UFC 263: Adesanya vs Vettori 2 - Here We Are Again | Fight Preview
Preview the rematch headlining UFC 263 on Saturday between undisputed middleweight champion Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya and challenger Marvin "The Italian Dream" Vettori. Order UFC 263 now: bit.ly/2vNIBE8 (U.S. only)

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  • pavel


  • Techno Music Night
    Techno Music Night

    Track id ?

  • Tamás Somorai
    Tamás Somorai

    Like idk How Vettori thinks he won the first fight...Izzy dominated and played with him in strikeing, and when He got taken down Vettori really didnt do much, like some soft punches and thats it

  • Ow1

    Now they used this song

  • Satyam Sareen
    Satyam Sareen

    I am rooting for vettori!

  • No Name
    No Name

    Easy win for ade

  • My reply is dumb But,
    My reply is dumb But,

    Marvin “I feel it deep inside me” Vettori

  • Faihaan Faizal
    Faihaan Faizal

    Sunday morning 7.30 am Fire works 🇱🇰

  • ClaudeMagicbox

    The Roman legions used to go in battle with two Insigna written in Latin in front for the enemies to see. The first had a declaration of Rules that were above both contenders: UBI MAJOR, MINOR CESSAT (where there is the greater the lesser succumbs) Then it was followed by their declaration: HIC SUNT LEONES (here are the Lions). Forza Marvin, tutta l'Italia lotta con te.

  • EP_Aesthetics

    Anyone know the song

    • Kunal Sharma
      Kunal Sharma

      Jo blankenburg - Vanguard

  • SELFakaMr.MillionReasons

    THis man is in a delusional world...Izzy out classed him for two rounds, and maybe he got the third maybe lolol he aint do shyt on the ground.

  • Antonio Stranges
    Antonio Stranges

    Forza Marvin forza Italia 💪🇮🇹

  • Alessandro Lucci
    Alessandro Lucci

    I'm Italian and ofcourse I want Marvin to win but I don't think he has chance against Adesanya....he improved so much yes but Adesanya is level up anybody else....I hope I'm wrong because I would like to see Marvin attacking the lead leg and taking Adesanya down to finish him but very difficult

  • Samer Sleiman
    Samer Sleiman

    Andesanya loser

  • Eddie Pokerdeals
    Eddie Pokerdeals

    can't wait to see adesanya being dominated on the ground. "Take down defense" it means avoiding ground confrontation to him, not very cool. Let's see how humble he'll get after this.

  • R L
    R L

    Marvin better hide his ciabatta bread

  • Jeremiah Mitchell
    Jeremiah Mitchell

    Akatsuki mode 🌑

  • yudi alhabsy
    yudi alhabsy

    The song please

    • Kunal Sharma
      Kunal Sharma

      Jo Blankenburg - Vanguard

  • Mark Stanford
    Mark Stanford

    Fun fact, the name Vettori has the same root as Vitor and Victor, it comes from Latin root meaning Victory.



  • Nicolas Labille
    Nicolas Labille

    Music plz?

  • Dan De miranda
    Dan De miranda

    *Vettory by hard work and pure rage* -FINAL PREDICTION.

  • Warriors

    Marvin salty bro

  • Gabriel MZA
    Gabriel MZA

    Yeah good fight and all but the real main event is FIGGY x MORENO.

  • Xarko

    Vettori after waking up from KO: Ok, that's 1-1 let's call it a draw!

    • ZyroSugar

      @ClaudeMagicbox and he will be knocked out

    • ClaudeMagicbox

      Vettori will fight SICUT FIERIS. Latin for like a wild beast.

  • Tebello Mosoeu
    Tebello Mosoeu

    I think Izzy is going to a dark place for this fight.. Angry Izzy is scary!!

  • PoPWolf91

    very soon, 20W....2 L!!!

  • kacsa1st

    i am the most complete figher - Marvin "Boyka" Vettori

  • Arafat Abhi
    Arafat Abhi

    I Love Israel Adesanya😘💪🤟

  • Cd B
    Cd B

    I smell an upset coming.

