UFC 263 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2
Marvin Vettori sharpens his boxing and BJJ skills and enjoys an Italian-style meal from his nutritionist. Champ Israel Adesanya cools off in the pool before training with teammate Brad Riddell. Deiveson Figueiredo takes a rematch personally.

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  • Не Важно
    Не Важно

    what's the song at the end of the video?

  • The Forgotten Cords
    The Forgotten Cords

    You got that right coach Brandon moreno got what he deserved. TO BE CHAMPION

  • Kagani

    Here from the future. All i can say is LOL!!!

  • mozamshmeek yea
    mozamshmeek yea

    5:24 Brandon Moreno cried because he won the belt and destroyed figuredo 😂 🇲🇽🇲🇽 left his manager crying like a baby tho!!!!

  • vumazwe siziba
    vumazwe siziba

    Italian wet dream

  • Erick Gomez
    Erick Gomez

    Who’s here after the quote on quote cry baby won

  • Jonathan Kelsey
    Jonathan Kelsey

    Adesanya _pulled_ a *Goro!*

  • Melissa B
    Melissa B

    I hate Figueiredo and his POS coach. He's a dirty fighter. Used to like watching him until his last fight with Moreno. He had zero respect for Brandon going into that fight, and when Brandon got ahead he showed his true colors. Both of those fouls were clearly intentional...I mean that crotch shot and that eye poke?? Imagine how things could have gone if he didn't do that? I love Moreno. Hope he takes that asshole out proper this time for the world to see

  • Jonny Z
    Jonny Z

    Why do Brazilian fighters make themselves so unlikable? Cheee

  • Jad Joaquin Quesada-Khoury
    Jad Joaquin Quesada-Khoury

    Lol david and izzy have the same laugh!

  • Logan Pritchett
    Logan Pritchett

    Please for the love of god keep Wallid Ismail out of these

  • lasfinezt

    Izzy is a whole vibe

  • Beastmod Customs
    Beastmod Customs

    Listening to the absurd amount of smacking on food from Vettori and his team almost has me hoping Adasanya shuts that mouth for him, manners bro! Lol. All bs aside this card is gonna be sick

  • D OneAndDon
    D OneAndDon

    Mike Angove looks like Vettori after losing this fight getting depressed starts drinking and using drugs for two years...

  • Faux Mulder
    Faux Mulder

    Then go back to Italy

  • Vaquero Vegano
    Vaquero Vegano

    4:55 subtitles committed suicide

  • daniel catalan
    daniel catalan

    2:54 rip to the roof of his mouth lol

  • Slynell1

    gotta love Izzy

  • Faiz Rizky
    Faiz Rizky

    Lol 5:39 after that unnecessary shoved maybe he read all the comments and then offer moreno the fists bump at face off

  • Faiz Rizky
    Faiz Rizky

    Lol the hell is wrong with figueiredo’s manager

    • IzMik

      lmao he’s a brazilian abedaziz talks shit on behalf of his fighters

  • Dildo Baggins
    Dildo Baggins

    The cry baby is the one who has to make excuses that he was sick and hurt in a fight that he was fouling in

  • Web Traffic Strategist
    Web Traffic Strategist

    I didn't know Israel’s brother was Sean Kingston.

  • Dingle McCringleberry
    Dingle McCringleberry

    Wallid is so stupid and funny 😂😂

  • BluuurghAg9

    Say what you want, but by the looks of it, Marvin seems to have the best nutritionist in the game, my god that food looked good!


    DF has just become a dick for nothing, BM ain’t said shit bad about DF, shits dumb tbh

  • Ben Asslick
    Ben Asslick

    Figgy is annoying af

  • James Culpepper
    James Culpepper

    Chewing with their mouths open... just cements my dislike for vettori even more.



  • Cormoran Strike
    Cormoran Strike

    wrong! Matt Serra was the first Italian UFC Champion. lol

  • Smoky

    Brandon Moreno living rent free in Figgy's head

  • Jeff Taylor
    Jeff Taylor

    That's the marvin that people need to see. When he is in his element with his people he is completely normal, not acting like a loudmouth idiot.

