Rise of Marina Rodriguez
UFC strawweight Marina Rodriguez has flown up the division rankings since earning her shot with the promotion on Dana White's Contender Series Brazil in 2018.

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  • Bryan Leon
    Bryan Leon

    Something about Mariana that I like so much 😏😍 she has excellent kick boxing and muay thai that Amanda ribas fight put her on the map I was sad when she did that to Amanda

  • Debt Slave
    Debt Slave

    Muaythai fighter 👍

  • Garry Dye
    Garry Dye

    She looked terrible against the low grade stand up of Dern.

  • Jonathan

    Herb the clown Dean

  • J A
    J A

    herb dean needs to take a break

  • Jeannie Feaster
    Jeannie Feaster

    It took Olivera so much courage to end the fight herself. Much respect to her for. Marina's freakin dangerous.

  • Heather G
    Heather G

    She a beast. The strawweight division is so stacked, the belt moves around a lot.

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly

    What a Herb. That was bullshit. I honestly think Dean took his eyes off the fight at some point cause that shit should’ve been called the shot after the knock down. Then he goes in to stop it and he went completely indecisive for some reason. Multiple mistakes by the ref. Boo.

  • ThereAreNo AvailableNames
    ThereAreNo AvailableNames

    The Karate Hottie fight was so awesome. A rising star fighting a fan favorite who can still bring it hard and is still dangerous.

  • João Neto
    João Neto

    l think that's illegal 2:38 she would lose anyway.

  • Ersel Mwoambeki
    Ersel Mwoambeki

    NO MAS!!

  • Stephen Stuckey
    Stephen Stuckey

    Str8 killer yo......love.this chick

  • Sal S
    Sal S

    Just destroyed dern

  • Just a Swede
    Just a Swede

    Super talented. Wish her well!

  • Koukos

    Background music is really bad.

  • karkour khawla
    karkour khawla

    She is so agressive if she beat dern she should fight joanna or weili or rose

  • James Hovey
    James Hovey

    Shes more violent than my ex wife.

  • TheMass33

    Dern ain’t trying to stand with MRod. Dern going after a belt. Clinch take down and gnp.

  • Charlie Godinez
    Charlie Godinez

    Easy win for Mackenzie.

  • Wandering Android
    Wandering Android

    5 and half minutes of zero grappling. either frog face dern subs her in a round or dern gets lit up on the feet.

  • Paul Mill
    Paul Mill

    I love Dern but this girl is a beast...

  • Jose Ciller
    Jose Ciller

    Qué coño les pasa a los arbitros de la UFC?

  • Bobby Brooks
    Bobby Brooks

    Marina by tko tomorrow…y’all welcome

  • ToxiCity

    She got that Joanna Aura and swag...I hope her ground game is good coz Valentina is a beast in all MMA Areas

  • ecc entricity
    ecc entricity

    Marina & thug rose would be fire

  • Pedro Carvalho
    Pedro Carvalho

    She knocked out Amanda Ribas Twice in the same night

  • Mario Roman
    Mario Roman

    Herb Dean just watched Amanda Ribas get concussed twice, come on man.

  • Rodrigo Reis
    Rodrigo Reis

    Her Thai clinch is as vicious as it gets...Go Marina!!!

  • Jeff Otieno
    Jeff Otieno

    that first clip was like when you're playing against a spammer in a fighting game😂

  • Dhruvish Kapadia
    Dhruvish Kapadia

    2'30" Herb Dean and his screw ups that he is never held accountable for😄😄😄

  • Justin O'Donnell
    Justin O'Donnell

    Dern better try to keep it on the ground. Marina is a monster

  • Don Dee
    Don Dee

    MARINA RODRIQUEZ reminds me of a lesser JOANNA J. MACKENZIE D is gonna be a tough out.

  • everythingisconnected

    Herb dean smelled like alcohol and cigarette - Marina Rodriguez

  • Enrique Isip
    Enrique Isip

    She’s a level ahead of Dern

  • PJ Dexter
    PJ Dexter

    Can't wait for her to knock that accent right out of Dern.