  • Jf Carter
    Jf Carter

    Adesanya thé stylebender

  • W32tJUp

    The fighters Izzy has fought since their last fight is a much higher caliber. Vettori is good but I think he’s still short of what Izzy is doing in this weight class.

  • Mr. Newstalgia
    Mr. Newstalgia

    The Italian dreamer gonna have a nightmare this weekend ☠️

  • stryfetc1

    Izzy has an ax to grind, he's about to pick this goofy apart.

  • kevin de la luz quiroz
    kevin de la luz quiroz

    You got this Izzy! 1st round knockout

  • Zeuses Bag
    Zeuses Bag

    Izzys head is from easter island 🗿

  • t0k1d0k1eighty8

    "We da best" - DJ Israel "khaled" Adesanya

  • Dewald Van Willing
    Dewald Van Willing

    Well u won the first 2 rounds...... Same as with Max and Reyes with the fight they obv. Also won the first few rounds and judges scored otherwise. Don't think u will be lucky this time

  • Joel Williams
    Joel Williams

    All of the fighters Marvin fought was nothing compared to Izzy now they stood up and allowed him to punch them in the face unlike izzy he would not allow him to get close and dominate I have no doubt

  • badboybootz8

    Marvin decision vettori

  • IWB Finesse
    IWB Finesse

    bro he really think he won that first fight 😂

    • Xarko

      Yeah I thought he's just trolling to get Izzy all riled up, but it's probably just brain damage.

  • Dexter

    How the fuck Marvin thought that should have won in the last fight thahaha

  • Grenadian ChildOfMas
    Grenadian ChildOfMas

    Be careful what you ask for Marvin, The NINJA shit is Real🤸‍♂️💪🥋👣AND DON'T LET HIM WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE DEATH NOTE 📖🖊

  • J

    He's talking shit while stinking of self doubt all over again lol

  • Der Mensch
    Der Mensch

    This will be a very close fight!

  • dinap king
    dinap king

    Marvin you can do it. 🔥

  • King Estaban
    King Estaban

    Marvin will win 💯

  • Simply Sandro
    Simply Sandro

    People here acting like Izzy is some kind of god who has an easy game against his opponents, but the fact remains that Vettori brought a hard hitting fight to Izzy the first time. It doesn't matter how hard of a fan you are of Izzy, if you know anything about fighting you should know that Vettori was anything but an easy fight.

    • Roost Guardian
      Roost Guardian

      Agree. You remember Jan vs Izzy fight back in March? It was the same thing. I was mind blown in how the were underestimating Jan so disrespectful They were crazy saying he was going to be picked apart and KOd. I sense he is losing to Vittori too.

  • sven trogrlic
    sven trogrlic

    I think Vetorri has literally the mentality of three of Izzy's last middelweight opponents combined

    • K K
      K K

      wdy mean?

  • Fresh Sodaa
    Fresh Sodaa

    Marvin is basically the Italian Colby, bro still salty after a loss that happen a few years ago lmaoo

  • Jason Howe
    Jason Howe

    Woke people going to eat shit if Izzy had to drop via KO.


    I will stream the fight guys, yall can give me $1 tip

  • Каир АХМЕТ
    Каир АХМЕТ


  • Harry 1
    Harry 1

    Marvin is the walking definition of i almost had you dude

  • Francesco Landi
    Francesco Landi

    Hype hype hype

  • wiley


  • Stirling Street Machines
    Stirling Street Machines

    Hope Vettori shuts that clowns mouth. Izzy has no ground game at all. Vettori needs to take him down every single round.

    • Roost Guardian
      Roost Guardian

      Oh Vettori will win, but by desicion. But most mma casual are going to be butt hurt and call him boring fighter. Similar to Holland fight. He will get a lot of hate from Izzy fans. Because he will not be able to KO Izzy. Or hurt him too much on the floor. But he will win you'll see Saturday.

  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar

    This dude fought 5 hard rounds on short notice when he was preparing for a little less dangerous guy and little less time of fighting.And he won that fight!


    this fight like jhon jones vs anthony smith

  • Rweffy Oui
    Rweffy Oui

    Vetorri is going to get hurt

  • Dia a dia de um Mocambicano MZ
    Dia a dia de um Mocambicano MZ


  • Massimo Savoia
    Massimo Savoia


  • Arthur Gaming
    Arthur Gaming

    team Adesanya 👍

  • Enung pabin Enung pabin
    Enung pabin Enung pabin

    Who wine fight se after fight Intrastting wo......

