State of the UFC Featherweight Division | October 2021
UFC commentator John Gooden takes us through the state of the featherweight division after Alexander Volkanovski defended his title against Brian Ortega at UFC 266 and former champion Max Holloway is set to face Yair Rodriguez next month.

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  • Astrid Müller
    Astrid Müller

    Now I am more confused than before.

  • Parvez Ahmed
    Parvez Ahmed

    Where is zabit?

  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman


  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman


  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman


  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman


  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman


  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman


  • Rik Tallman
    Rik Tallman

    We need to see Zabit! What is the problem???

  • Thug Nose
    Thug Nose

    “Toughness” and “Heart” just means you can take an ass whooping 🤣

  • peter dragonz
    peter dragonz

    Everyone knows max won that 2nd fight. Emmet is a beast what ever happened to him has he fought since shane?

  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro

    Must Thai knee

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    Barboza vs emmet and Zombie vs Allen would be cool😎

  • AlwonDomz

    Featherweight used to be stacked. It’s the most stale men’s division, right now, in my opinion.

  • Music Styck Arnis Kiyta
    Music Styck Arnis Kiyta


  • rcb4th

    Max Holloway, Alexander Volkanovski and everybody else

  • Pablo Eskobar
    Pablo Eskobar

    Why am I salivating right now?

  • Mike Magnotta
    Mike Magnotta

    I don’t think “ Boston bomb “ shouldn’t be a good thing to say 💀💀

  • Nicolas

    Chikadze next champ

  • Jeremy Howe
    Jeremy Howe

    I just want Zabit back 😣

  • Young Charisma
    Young Charisma


  • Dennis Williams
    Dennis Williams

    Love these vids

  • Samu

    Let Henry Cejudo get that shot at Volkanovski! It's the fight to make!!

  • Donovan

    Its crazy this division is! And u got max just floating around the div

  • Osvald Wulf
    Osvald Wulf

    Alexander is such a true champion and I'm definitely a massive fan of his, however Max is a damn KING!! Their third fight would be so damn good!! Would be sad for the loser but so ecstatic for whomever wins.

  • Donovan

    Volk had all the faints

  • m Ace
    m Ace

    Zabit still around?

  • Hussleman1

    Volk is a duck the real king of that division is still max holloway

  • Gary Mcmillan
    Gary Mcmillan

    State of the featherweight division; 1 Volkonovski 2 Max, a giangantic gap then everyone else

  • Ace Hood
    Ace Hood

    That video was lit💯

  • denkanator

    stacked 💣💣💣

  • daniel catalan
    daniel catalan

    aldo was legit on the juice lol gtfoh. kinda glad connor ended his career.

  • J Dub
    J Dub

    T-City vs. Zombie rematch should have fans of the division frothing at the mouth

  • J. Long
    J. Long

    Zabit? Z-Abraham Lincoln? Are you there?

  • David S
    David S

    Also is the GOAT! Aldo beat Volk and Max beat Volk in their last fight.

  • Chewbaccasaw

    145 division is one of the weaker ones at the moment .. it’s Alex and max .. and that’s it 135 is stacked 155 is stacked 170 is stacked

    • Kristian Smiljanic
      Kristian Smiljanic

      Ngl bro that's a shitty take if I ever saw one

  • Brandon Ho
    Brandon Ho

    Zabit will be king soon 👑

  • korlu01

    Giga Chikadze is coming folks. Still though… I don’t see anyone passing through Holloway or Volkanovski

  • Gabriele D'Ippolito
    Gabriele D'Ippolito

    Do Allen vs Zombie

  • handball is amazing handbol
    handball is amazing handbol

    Zabit magomedsharipov is the best

  • William Cooley
    William Cooley

    Korean Zombie is kinda overrated to me tbh

  • Linda

    Max and Whittaker need to be suspended for the way they're gatekeeping the title fight🤣

  • Caio Da Silva Barreto
    Caio Da Silva Barreto

    Hopefully Zabit makes a successful comback

  • Redeye

    "Featherweight" division sounds fit for females lmao

  • Devansh: Machine Learning Made Simple
    Devansh: Machine Learning Made Simple

    This was a great video

  • Ren Nohara
    Ren Nohara

    Hope max wins and finely become champ

  • Brandon

    Annnnd Zabit is coming back 🥵

  • Zack W
    Zack W

    I think the dark horse in the Divsion is josh Emmett. He bounced back really good after Jeremy stephens flatlined him. But he’s on a tear if he can stay healthy.