  • Shane Bowie
    Shane Bowie

    why am i not surprised she has these wins over every shorter fighter she's only winning coz her size advantage which to me is like cheating by fighting in the wrong weight class just because she can dehydrate and rehydrate massive amounts of water weight that gives bigger taller fighters the reach advantage and weight advantage because they can fluctuate more than their opponent who obviously has denser muscle mass with less water weight cutting is devision cheating in my book especially when the reach and distance advatage is 6 plus inches

    • Jessica💋 Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs
      Jessica💋 Sweety Hotgirl - Vlogs

      Weili zhang is my favorite SW, but Marina is a close 2nd, sadly idk if she can stop the takedown

  • Jesse J
    Jesse J

    marinas clinch game is insane !!

  • Rodrigo Cisneros
    Rodrigo Cisneros

    Marina vs Waterson was actually a banger,so many good strikes landed and in the slowmos it was even better,i thought it would be the sleeper of the card and it was actually my favorite fight of it entirely lol

  • Owen Rigby
    Owen Rigby

    Marina has good striking and she always brings the fight, but her takedown defence is a little suspect. Its understandable why Mackenzie Dern is favoured to beat her. I'd really like to see Marina vs Joanna, that would be a very fun fight.

  • Drex99

    Bitcoin +Dogecoin buy buy.

  • Ron G
    Ron G

    Her pace is awesome. Cute too.

  • Mechanical Pants
    Mechanical Pants

    Michelle Waterson is really tough, I'm really impressed with her grit to stay in that fight and dish out some of her own. 3:32

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      @Tommy Leung Rose has very deceptive power. Zhang Weili found that out the hard way.

    • Tommy Leung
      Tommy Leung

      @Owen Rigby yeah, my point was she's not the "strongest" hitter in the division in the way Andrade was, but her technique, speed, and setups, it epitomizes the phrase of "the ones you dont see coming"

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      @Tommy Leung I think most other Strawweight's would have been out cold from that head kick Rose landed. She's so precise with her strikes it translates to power. Its just Michelle Waterson has a granite chin.

    • Tommy Leung
      Tommy Leung

      @Owen Rigby it was a perfectly timed head kick, set her up and made her lean right into it. It wasn’t a brute strength shot, and even then she wasn’t completely out and got subbed in the end.

    • Mechanical Pants
      Mechanical Pants

      @Owen Rigby Yep a very good chin indeed. Rose is a little beast.

  • jimmy31hendrix

    The background music for these makes me feel like I'm watching an early-morning infomercial or something 😂

    • Kevin Luna
      Kevin Luna

      It reminds me of pride haha

  • krylesangerbeaver

    Ribas jiggling in slow motion. Thanks UFC.

  • mr brook
    mr brook

    these fights need some violence lol

  • BaconMilk

    Herb Dean is just the worst. Why on earth is he still around?

    • Jeannie Feaster
      Jeannie Feaster

      Very true. The extra at the end wasn't nessesary. He should've stopped it on the first TKO.

  • TRC TurtleIsland
    TRC TurtleIsland

    Dauphin River First Nation Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦

  • Splash Montana Capone
    Splash Montana Capone

    I hate her for beating up my baby amanda Ribas smh

  • My dick is tiny but,
    My dick is tiny but,

    Became a huge fan when she took out Ribas who is also awesome. Then she handled a vet like waterson like it was nobodies business.

    • Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Herb Dean was crazy not stopping that one.

  • Juicy Smooye`
    Juicy Smooye`

    No clip of michelle waterson is complete without a missed front kick

  • Tony G
    Tony G

    She's too cocky, she needs to be brought down a peg or two

  • Overt Blowfish
    Overt Blowfish

    Lmao herb was practically falling on her and he didn't stop the fight what

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight

    I hope Marina wins, I hate stupid bjj style fighting. It doesn't work in the real world.

  • A Y
    A Y

    Herb is a terrible Referee. Feels like he's high all the time. This isn't the first time, he's nearly fallen on fighters thinking about stopping and then changing at the very end. Also, Herb doesn't even notice some fouls anymore. Eye pokes are legal in Herb Dean's world.

