UFC | Venum - We Are Artists [ Episode 1 ]
Art can be defined by the expression or application of human creativity, skill, and imagination.

Mixed martial arts meets this definition head-on. Our favorite MMA fighters display much more than sheer athletic performance every time they step into the UFC's Octagon. We have the opportunity to witness skill, creativity, discipline, dedication, and technique, which when bought together exceed the very definition of art.

Live the inspiring story of a fighter, an artist, on their way to the UFC dream, and all the difficulties and adversity faced while drawing on the strength in their art.

At Venum, we want to highlight that fighting is an art form similar to painting or sculpting. Join the conversation by using and follow us on socials to keep up with new exclusive content."


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  • Mr.


  • Keldon Herriman
    Keldon Herriman

    “Everything you want is on the other side of hard.”

  • Ruddawg



    *Legendary moment in RSloft history. Thanks UFC* *I’ll never understand why MMA fighters don’t make short video bios for themselves?!*

  • Mark Lowes
    Mark Lowes

    Anyone who enjoyed this is a fanboy casual

  • Mark Lowes
    Mark Lowes

    What a load of dog shit. Looks like a Rip off from a boxing movie

  • Karabo Molele
    Karabo Molele

    Oh Yes. I'm fired up!

  • KK Roy
    KK Roy

    sign up luke rockhold it'll be interesting ...

  • Dreist Studios
    Dreist Studios

    Taaaang!!! Well done 👏👏

  • Ozk Flx
    Ozk Flx

    Anyone else tear up

  • Yahya Malik
    Yahya Malik

    UFC should make a movie on this boy who wanted to become a UFC fighter .

  • David khoo
    David khoo

    As someone who's both an art student and a fighter. This was 🔥🔥🔥

  • TrippTooMuch

    Too bad the venom kits are undefeated at being the worst kits we've ever seen. How does one manage to top the reebok kits in how terrible they are?!? The only things worse are the kits they put in UFC 4 😂

  • Ardhi Rhamdhani
    Ardhi Rhamdhani


  • Arnab Bag
    Arnab Bag

    That's Dana white documentary 🤔🤔🤔

  • KobeTheGreat

    I like the part, he did the Stylebender stance 😥

  • Nero180588

    Some people play soccer... noone plays mma 😎


    Goosebumps 🔥😍

  • S. MacK
    S. MacK

    Man, there is no other sport that requires the same level of mental and physical ability that mma does. The need for martial artists to have the strength to take hits, give strikes and be focused enough to read their opponents and deliver strikes is beyond anything I've seen in other sports. It's pure poetry to see fighters read punches before they come and string together combinations to end a fight in seconds.

  • Happyfor96

    Aljo fake champ 🚽

  • Thomas Gonzalez
    Thomas Gonzalez

    This was pointless

  • Banger Brown
    Banger Brown

    What the hell was this crap ha they all have real life stories so what is the point in this

  • UFH

    Bruh why y’all gotta deceive me like that, I thought the dude in the thumbnail was MVP

  • OhMyGoodness

    Please make a movie or a series out of that

  • killab1

    Well done. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Joshua Sanford
    Joshua Sanford

    Perfect. 🇺🇸💪👍🏔

  • Asif Laam
    Asif Laam

    Foreshadowing Anderson Silva's son

  • ThielsArtwork Thiel
    ThielsArtwork Thiel

    Awww makes me wanna vomit. Daddy what if I get scared? Aaaahahahahaha!

  • NotSureWhatToPut

    "You can be anything you want to be" "I want to be a UFC fighter and get paid minimum wage to get my head punched in"

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator

      Total bullocks.

    • Noah's Life
      Noah's Life

      Yessss sir

  • Justin Chandler
    Justin Chandler

    Venum is literally Reebok with a different name. you pay the fighters pennies and they have to wear your garbage outfits. let them make their own style that's how you build iconic images but UFC wants to be the image, they don't give a shit about the fighters.

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator

      You're a fool with no understanding of the business.

  • RenéeW

    Captivating to say the least. Well done Venum/UFC!

