UFC Vegas 39: Dern vs Rodriguez Weigh-in
Watch Mackenzie Dern, Marina Rodriguez and the rest of the fighters competing on the UFC Vegas 39 fight card weigh in on Friday morning at the UFC APEX.

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  • 7thgenMax

    Did that idiot Jon Anick say marina hodriguez?🤣🤣

  • Chris Grieve
    Chris Grieve

    There was an idiot that said Mackenzie Dern by KO. I see that's been deleted. 🤣

  • Наукен Сатаев
    Наукен Сатаев


  • Robby Bee
    Robby Bee

    could have had some better angles on Dern's weigh in

  • Al Yours
    Al Yours

    Dern looking insanely fit...she has really picked it up on that front! Future looks bright!

  • Xarko

    Why is it pronounced Hordriguez?

  • John S
    John S

    Suspect jaw lines on both those first girls 😆

  • Ron G
    Ron G

    Rodriguez should fight Rose, after they both win their fights.

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W

    nobody gonna mention how ultra nasty and ultra fake that one girls tits were.. ew bruh seriously im grossed out

  • Poe

    We are more interested in Fury vs Wilder 3

  • h1992 uk
    h1992 uk

    Mackenzie: “I maeke weich lukin farwad to de fychee. Errrebody know mae jujitsu butch I wanna sho errebody mae striching ju no” BIIIIITCH YOURE BORN AND RAISED IN ARIZONA!!!!

  • Rick Kan
    Rick Kan

    Why did Jared night train make that guy smell his armpits the moment he stepped on the scale by raising his arms?

  • Nate Burks
    Nate Burks

    Well that was a shit show

  • Lambda Lambda Lambda
    Lambda Lambda Lambda

    These weight cuts are ridiculous. Some fighters look entirely different from weigh in to fight night. I don't understand how somebody changes their body like that in a day.

  • Emerson Pinheiro
    Emerson Pinheiro

    Mackenzie é linda. O corpo ficou melhor depois da gravidez. Seu mental como mãe ficou muito forte. Adorava a menina e agora idolatro a mulher.

  • Skamilsions

    Good luck fighters! 💪🏻👊🏻

  • Tina Minowski
    Tina Minowski

    Vanderaa is ga* lol

  • Tina Minowski
    Tina Minowski

    Damon Jackson came in shape for this one. He knows he's likely gone if he gets finished yet again.

  • viz

    I'm rooting for the real brazilian to win.. and not the wannabe.. However the real question remains.. would Dern need an interpreter for the speech

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson

    nighttrain looks bad ass

  • Bakaat777

    The lighter fighters all look like they're about to die after their weight cuts. If you have to cut more than 10lbs. in 2 days... DQ. Safety first, right Dana???? Yeah... thought so. Fights are being stopped to soon (THANKS, Herb Dean). Screw the lions... let's see if we can have some kidney and liver failures on the way to the Colosseum. ;-)

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      There should be ZERO weight cutting. OneFC does it right. Watching people dehydrate their brain to the point of organ failure 24 hours before guaranteed head trauma, is pure idiocy.

  • Andres

    Dern is fine as fuck

  • oliveira singson
    oliveira singson

    Dern and Rodriguez are both damnn fine man..I hope There faces will be OK after the fight

  • johncasagranda

    5:37 - Juo-what? This is NOT how you pronounce "Juarez", Nick. Take a Spanish reading class, buddy. Or ask someone. A Latino, preferably =J

  • 1shotpro69

    4:15 Felipe got sick tattoos 👍

  • BgoodMAN

    Silvana Gomez Juarez.... damn.. enough said.

  • MrPlasticrobot🤖

    last dude with the ball grab shook a bunch of hands after i bet lol

  • Viktor Cheng
    Viktor Cheng

    Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?

    • Russell Jones
      Russell Jones

      Tyson by stoppage 🇨🇮🇬🇧

  • Saleh Cheema
    Saleh Cheema

    What’s up with the masks?

  • Chris Grieve
    Chris Grieve

    There's 9 fights now DAMN

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      Less than usual, but it’s a small card.

  • Joe Pickens
    Joe Pickens

    Dern just breathes sexy and growing as a fighter beast baby

  • doobsnack

    2:00 female Conor followed by Carrot Top's long lost cousin

  • Michael Gambill
    Michael Gambill

    Interesting card. So far....I guess im just in this one to see Dern go down.

  • Neveah Hope
    Neveah Hope

    I got Dern with a comeback sub in the 3rd or 4th and Gooden with an early KO?TKO over brown.