  • David Salazar
    David Salazar

    Watterson got a lotta forehead

  • Ano Malie
    Ano Malie

    What a beast!

  • Rohan

    “I want to fight with your chicken next, undefeated undisputed” - Waterson to her next ghost victim

  • Rohan

    Waterson really be fighting her demons instead of her oppenents in the octagon 💀

  • lodxmas

    If everybody was calling me Hoedriguez like they do I'd be throwing hands too.

  • S'all good man!
    S'all good man!

    It's not over til you meet your ancestors... Herb Dean School of Hard Knocks

    • Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      Sherri T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Herb Dean was crazy not stopping that one.

  • born2fi8

    Herb Dean : She is not dead yet keep fighting

  • Georges The Gorilla St Till
    Georges The Gorilla St Till

    she won’t be underrated anymore after this fight if she wins 💪

    • Myles Scott
      Myles Scott

      I'm 7-0 can you ask Dana white to sign me

  • Kacper Łabuz
    Kacper Łabuz


  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    She is gonna sleep dern Same way she did my girl amanda

  • Benjamin Richard
    Benjamin Richard

    The way she fights in there is so awesome! Technique is all there completely, but man it’s the way she fights - hell yeah!

    • S'all good man!
      S'all good man!

      Savage assaults, like she collecting money for the Don himself, Dana.

  • al swearengen
    al swearengen

    dom cruz is the most biased commentator in the business lmao

  • al swearengen
    al swearengen

    straw weight best wmma class!

  • Yeah, it's me
    Yeah, it's me

    She reminds me of Covington, a lot of output but not really any power

  • al swearengen
    al swearengen

    crisp striking

  • Patrick McDonald
    Patrick McDonald

    Andrew Schulz got hands bro!

  • Yeah, it's me
    Yeah, it's me

    Can the MMA world finally stop acting like Herb Dean is the "gold standard" of officials

    • Tim Terrell
      Tim Terrell

      What a stupid comment, he's been catching grief since like 2015, what are you even talking about?

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      They should give some more props to Jason Herzog, who is perhaps the so-called 'gold standard' right now.


      Yeah, he's definitely made some shit calls over the past few years.

  • Kaz Kaze
    Kaz Kaze

    she reminds me joanna a little bit.

  • HW Kingdom
    HW Kingdom

    Weili zhang is my favorite SW, but Marina is a close 2nd, sadly idk if she can stop the takedown

    • Enrique Isip
      Enrique Isip

      She did it against her first 3 opponents who’s plans were to get the TD

    • Dr.John Doe
      Dr.John Doe


  • Fl Rn
    Fl Rn

    His weak point is the ground game, and he's gonna fight with a ground specialist, if he can't KO the other dude, he's screwed! LOL

    • Fl Rn
      Fl Rn

      @The Film Archive "Women"? LOL

    • The Film Archive
      The Film Archive

      Have some respect you dolt. These women would KO you flat

  • felizah

    We all win on this main event.

  • Handsome


  • M G
    M G

    i love this bitch

  • Tony Rocco
    Tony Rocco

    Those knees tho

  • Kelli King
    Kelli King

    She should fight Joanna next

    • M G
      M G

      would be an amazing bout

  • J S
    J S

    Would like to see what Marina would look like putting on some more muscle and weight and fighting at flyweight. Her and Shevchenko would be a FIGHT


    I admired the strength of this girl. If you have a wife like that too ... You can never fight her.

    • Boogie Thug Rose
      Boogie Thug Rose


  • J S
    J S

    Another example of Herb just fucking it up.

  • Fábio Alves Fernandes
    Fábio Alves Fernandes

    A Marina vai ganhar esta luta 👊🏻💪🏻🇧🇷


    I wish everyone a good mood 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • Kdicndn idokene
      Kdicndn idokene


  • lodxmas

    I like Herb, but how was Marina not supposed to stop fighting ? You know when you can feel the ref's dong on the top of your forehead then the fight is over. That's the international cue.