    • Yes Mumm
      Yes Mumm

      100 % it's a pity he's always injured


    Katar & yiar are about to get SMACKED

  • Tomas Cortes
    Tomas Cortes

    I need hope we see Arnold Allen fight more often

  • Frankie

    Alex the average lost against Max 2 times...the 2nd time the judges did such a bad job a betting company FUCKING REFUNDED PEOPLES BETS !!!!!!! HAVE YOU HEARD OF THAT BEFORE?!?!?!

  • taekwondoist

    sighhh such a waste that Zabid has been sidelined for way too long. Imagine Zabid's fight against Max, Volk, Zombie etc...

  • Izzat Hakimi
    Izzat Hakimi

    T-city vs kattar might be fun

  • Chingri Mungrei
    Chingri Mungrei

    I hope Holloway gets it done again.... Fingers crossed

  • Muneeb Bhat
    Muneeb Bhat

    UFC is so shameless that it doesn’t even attempt to appear unbiased and has so conveniently omitted from the video one of the most prominent featherweights on a 9 fight win streak, Zabit.

    • VersaceCanOpener

      It’s not convenient. Zabit hasn’t done shit in two years. Of course its not entirely his fault but after two years you effectively have nothing to do with the landscape of the division

  • alishehzadpaul

    4:52 Let me know if you guys see it as well 😀

  • JayCigloX

    smh they doing zabit dirty

  • Fin Mason
    Fin Mason

    And triple C wants to skip them all

  • #3

    More please. I love you.

  • Jordan Nijjar
    Jordan Nijjar

    Max is going to make Yair actually engage the entire fight. It's going to be BOMB.

  • Jordan Nijjar
    Jordan Nijjar

    Nice to hear James Corden has expanded to MMA coverage.

  • Cesar

    Dana has to put cejudo vs volk. Max is only 29 and after him there really isn’t much of a challenge for Volk.

  • Renaldo Matadeen
    Renaldo Matadeen

    AJ v Alex would be lit. I still think Zabit would smash both tho

  • Izuchukwu Akalazu
    Izuchukwu Akalazu

    STACKED division

  • Chanzeland

    The Featherweight division is what got me interested in the UFC!! My very first favorite fighter was Jose Aldo, unfortunately about 6 months later Connor came along and knocked him out... however I'm glad i stuck around because the UFC is the best most consistent sport that is around and if you stay involved you will always find relatable people to cheer on and support!

  • Paddy C
    Paddy C

    Alexander is already the king

  • Nam Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen

    Tbh the FW division is just Volk and Max, they are leagues above everyone else that its not funny. Most people think Max won the 2nd fight so thats why its not unreasonable a trilogy happens.

  • George

    145 is CCC’s house

    • Kaz Kaze
      Kaz Kaze

      pff lol

  • Andrew Hendricks
    Andrew Hendricks

    Giga Chikadze? I think you mean Giga Chad


    Second Volkanowski Holloway fight was really close and I like Holloway but I think Volkanowski did just enough to earn that decision. I watched that fight Live 😀

  • ꧁༺Galactus༻꧂

    Max won. Cejudo will KO Volk.

  • Dušan Dojčinovski
    Dušan Dojčinovski

    This commentator keeps speaking in plural and adding "s" on so many words that it is embarrassing to listen. Did he even proof read the textS?

  • 335kid

    We need a “state of the ufc bantamweight” !!!!!!