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    Decision looks like he’s training for short bursts rather than long endurance training doing sprints then saying he wants to finish Moreno in the first which would be a huge mistake if he goes out there guns blazing for a finish early on against Moreno who proved how durable he is in the first fight. If I was Deveison I would be training for another five round war and not expecting a finish against Moreno cuz chasing one against him might be his biggest mistake that costs him his belt but it would warrant a third fight which I’d be very happy with lol

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    That’s interesting how the Italians talk about how they lower their standards for Italian food in America lol I wonder just how much better authentic Italian in Italy is compared to here considering pizza here is not even remotely the same as Italian pizza

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    Damn Marvin Vettori’s nutritionist/cook looks so damn good. I mean it makes sense since they’re Italian but damn does it look so much better than the typical rice and chicken other nutritionist make fighters lol

  • Shaun Bang
    Shaun Bang

    Man I miss the old ufc belt design. The new one grew on me but every time I see the older one it just looks so much better and I’m sure it’s just nostalgia and just how iconic that belt became as the UFC blew up with that being the design. But it was just so perfect with the right amount of design to it while the new one is just as Colby Covington calls it a power Ranger belt lol and it ironic cuz Dana White used to make fun of other promotions belts whenever they did the shape of the cage as their belt but now they are using the octagon shape for their belt lol

  • Muhammad Isa Khan
    Muhammad Isa Khan

    He called the champion liar,gave me goosebumps LMFAO

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez

    I was about to say he has a doctorate in nutrition until he said he’s a scientist.

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz

    I really hope the majority of Italians are not that dull.

  • HobbyNoob

    When's the last time a champ was as unlikeable as Davison

  • Steve Juneau
    Steve Juneau

    Cringe MMA-TV 4:55 - 5:28 You don't call the Champ a Liar… He want destroy Brandon Moreno… He NOT ASSASSIN-BABY… HE CRY BABY... HE GONNA MAKE HIM CRY...

  • Fictixn _
    Fictixn _

    *Buying shoes when I was a kid* Mom: "How do these shoes fit?" Me: "They fit fine " Mom: "Let me see" Me: 4:49

  • BanginOnFools

    Nate is gonna knock his head off!

  • A Hus
    A Hus

    Lmao Izzy's bro stole this one, that laugh tho lool

  • Edgar Chavez
    Edgar Chavez

    I don't know why but I think I'm invested in Moreno and Figs. I just think that fight will be incredible once again!

  • Jack Campbell
    Jack Campbell

    I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure sprinting down a narrow hallway numerous times isn’t very smart

  • dutchie1010

    izzy what do u think of vettori? i think hes a midget german steroid head

  • Groo Wanderer
    Groo Wanderer

    Sounds like Iz maybe regrets the dry hump spectacle lol

  • Cristiano Attanasi
    Cristiano Attanasi

    4:00 stereotipi, l'italiano sapeva mangiare un tempo, oggi si mangia pure la merda che non capisce più un cazzo che la televisione gli ha ridotto il cervello a purè di patate, mavacagà va. I wonder how is it possible that Marvin speaks english that well...rather impressive. Has he lived in the us & a?

  • nocoast beard
    nocoast beard

    Deiveson barely made weight this second time around. His comments about being 100% won't age well lol

  • nocoast beard
    nocoast beard

    Vetorri has glass bottles of water during training.. true Italian pretentious lolol

  • yomahmaful

    “Scientists that likes to cook” Badass.

  • shy land
    shy land

    Why the infected ears?

  • valentino benfante
    valentino benfante

    Figgy and his manager are lovers like Fabia & Sanchez

  • Shed Show
    Shed Show

    Wallid Ismael is a very sketchy guy. He helps Brazilian fighters cheat with PEDs.

  • James Ranson
    James Ranson

    Marvin's nutritionist (not a chef): here is some delicious fresh sliced octopus, Italian salad, drizzled with balsamic, pine nuts and fresh parmesan American chef: taste my latest, it's the world's best burger!

  • Max Müller
    Max Müller

    Figueiredo is a manlet full of hate. I hope Moreno beats him

  • Clayton Farmer
    Clayton Farmer

    The black gliding apparently fancy because haircut preclinically divide but a pink space. boorish, stormy form

  • WTF SF
    WTF SF

    Just here to fast forward to the Nate Diaz parts.