    • Tay Taylor
      Tay Taylor

      Brown winning

  • ricecakejohnson

    I like both Dern and Roriguez, so damnnnnn I dont want either one of those girls to lose. 😢😢

    • Arnold Donaldson
      Arnold Donaldson

      I know what you mean. From the start of their UFC careers I consistently bet on both. And they have paid off. Now that they fight each other I can't choose a side. I guess I will root for Roriguez but I don't have anything against Dern. I think Tatiana Suarez would be a top contender with both of these fighters if she wasn't injured so much. Not many fighters had the promise of Suarez. Unfortunately, I think her window is closed now.

  • Juda Silva
    Juda Silva

    Marina looks in great shape

  • sIx

    Derns's baby ate Alot !!

  • JuanBetto

    Dern IS stunning

  • Steven Wong
    Steven Wong

    Dern is so fkn hot

  • Feng Shui MMA
    Feng Shui MMA

    This is a seriously good fight card! It’s a shame it might get slept on. Goodluck everyone preppin!

    • Josh Chapman
      Josh Chapman

      Don’t lie just to sound like you know better than everyone else

  • Wayne Gichie
    Wayne Gichie

    Jarred Gooden, What are you looking at? Ladies with an attitude Fellas that were in the mood Don't just stand there, let's get to it Strike a pose, there's nothing to it Vogue 7:35

  • Hot Dawgs
    Hot Dawgs

    Just want to say the cards that don’t get hype ALWAYS overperform.

  • Lee Dog
    Lee Dog

    UFC Needs to sign the InvictaFC Champ Karina Rodriguez...This chick is fun to watch, always in great shape, and is a Mexican brawler !!!

  • Miky ॐ
    Miky ॐ

    Dern is in hot shape wtf

  • Jack Hawk
    Jack Hawk

    They move the contender series to Saturday nights now?

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      Contender is some of the best fighting you will see. The culture of the show means EVERY fighter is going for a finish, unlike the lay and pray wrestling that is riddling the sport in the last few years. As far as pure fighting goes, I’d prefer to watch the contender than 90% of the PPV fights we get.

  • French Fries
    French Fries

    Idk if you guys know but they literally started the card earlier so it wouldn’t compete against fury and wilder so that’s no excuse to have a bad card

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      I’d prefer to watch some fights than have them not put on an event.. what exactly is it about the card that is so bad? Doesn’t have one of the 5 fighters you know on it?

    • Mr. Nice Guy
      Mr. Nice Guy

      It's the best of both worlds if your the UFC. No reason to stick "good" fighters on a midday or competing card. Rather just put the people on who need a chance or rather a card even hardcore fans are enjoying

  • Roy Godiksen
    Roy Godiksen


  • Donny

    0:40 sheeeesh

  • Ricto Ectol
    Ricto Ectol

    7:36 Night Train came to Fight tomorrow night. He looks like 2-3% BFP.

    • Butcher.cs

      he’s more like 7% If UFC don’t pan out long term. Definitely could do classic physique

  • Yummy Food Secrets
    Yummy Food Secrets


    • DarkSoul


  • Benjamin Richard
    Benjamin Richard

    So Guapo is going to slap his competition!

  • puma

    Mackenzie dern. Always so gorgeous and fine. Love her big smile. 😍😍😍😍

  • Mountain Fire Genetics
    Mountain Fire Genetics

    What a main event....another shit card

  • MJ Johnson
    MJ Johnson

    THIS WAS COOL.........

  • JAH Fighter
    JAH Fighter

    Rude Gang 🔥🙏🏾🇯🇲

  • JJPsyc

    The whole mask thing is so silly. Zero science.

  • Dexter Haven
    Dexter Haven

    1:16 Dern is a sex symbol.

    • Jay Pierce
      Jay Pierce

      No joke

  • Jonathan Kelsey SR.
    Jonathan Kelsey SR.

    *Who* is *_willing_* to *BLEED* for *_our ENTERTAINMENT!?!_* _They_ *ALL* _just_ *_dangerously dehydrated_* _themselves!_ *Replenish hydration* and prepare to *ENTERTAIN US!* 🤘🐲🤘

  • El Super Guapo
    El Super Guapo

    114.5 for Mackenzie! She is focused now. Let's go Mexico loves you 😘

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      She doesn’t pretend she’s Mexican, she pretends she’s Brazilian.

  • Lark Varhees
    Lark Varhees

    The items on her face are extended to the outer rim of her face, she's still cute tho

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      This cracked me up 😂

  • santaras

    this is like the worst card for newcomers to be. The main event is shit, the co-main event is shit. Not much exposure for them.

    • santaras

      @yamaradas12 Well then tell me any fight in this card that is going to be fun to watch? Well, maybe you like the previous card with the santos and walker idk maybe then I am casual for not liking the last fight card.

    • yamaradas12

      Casual right?

