✌️👀 "This is Mine Now"
Phil Hawes made quite an impression in his UFC debut with an 18-second knockout in the first round.

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  • Ice Ghost
    Ice Ghost

    Sounds like something young Conner Would say

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    this is the dude who got ktfo by julian marquez on dana whites contender series........

  • High Caliber Training
    High Caliber Training

    Hawes is a customer at my restaurant. I know he teaches mma classes in the ufc gyms in Jersey. Stand up dude, hope the best for his future in the ufc

  • Helix

    He earned a 🍌

  • Sea12hawks

    weakest shit evr said

  • casillasscorer

    Lol the ufc is trying to post stuff like One FC now?

  • Lasoli Ribelsson
    Lasoli Ribelsson


  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    Stfu, just another heavy hand dude who will never be shit without all around game

  • PRs Karya manunggal
    PRs Karya manunggal


  • jajayaboy

    According to the rules, yes! That is definitely your mouth piece 👍

  • Ok,itwasme Sike
    Ok,itwasme Sike

    Straight slumped that dude 😮

  • Glory_in The_3rd
    Glory_in The_3rd

    Until he gets beat later

  • doughboy 03
    doughboy 03

    Brah I seen this dude in Jersey City...

  • DoubleOyimmy

    lets go.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez

    New King in the arena go for it. 💯👍👍

  • Tree Peenbawlz
    Tree Peenbawlz

    When will people ever learn that arrogance doesn’t get you anywhere

  • some guy
    some guy

    Yes sir 😧 lol i love the Spirit in this one

  • Oldstereoscollector

    That was quick

  • 柳澤経介


  • dragon bhalls
    dragon bhalls

    Next fight His Shit will be taken away, bet!

  • 808Tornado

    "Other fighters soul respected his wishes"

  • JustanotherYoutuber

    UFC fighters boxing skills are garbage.

  • William Breeze
    William Breeze

    Hawes damn near killed that man lmao!

  • Brian Saralan
    Brian Saralan

    Every new bee acts that way till they get humbled half way throught than they give up and never get seen again

  • Darkstar

    Have you seen what ONE is putting out? This is mediocre.

  • Coalescence

    Look at me. I am the captain now

  • omar mobil phone
    omar mobil phone

    Wait for the surprise

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy

    What is his? What is mine? Now? Why so immediate?

  • Bruno yukio Kawakami
    Bruno yukio Kawakami

    Hahahahahaha kevin holland send hugs

  • AlwonDomz

    Him versus Buckley for sure

  • Internet gremlin
    Internet gremlin

    I remember seeing this live and seeing hawes reaction claiming this is his now like, who tf is this guy 😂 amazing debut tho 👏

  • David Sensei
    David Sensei

    This my merdasss 💩 martyr

  • aneessa aghniya
    aneessa aghniya

    When jason herzog is the referee, you know its going to be a finish, Herzog in on 1372 referee finishing streak and only 5 decision

    • Matthew Anthony
      Matthew Anthony


    • FuCK YouR OpinioN StoP cutting OnionS for My Reply
      FuCK YouR OpinioN StoP cutting OnionS for My Reply

      @The Relaxed Guy 😂😂I like it.

    • aneessa aghniya
      aneessa aghniya

      @OnceGreatBritain yuppp, Fucking Crazyy right, i think Herzog just Build different, And I should also mention that Jason herzog have the most refereeing fastest knockout finishes under 10sec or less in the whole fight referee history, even Masvidal vs askren was refereeing by herzog

    • OnceGreatBritain

      @aneessa aghniya lmao fr?

    • aneessa aghniya
      aneessa aghniya

      @The Relaxed Guy exactly, i mean like seriously I don’t know how but everytime herzog referring fight, it always be a finishes, i think it was about 6-7 years straight herzog referring fight with all straight finishes until last Saturday on guttierrez vs colares fight end up being a decision which caught me off guard, It probably the biggest upset in history seeing after 6-7 year straight of referring fight with all finishes to got snapped herzog 6-7 year finishing streak last Saturday, Fucking crazy

  • MCDC

    More appropriate title 👀 This is mine now ✌🏼

  • Anthony Bly
    Anthony Bly

    Good start but he has a LONG WAY to go before I'm truly truly impressed.