  • Clutch Kick
    Clutch Kick

    so stacked they don't even mention dan ige or bryce mitchell

  • Magnus

    Ortega is not in the top 5 featherweights. Maybe in the top 10. He has been beaten convincingly by a champion twice now.

    • Kaz Kaze
      Kaz Kaze

      casual here lmao.

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango

    When you dog Holloway like that. Who cares how your feather weight division is looking

  • Snow Leopard
    Snow Leopard

    Giiiiiiiigaaaaaaaaa chhhhhhaaaaaad

  • Nandan Nadkarni
    Nandan Nadkarni

    Fw only famous cz of McGregor

  • &

    Max is the best feather weight of all time

  • Khuzaima Butt
    Khuzaima Butt

    Where's zabit magomedsharipov ?

  • Vey Narbz
    Vey Narbz

    Volk Is better than Max. Beat him twice fair & square. end of story

  • scure

    Max won the 2nd. Dont @ me.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy

      Ok I won't. Volk 2, Holloway 0.

  • eplok eplok
    eplok eplok

    nice to see Josh Emette fighting again.

  • Ved Mishra
    Ved Mishra

    I just hope we see Zabit soon! He’s sure to shake up those rankings

  • Kewl Demon
    Kewl Demon

    Best is Blessed 😎

  • Fahad Hayee
    Fahad Hayee

    Zabit will beat them all in one night

    • K D
      K D

      He can't even go 3 rounds at a high pace 😑

  • Dhruvish Kapadia
    Dhruvish Kapadia

    Where is ZABIT??? 😶😶😶

  • Quasar

    The 135 is even more loaded but the 155 is the King Ufc needs more talent at 205

  • Quasar

    I had max winning the second fight , 3-2 I had max winning rounds 1-3

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy

      Lol still butthurt over that fight?

  • Marcus Diorr
    Marcus Diorr

    Zabit??? hello?

  • Sago, The Prince
    Sago, The Prince

    Zabit can beat all these dudes 🔥👍 on a 2 round fight 😂 no cardio but still the most diverse and skilled

  • monky dkfk
    monky dkfk

    Zabit will come Soon💪

  • Michael bishop
    Michael bishop

    Ortegas submission ain't working anymore hahaha

  • Scott Mescudi
    Scott Mescudi

    Man Volkanovski is the champ for a reason.

  • Iz Muhd
    Iz Muhd

    "I'm the best boxer in the UFC" while back then poirier busted his face.. Lmao.. max need to move to lightweight.. he had a height and reach advantage of a lightweight contender.

  • jyy

    Year beat the eighth-place player a few years ago and hasn't played since, but it doesn't make sense to be in third place now. On the other hand, Korean zombie defeated fifth and fourth place in the first round and lost to the second place player in the next game, but immediately overwhelmed eighth place. However, it doesn't make sense to be ranked lower than Yair.

  • WhoIzzy ?
    WhoIzzy ?

    How can Halloway not be your favorite fighter in that weight.

  • Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier
    Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier

    Top 5 most stacked is LW But most stacked Top15 is FW div

  • Alexis Flores
    Alexis Flores

    Don't sleep on Giga

  • Timothy Hall
    Timothy Hall

    This division is unreal stacked but still a 2 man race. It's crazy how good Max and Volk are.

    • Markus Kidd
      Markus Kidd

      @ThatKidJorgeC the second for sure, but the first being slightly? Dude volk won 4 rounds and made max walk home with one leg in the first fight the hell?

    • ThatKidJorgeC

      @Markus Kidd he's (arguably) edged max both fights slightly, he hasn't beat max, he beat ortega but max was never in trouble or struggling

    • Haha Crackhead
      Haha Crackhead

      @Markus Kidd max is still the closest to Alexander's level.

    • Markus Kidd
      Markus Kidd

      how is it a 2 man race, when one man has beat the other twice?

    • Kash Zombi3
      Kash Zombi3

      If Zabit comes back with 5 round cardio he could jump in that race