighters. Dana needs to show up to the cage with a battle royale waiting for him. If he survives, he pays fighters what they deserve. If he taps out to the big white sky, all UFC fighters split his properties....

    • McGroovy

      No ones forcing them to be there you idiot, there not going to get payed big bucks cause no one would pay decent money to see them

  • John Morestin
    John Morestin

    Costa vs Vettori, Oct. 23rd. Blachowicz vs Teixeira, Oct. 30th. Yan vs Sandhagen, Oct. 30th. Makhachev vs Hooker, Oct. 30th. Chimaev vs Li, Oct. 30th. Volkov vs Tybura, Oct. 30th. Usman vs Covington 2, Nov. 6th. Chandler vs Gaethje, Nov. 6th. Namajunas vs Zhang 2, Nov. 6th. Ngannou vs Gane, Jan. 22nd. Adesanya vs Whittaker 2, Feb. 12th.

    • CM Hawk
      CM Hawk

      Fights can be cancelled hours before the event...

    • CM Hawk
      CM Hawk

      Daukaus vs Lewis >Amanda Nunes

    • midnite

      Holloway vs Yair, Nov 13 Aldo vs Font, Dec 4 Oliveira vs Poirier, Dec 11 Masvidal vs Edwards, Dec 11 Nunes vs Pena, Dec 11 Lewis vs Daukaus, Dec 18 Moreno vs Figgy III, Jan 22

    • Zamora444

      All subject to change without notice

    • Tres Commas
      Tres Commas


  • The Fashion Cold Wars
    The Fashion Cold Wars

    If they only did this show 24-48 hours earlier...

    • The Fashion Cold Wars
      The Fashion Cold Wars

      @McGroovy Bahahaha.

    • The Fashion Cold Wars
      The Fashion Cold Wars

      @Jay Your Points are well taken and valid, but I do my own tape and Gianni is a SOLID gambler, but a lot of the value is simply gone by the time they release. I just watch it to stress myself out over my picks and see if there’s holes I’ve missed. Just an example, I got Silva at -200 and she was -400 by the time this aired.

    • Jay

      You have to keep in mind the amount of research and time that goes into these things. 10-15 plus fights on saturdays, NFL on Sunday, Boxing etc plus you want to wait until after weigh ins

    • McGroovy

      @The Fashion Cold Wars moves lines and also does lines in the apex bathroom

    • The Fashion Cold Wars
      The Fashion Cold Wars

      @McGroovy Gianni’s teeth move lines…

  • Stephen maharaj
    Stephen maharaj

    Second here.. damn it!!!!

  • Nader.

    OgShawnyMack favorite show 🦎🦎🦎