    • Brock Lemon
      Brock Lemon

      Who cares what u think

    • luffy

      noone cares if u impressed who are you?

  • Spencer Hayes
    Spencer Hayes


  • Poo Yourself
    Poo Yourself

    What is his?

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Ngl I was expecting his voice to be a little more menacing. 🤧 but then again Mike Tyson isn't exactly Mufasa from the Lion King and look at him.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    20buck says he goes absolutely nowhere .

  • Big H
    Big H

    When your 3 year old wants that shiny toy from the 4 year old, This is mine now 😂

  • Ali Parsa
    Ali Parsa


  • bobby brown
    bobby brown

    Ufc now stealing One championship's idea for their new videos... Just like Schaub is doing with Ariel.

  • Kira wr
    Kira wr

    The way his lifeless body dropped Not pretty too look at Makes me feel kinda weird

  • Witcher

    Nothing teaches you to have better defense more than losing against speed n strength

  • Hawkeye83627

    Watched this fight live with my buddy. Never forget how loud we screamed right after I started saying to him: " Dude, don't even blink. Phil can put him out at any mome-"

  • James C
    James C

    Jersey boy about to rip up the Middleweight division

  • snickle snockle
    snickle snockle

    "Look at me. I'm the German now."

    • Canadian MMA Guy
      Canadian MMA Guy

      "I'm the canadian now"

  • Fran nava
    Fran nava

    That BKFC fighter fell in a similar manner.

  • MrN1sar

    Uh no, this is mine

  • Conor McGregor Clips
    Conor McGregor Clips

    Im the fookin futa

  • Adrian Bent
    Adrian Bent

    Thought he was bout to SCREAM it lol made it more unpleasant 💪🏾

  • Six Six
    Six Six

    Lol am I the only one laughing at how he says this despite losing in the qualifier to get into tuf AND losing his DWCS fight

    • deem

      losing is how you evolve as a person and a fighter

  • Alexandros Geromarkakis
    Alexandros Geromarkakis

    This man is a beast no wonder they call him megatron🔥

  • Bisping ufc one👁️ eye fighting machine
    Bisping ufc one👁️ eye fighting machine

    This guy can fight

  • Bruce lee
    Bruce lee


  • Hellz Nomad
    Hellz Nomad

    I beat up a tomato can 🍅 , this whole company is mine now.

  • d'edsi

    Til he gets knocked out at least

  • Juston Johnson
    Juston Johnson

    New meme who dis?

  • lee cox
    lee cox

    so many haters. it was a cool statement.

    • Alexander

      He should have yelled it. The quiet nice like tone made it funny.

  • Brooke

    Guy isn't ranked.. whats yours #20?...

  • spooky shaggy
    spooky shaggy

    I love how he signals the camera man to come over to him as he's moving towards the camera.

  • Fortuna Vendetta
    Fortuna Vendetta

    What I like is how he does not cross the bounds of respect yet he still played the role of a showman! Skill and Entertainment to match!

  • Jaystacks

    Phil is a problem I can garentee this guy is going to be top 3 in the middleweight in the next couple years. He does oppose a threat to Izzy with his explosiveness and power. The fact he capatilizes on finishing an opponent as soon as he smells blood is what's going to make this kid great! Look forward to seeing him fight this weekend. If he gets the W and finishes his opponent this weekend give the kid someone top 10 on his next fight. Would love to see him go up against Uriah or Edman next! Stay classy yall

    • Ivey 96
      Ivey 96

      This kid get rocked badly almost every single fight he have. If Izzy get you rocked nigga you going to sleep.