  • Brian's Basic MTB
    Brian's Basic MTB

    They made weight, very professional 👏

  • EP

    Mackenzie “Dime” Dern

  • elmSTREETnasty

    "I wonder what accent I should use today" - Dern (probably)

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      @TmsPoncho “English, never heard of it..” -Pretenzie ‘I’m brazzo’ Dern

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      @Priscila Silva 🤡

    • TmsPoncho

      @Priscila Silva naw it doesn’t make it confusing at all i speak 2 languages and never fake an accent or pretend I forget words in english

    • Priscila Silva
      Priscila Silva

      When we speak multiple languages sometimes get confusing.

  • qUantUmpants

    skinny Mackenzie dern looks awesome!

  • Zeljko Ristic
    Zeljko Ristic

    Mahina Hodriguez...

  • thomas burns
    thomas burns

    Accent gate aside dern has always looked damn good damn gurl

  • Smooth Straight
    Smooth Straight

    this are the type of card that the real MMA fans watch. no casuals.

    • Smooth Straight
      Smooth Straight

      @yamaradas12 what happened?

    • James Hovey
      James Hovey

      The main event is gonna be 🔥

    • Leo S
      Leo S

      Love these cards but was watching because of hawes and the pussy deron winn

    • Leo S
      Leo S

      @Ivan Pichugin yeah it's crazy

    • Ivan Pichugin
      Ivan Pichugin

      Yup! Casuals are busy hanging on the balls of stars and fight in dumb twitter wars 😄

  • nzstriker l
    nzstriker l

    Shit main event

  • Royal Indigo
    Royal Indigo

    Some weirdos on this card. Not excited...maybe thats a good in a way. Maybe they'll shock us.

  • Mr GoodCat
    Mr GoodCat

    Dern looks good 👌🏻🎁

  • The Laughing Man
    The Laughing Man

    Damn dern got in much better shape. Body looking STACCCKED

    • Stiopic Myosick
      Stiopic Myosick

      Probably that Brazilian juice because ya know she's Brazilian

    • Michael Gambill
      Michael Gambill

      I stiil cant stand her 😎

  • Richard Sanchez
    Richard Sanchez

    Cringe Vegas 39 ...lol

  • Gigglesworth Productions
    Gigglesworth Productions

    Can we please talk about Charlie Ontiveros. This dude is fighting at 155 but in his last fight he took a fight at 185 against Kevin Holland. That man has earned my respect and I will forever root for him. That man has balls that rival the size of Kelvin Gastelum

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      Gastulem? The blown out welterweight? That dude doesn’t have the balls to put the enchilada down so he can win a world title. KG is one of the best WW in the world, and an average MW with a decent chin and fat gut.

    • imthetube44

      Glad someone mentioned it. That’s an unfathomable act of dedication. Big ups to him

  • Trymex

    Idc what anyone says, marina is kinda cute.

    • Chris G
      Chris G

      I feel you she cute

  • Agent Beige
    Agent Beige

    Romanov had big gold Cross around his neck, Not that it matters because he's a heavyweight but that thing must've weighed about 2lbs

  • King

    Rodriguez vs Dern is going to be a finish, mark my words

    • Nodis

      well, i'm finishing to that !

  • Dan Bows
    Dan Bows

    Only 3 fighters chose not to breathe in their own toxic exhalations fumes. Go them!

  • Sansone filisdeo
    Sansone filisdeo

    Go McKenzie

  • Don Dee
    Don Dee

    MARINA RODRIQUEZ reminds me of a less polished JOANNA J. (I do see what I did there with POLISH-ED.) This is a five round fight that may not even go one round if MACKENZIE DERN gets the fast takedown. MACK only lost to RIBAS due to having a baby 4 months previous to their fight. The only person that can stop MD is VALENTINA S.

    • Dave Brown
      Dave Brown

      Valentina is flyweight 125

    • Don Dee
      Don Dee

      Of course VALENTINA S fights in BANTAM but MACKENZIE has talked about fighting in two divisions.

  • Nagarjunavel R
    Nagarjunavel R

    Even Dana will be skipping this event for Wilder vs Fury 3 😎

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      Nah, I prefer this card to seeing the third flogging in a row.

    • Lil Savage
      Lil Savage

      @Roman Fierce you've got it backwards.. This fight card is over HOURS before the Wilder Fury card even starts. lol

    • Lil Savage
      Lil Savage

      @Roman Fierce this fight card is literally at 10 AM.. what time is the damn WIlder Fury fight at?

    • Tyler Jones
      Tyler Jones

      @Roman Fierce Exactly dawg and they are both in LV

    • Roman Fierce
      Roman Fierce

      The last time I checked this card started after Wilder Fury fight.