  • Rgfjhh  vbvbbvcf
    Rgfjhh vbvbbvcf

    After vittori lose he will say wasn’t his night

  • Henrique Schultz
    Henrique Schultz

    Como o Ufc ficou chato,qualquer um é lutador agora Tempo bons em que os Brasileiros e Americanos dominavam

  • CesaIke8

    Vettori:I have the strongest mind. BRO ADESANYA IS ALREADY IN YOU HEAD.

  • Baby Babyboy
    Baby Babyboy

    Vettori broken into tears

  • Giovanni Lorecchio
    Giovanni Lorecchio

    Adesanya will go down! "AAAAAAND NEEEEEEEWWWWWWW"

  • Dylan Alberta
    Dylan Alberta

    In the roman legion vittori would have been a general for sure like julias Cesar

  • Dylan Alberta
    Dylan Alberta

    A tru roman general vittori

  • K Lamar
    K Lamar

    Izzy gone wrap him up and smoke him. lit be bunnin on da first Italian opp pack

  • patricia zawko
    patricia zawko

    And still Izzy :)

  • nirjon blur
    nirjon blur

    But he has no foot work lol

  • Rudolf Borozni
    Rudolf Borozni

    good luck Marvin!

  • Lionel Bezu
    Lionel Bezu

    In Ufc people come and people go. I think it is Izzy's time is over. He reached too far with Jan and now he might lose his belt with Marvin. But then again I thought Costa will bring him a fight and he didnt, hopefully Marvin finally will.

  • Dapbhah Nanghuloo
    Dapbhah Nanghuloo

    Let's go Izzy

  • Massimo Di Gio
    Massimo Di Gio

    you dont dominate vettori , you dont win this fight , fake champ , i rememebr de fight with romero you scared, you run , you real fake champ

  • This is interestinG
    This is interestinG

    Man Izzy's training place look like Samurai's dojo.

  • Ahao Ahao
    Ahao Ahao

    Izzz win

  • sohilo Tep
    sohilo Tep

    If vettori wants to win. He has to take down izzy

  • 엎어진반찬통

    햄토리가 뭘할수있을까

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira

    Marvin "I deeply feel it inside" Vettori

  • Abhishek Lovell
    Abhishek Lovell

    Marvin "Childish" Vittori

  • Jonathan Bensi
    Jonathan Bensi

    È arrivata l'ora di perdere tutto, mio caro Adesanya! Qui è Italia,qui è Marvin Vettori!🇮🇹♥️🇮🇹💪🇮🇹♥️

  • Sfiso Buthelezi
    Sfiso Buthelezi

    Izzy will beat this trash talker

  • Roger herrera
    Roger herrera

    He’s gonna ko Izzy similar to Kamaru ko on masvidal

    • TahaHassanXT

      Looooool funny as hell

  • Young Po Fan
    Young Po Fan

    Song: Jo Blankenburg - Vanguard

  • Benny B
    Benny B

    Marvin is gonna get smoked, too much talk.

  • johncasagranda

    Goodbye. #GoogleFi, #FUCKYOU. A phone plan that can't.

  • Equals One
    Equals One

    Vettori 4 round tko, izzy is going down

  • Usuario

    Vettori by neck strike KO.

  • Marco Di Stefano
    Marco Di Stefano

    go marvin!

  • The YNWA
    The YNWA

    My goodness this Marvin guy is so cocky. I can't wait to see izzy knock him out.

    • dinap king
      dinap king

      No bro I don’t think so

  • Dedi Saputra
    Dedi Saputra

    Presiden UFC terlalu pelit untuk menaikan gaji pemain nya🙏🙏🙏

  • ale 1990
    ale 1990

    Forza Marvin🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹



  • Sayan

    RIP to those people betting on vettori. Donate that money to charity if you dont need them instead of wasting on vettori.

  • Lorenzo Cini
    Lorenzo Cini