    • midnite

      Holy crap, he just tripped while getting a closer look. Stuff happens in a fight . You guys try doing that job lol

    • Ryan R
      Ryan R

      Your right Herb fucked up there..

    • M G
      M G


  • Nicolás Glebowski Góngora
    Nicolás Glebowski Góngora

    damn, she's like a female version of Carlos Condit

    • Dustin Amaral
      Dustin Amaral

      Good Call! the striking has alot of similaritys, but the stance the way she walks forward and the way she keeps her chin tucked reall reminds me of NBK!

    • anii0121

      Definitely reminds you of the natural born killer in the clinch

  • Ashish Khapekar
    Ashish Khapekar

    Her standup is very similar to Tony Ferguson.

  • Mario Hernández
    Mario Hernández

    Waterson is still undefeated against Ghosts

  • portals of bermuda
    portals of bermuda

    would love to see her fight judjaycheck or shevchenko!

    • Owen Rigby
      Owen Rigby

      Shevchenko has a dangerous takedown threat, Joanna doesn't. I'd much rather Marina fight Joanna if anything.

    • portals of bermuda
      portals of bermuda

      @Jacos. yes!

    • Jacos.

      Jędrzejczyk? If so I could see that! Would love to see that actually, could be her next fight but only if she loses. Winner has to get Rose or Wei Li, depending.

  • Мака


  • MKF International
    MKF International


  • Hernán Montero
    Hernán Montero

    Herb Dean was crazy not stopping that one.

    • jimmy choo
      jimmy choo

      He really isn't that bright man seems slow upstairs lol

  • Victorious416

    Hodriguez via TKO/KO

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    Herb "you're not dead yet" Dean 😂😂

    • jimmy choo
      jimmy choo

      @Samuel Alexander honestly I do not get how some of these refs get paid to be that useless

    • Samuel Alexander
      Samuel Alexander

      @jimmy choo yeah guys like Joe Rohan say he is the best ref… so ridiculous.

    • Samuel Alexander
      Samuel Alexander

      Herb is just a horrible ref, stops the fight late early or when there wasn’t even a tap, gets in the way of the action and is just generally horrible

    • jimmy choo
      jimmy choo

      Honestly surprises me people don't realise that something is missing with him , he seems like such a dope

    • 계양산


  • Stephen maharaj
    Stephen maharaj

    Yeah..she is not hot enough

  • the reaper
    the reaper

    Her clinch work is relentless 🔥

  • Arian Dito
    Arian Dito

    how can you be so bad at refereeing a fight? like how hard is it to figure out when a human being is hurt? UFC referees make it look like rocket science

    • Jeannie Feaster
      Jeannie Feaster

      @Jon Trudell I agree with you, but Amanda Ribas was obviously done on the first TKO. The second was completely extra.

    • Jon Trudell
      Jon Trudell

      What are you NEW!? Referees job is to stop the fight when the fighter is No longer intelligently defending themselves! It's Not about a fighter being " HURT" like you say, If that was the case then the fight would be stopped after the very 1st punch / Kick. Damn NOOBIES

  • sachin singh
    sachin singh

    Man, herb is just infuriating and I think it comes strongly from the fact that he doesn’t acknowledge when he fucks up.

    • Kevin Luna
      Kevin Luna

      @Josue Covarrubias in my opinion jason herzog is the gold standard of reffing

    • BTRshow

      Herb Dean has history with not being accountable when he messes up, it's a reason why he always been overrated in my eyes. No other ref can get away with it

    • Josue Covarrubias
      Josue Covarrubias

      right on the spot, the only thing worse than him fucking things up in almost every card he's refereeing is that he's never taken accountability for it, whereas other referees like Herzog and Goddard don't make mistakes oftenly but have been humble enough to admit it the few times they did

    • Blue

      herbal "stoned af" dean

    • Kai Riggs
      Kai Riggs

      Herb "I mess up in every single fight but the mma community still views me as the best in the business" Dean

  • BaMbAM

    Michelle Waterson is never going to be champion. 😔😔😔

  • Gustavo Cardoso
    Gustavo Cardoso

    She is letal

    • Jon Trudell
      Jon Trudell


103 хиљ.