  • Senpapi

    Everybody’s favorite “Brazilian” Mackenzie Dern

    • Red Ranger
      Red Ranger

      you got that right

  • evl_64

    Bet the house on dern

  • Jake Green
    Jake Green

    Tf is wrong with the audio ?

    • Ezra Daiquiri
      Ezra Daiquiri

      It's so you can't hear denrs broken english. That must be really awkward for her parents.

  • Yōkai Gypsy
    Yōkai Gypsy

    0:49 Is it just me or does Mackenzie Dern look like a Mass Effect character?

  • dan C
    dan C

    Can y'all imagine everyone's reaction if Dern got absolutely pieced up in the main event?

    • Scudda Ent.
      Scudda Ent.

      @Dfuse IDazza DEViiLiiSH no they don’t she’s clear favorite

    • seth

      @HorrifyingGelatinousCube I'm so excited. Marina has a really good chance.

    • yamaradas12

      Why? It probably could be, marina destroy the muppet and the muppet Beat dearn.......

    • HorrifyingGelatinousCube

      very high probability. Marina's TDD is decent and Dern's takedown's are 10% effective.

    • Aaron Johnson
      Aaron Johnson

      She gets subbed that would be insane

  • ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY
    ÔG Chris Watts #TheUltimateKarenSlayer #MVP#s #FOTY

    For those complaining about the weak card - I doubt it's a coincidence. ESPN probably didn't want a good , quality card competing with their own co-promotion of Wilder/Fury III which would make sense.

    • James Hovey
      James Hovey

      @Surgeon Of Death yeah. Both sports fans are dedicated to thier particular sport.

    • Surgeon Of Death
      Surgeon Of Death

      @James Hovey boxing fans don't know mma exists

    • yamaradas12

      @James Hovey facts, boxing so Boring

    • James Hovey
      James Hovey

      I would watch a weak UFC card over any boxing match

    • Nick Tank
      Nick Tank

      @Stace Lunches facts ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  • Juan Walker
    Juan Walker

    Randy Gang check in

  • Ricardo Flores
    Ricardo Flores

    Holy crap Mackenzie's face is super busted. Dayum

    • Matias 96
      Matias 96

      Tough weight cut

  • Ron Hertzberg
    Ron Hertzberg

    Why does Dern have me sooo into her!? Talks like Wanderlei but so cute

    • Steve Bennet
      Steve Bennet

      Fake accent...but she is so cute

  • Aaron M
    Aaron M

    Don’t sleep on a Gutierrez fight. His leg kicks are savage and his fights are always worth a watch

    • earl soropot
      earl soropot


    • Isshin, The Glock Saint
      Isshin, The Glock Saint

      Colares has heart, so it should be a good fight

    • KillaTrim Official
      KillaTrim Official

      Especially since he fighting for a better future for when he gets custody of his son back! Gonna be epic!

    • Cavs Fan23
      Cavs Fan23

      @pepengagimat *cricket* *cricket*

    • Ivan Pichugin
      Ivan Pichugin

      You are absolutely right, it's always fun to watch that guy kick and/or try to kick the meat out of his opponent

  • Adolfthejewbaka _
    Adolfthejewbaka _

    Lets hope we get a lot of north south in the main event boys! 😉

  • truth  be told
    truth be told

    Dern is sexy as fuck

  • pepengagimat

    Dana White: Don't worry, it's not every week that we put up low-quality card. Next Week: Next Next Week:

  • Gemthetics

    Boring card

  • Fuego

    Damn ufc cards been garbage recently

  • Arman Hovhannisyan
    Arman Hovhannisyan

    “155, the official weight for Mackenzie Dern."

    • Sam Black
      Sam Black

      “And here is her translator so she is capable of communicating in English, despite being born in the Bible Belt of the good ole US of A” 🤡

    • Lil Savage
      Lil Savage


    • Huber Liera
      Huber Liera

      Thick 🤤😋😍

    • AsianCityBoi

      Haha! Compare her with the time she completely missed weight. HUGE DIFFERENCE

  • Angel Wuey
    Angel Wuey

    Let's go jared !

  • Nicola Maxwell
    Nicola Maxwell

    This is one of those cards that looks pish but could turn out great.

    • Tina Minowski
      Tina Minowski

      9 fights lol

    • Nicola Maxwell
      Nicola Maxwell

      @SuperBarrym1 My kids called Barry! Solid name!🙌

    • Nicola Maxwell
      Nicola Maxwell

      @Andrew C pish means piss but we say it meaning shite (garbage) I'll never write a statement like this again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Nicola Maxwell
      Nicola Maxwell

      @Andrew C 🤣🤣 scottish words, I forget sometimes sorry. "Piss"

    • SuperBarrym1

      @Andrew C take it your not from the uk 😂

  • Mala Dude
    Mala Dude

    Good thing theirs surf tomorrow !

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