  • blueprint

    Another roid hero💪💪🦾

  • Jiren The Gray
    Jiren The Gray

    The voice didn't match🔈

  • Ashar Malik
    Ashar Malik

    Let him chemiev and machchev fight in one night crazyyy night

  • GateKeeper

    Strong and fast. "I dare you to fight in the pocket"

  • Lucky38


  • Stoned Wolf
    Stoned Wolf

    UFC is following ONE Championship's lead when it comes to social media i see

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand

    "i'm captain now" vibes

  • vamveto zuo
    vamveto zuo

    I remember watching this live

  • chain2chain2

    *It's everyone's, until they get KOed*

    • Deryck Woods II
      Deryck Woods II

      @D Thomas yeah after becoming the one of the biggest stars in combat sports?

    • D Thomas
      D Thomas

      Yep, remember when Connor was like that?

  • joni de la paternal
    joni de la paternal

    Rock hands this guy Hook is insane

  • Vic

    Hawes is just the next tool to be fleeced by Dana White and Zuffa.

  • Pablo Castillo III
    Pablo Castillo III

    Nice exchange!

  • Ismail

    He tryna do a Adesanya

  • daddysfatsausage  inyourbumbums
    daddysfatsausage inyourbumbums

    Gets ko next fight good bye now

  • StainesTech

    yeah ok buddy W.E.

  • Doryyis

    wanna see him with omalley or makhachev 🦅

  • Witcher

    Not impressed how the loser handled those slow hands...

  • ManulKamul

    Damn, just give him the camera already

  • Yam Jam
    Yam Jam

    Ufc you are not that guy 😂

    • Sarah T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
      Sarah T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

      Wow! What a finish! He definitely meant what he said and with that display of hand speed and precision I'm tipping him to back it up!

  • Armando Henderson
    Armando Henderson

    He reminds me of the guy.. "why are you running?

  • John B
    John B

    Cool to see Crazy Tempo making moves in the UFC. No more fights with Charlie Zelanoff.

  • importon

    vertical video? come on ufc, you're better than that

  • Christopher Refusal
    Christopher Refusal

    He is the captain now!!!! Don’t get too ahead of yourself buddy…

    • Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó
      Louise 22 y.o - check my vidéó

      “Look at me. I’m the captain now.”

  • Sh.Co.

    He’s not even breathing

  • Ayomide Otukoya
    Ayomide Otukoya

    He’s not that great, looked terrible in his last fight

  • Jeremy JOrdan
    Jeremy JOrdan

    Some new blood for Izzy to feast I love it....👏👏👏

  • Rob S.
    Rob S.

    I remember this fight last year at 254, he got robbed of a POTN bonus

    • Dom

      254 had some crazy finishes though

  • Joseph Andres
    Joseph Andres

    not convinced that dude was just running. his voice doesn't sound very compelling

  • Clipper Boss Brrp
    Clipper Boss Brrp


  • Jay Racks
    Jay Racks

    It’s his now

  • Msizi Nkosi
    Msizi Nkosi

    Phil "MEGATRON" Hawes is a bright prospect, I seen him KO people in the 1st round in brutal fashion and I also seen him grinding all 3 rounds for a win.

    • ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV
      ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

      Took him a while to get to the UFC. He’s getting it done now

  • Person

    Garbage defence but what else do you expect from this "sport "

    • Person

      @Lummi Sherkavo u jelli bro?

    • Lummi Sherkavo
      Lummi Sherkavo

      watch your mouth

  • AngryZombie808

    Phil Hawes: This is Mine Now Somali Pirates: Hold my Captain's hat.

  • I am the belt
    I am the belt

    He's good but I. Don't think he's top 5 material

  • Jordan Eyle
    Jordan Eyle

    Phil Howes so much love 💯

  • Michael De Hoyos
    Michael De Hoyos

    Black athletes are scary

  • Jeffery Schirm
    Jeffery Schirm

    For a while , so only smile , don't be a nut and try to look gruff . Be a warrior , not a punk thug , Please !!

Dog or Cat? #shorts
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Dog or Cat? #shorts
20 мил