  • Mikey

    Poor sportsmanship by Davieson. You can tell he’s scared. Brandon ain’t even sweating it. Now that he’s got a full camp I’m still rooting for you Assassin Baby 😤💯🩸

  • Credo-Ape-Thor

    Izzy’s gyno… 😬

  • MillsMMA

    Moreno is so f'ing likable man.


    italians thinking they got better food, vettori gonna get his head knocked off

  • Merc Harris
    Merc Harris

    The man is a chef 👨🏻‍🍳🤌🏻 Il uomo è un cuoco

  • ProDoc18

    If he was hurt he shouldn’t have fought. Why fight when you have an excuse then use that excuse when you lose lmaooo what a bum

  • Dexion Evicus
    Dexion Evicus

    Wallid Ismail is the Paul Heyman of the UFC

  • The Mind of James
    The Mind of James

    Thanks izzy doing that for the young kid


    That’s a good nutritionist

  • Jae Playz
    Jae Playz

    Izzy’s brother laughs like KSI 😂

  • jordan

    Least he got his shorts on the right way

  • Niko Balilihan
    Niko Balilihan

    HAHAHHAA Israel's brother sounds a lot like KSI HAHAHAHA NO CAP

  • G W
    G W

    Let's go, Marvin!

  • Sam

    People like Walid and Ali should just do their job and stop embarrassing themselves on camera

  • UrDoinItWrong

    looks like Izzy wasn't high enough level for his "side mission"

  • abudujana13


  • Garret Karlsen
    Garret Karlsen

    Brad Riddle is like Lando Vannata an Dan Hooker put together

  • june snow
    june snow

    WTF watched the whole thing and no DIAZ.

  • Basketbot Mandem
    Basketbot Mandem

    Being a UFC fighter’s manager seems to have a lower barrier of entry than a school janitor. At least then you need a background check lol

  • Manuel Thomsen
    Manuel Thomsen

    This child is very cool

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M

    I always like seeing fighters with kids man. I feel like the majority are great with younger fans

  • Udon Kurodachi
    Udon Kurodachi

    Marvin got serious 💧💧💧

  • Serjohn

    meanwhile in usa : i put frozen meats in oil, i have 6 awards

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller

    Problem for Starvin Marvin is that he’s gonna have to be the aggressor here cuz Izzy is the champ. And anybody being the aggressor plays right into his hands lol. Biggest reason he even lost to Jan because Izzy is the one had to force the action cuz he’s the challenger. If Jan was the challenger I don’t think he beats him. I just think u have to be a very very rare species to be the aggressor vs Izzy and win. He’s so skilled and he’s fully mastered that style of fight. Almost like he’s begging you to come forward because he’s mastered it. So I got Izzy in a route unless someone tells me exceptional things about Marvin that I don’t know about

  • Ag21

    Jesus is the only way to eternal life! Believe that Jesus shed his blood and died for your sins on the cross and that God raised Him from the dead on the 3rd day to be saved!!!

  • Domingzz

    Funny how the italians complain about the poor quality of food in america but can't even chew with their mouth closed.

  • The L 's
    The L 's

    I should be the one on Israel’s shoulders

  • Ifti Alam
    Ifti Alam

    This Wallid Ismail guy exaggerates a lot. Almost to the point of creating fake animosity. Hate this guy.

  • Abdias Sam
    Abdias Sam

    I can see IZZY and still!!!

  • Drew E
    Drew E

    Lets go Izzy!!

  • Taco

    Don’t ever film the sloth eating again. People with headphones thank you in advance.

  • Bob Wire
    Bob Wire

    STYLE BENDER ...."F.T.W"💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👊💥👊💥👊💥👊👊👊👊👊🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Samuel Carrillo
    Samuel Carrillo

    I only wanna see NATE DIAZ fight, I don’t care about the rest of the card

  • V Knight
    V Knight

    Did they just judge our food? Sleep him Izzy

  • Mr President
    Mr President

    Izzy's brother is the man lol livin the life for sure

  • E.T.

    How has Nate not gotten a title shot.. When Jorge Puha-Cheena Masvidal, & Covington fought Usman twice.... Nate iz tripping he should move up to Middle Weight & Stockton Slap Adesanya.... Adesanya iz too Swift though... That's word to Hasbulla!!!!!!

  • Victor’s MMA Show
    Victor’s MMA Show

    who thinks izzy wins by knockout round 2?

  • Chevy51

    Vettori And new 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🥊

  • J Mystic
    J Mystic

    Brad riddell has interesting punches. Almost looks like a small loop or hook on almost every throw. I haven’t seen that before. Anyone else 🤔? I’m not saying it’s bad because he’s a tank, just observations.

  • A F
    A F

    David adesanya got all the bulk. Adesanya got the remainder.

  • Mike Walters
    Mike Walters


  • TheJeepxj17

    Yo Izzy's brother had me cracking up

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