  • mmadigest

    When's this movie coming out?

  • Furious420


  • OpheimDzn

    Venum production team went ham. Looks like it was on a smaller budget but they did amazing

  • Млади Гангстер
    Млади Гангстер

    Damn UFC, this was beautiful!

  • Brandon K MMA
    Brandon K MMA

    Beautiful champ

  • James G
    James G

    I'd watch this movie in a heartbeat

  • heavvy eyes
    heavvy eyes

    well done

  • Kurho Oni
    Kurho Oni

    "Your dad is gone but that is not a excuse" Khabib's sweating

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S

    He Got Game. UFC edition

  • Artemius

    This looks so cheap. I mean emotionaly. Hard to take this serious, when you see those dramatic slo-mo push ups under the rain. Someone stuck in 90s.

  • El Super Guapo
    El Super Guapo

    I think that kid is Jones...

  • Morgan

    Who's gonna carry the boats! 🙌

  • NightIIJester

    That was pretty cool. *and sad *and relatable

  • Simon

    Venum wants to highlight how fighting is about ‘creativity’ and ‘individuality’ but then make all the fighters wear a generic uniform.

    • cole

      Who gives a fuck about the uniform like seriously you just look for shit to complain about and bash

  • Makhach Salikhov
    Makhach Salikhov


  • Abilon

    jesus christ these days we are all artists.... nah you're just a fighter.

    • champ

      Mixed martial arts, therefore mixed martial ARTIST

  • Lewis Carrillo
    Lewis Carrillo

    Honestly brought a tear to my eye

  • Denisa

    This is why ufc is no 1

  • NYG786

    No ground game.

  • Chris A.
    Chris A.

    All this just to go and get question marked by an Adesanya or clobbered by an Usman.

  • 0xp

    Those 2,5k sponsorship checks hit different 👀

  • Anmol Dhewaju
    Anmol Dhewaju

    Venum hire me for the tee design- We are the artist.

  • Faux Mulder
    Faux Mulder

    You expect me to believe that he had a father present in his home?

    • Faux Mulder
      Faux Mulder

      @The Narrator the black community would probably fare a lot better being told the truth, and left alone by self appointed white knights like you…

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator

      Not a very productive post. Sadly comes from truth though. But don't you think the black community needs better than this silly comment if it is to rejoin society in a productive manner?

  • Andre Ellis
    Andre Ellis

    Who is this dou🤔

  • Aztec Heart
    Aztec Heart

    Crap pay. Dana robbed millions from fighters bc he eliminated competition from sponsors to give the fighters breadcrumbs and he gets the lions share. Nike Under Armour Puma Etc would pay waaaaay more than venumw

  • Rudi Skobar
    Rudi Skobar

    Khabib the best 👍👍👍

  • Conor McGregor Clips
    Conor McGregor Clips

    the ufc media team is doing a hell of a job.Give us more lore stories

  • Rolando

    Uff! Let's get that Venom vs Izzy fight started! I can see a trilogy in the works.


    NO MVP :(

  • ® ﻼﺡ٩ذ
    ® ﻼﺡ٩ذ

    Who da fook is dat guy

  • Fraudteta

    Go back to Reebok

  • ªk⁴⁰🇺🇸

    G A. Y

  • ªk⁴⁰🇺🇸

    Here's a thought. Instead of wasting money on this 🐂💩 PAY THE FIGHTERS MORE MONEY

    • ªk⁴⁰🇺🇸

      @The Narrator the fighters do not make a good living. Considering how much their coaches, and gyms take . Not to mention a very high chance of cte and other injuries that will plague them for life. On top of not letting their fighters have independent sponsors. It's all one big rip off

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator

      The fighters make a good living. If they are smart with their money they can retire quite well. Also this is venum gear. They are not the ufc.

  • Michael


  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia


  • For My Dudes
    For My Dudes

    This was beautiful, it reminds me why the UFC is leagues ahead of all other sports

  • Chad Clouse
    Chad Clouse

    Best shit of all time

  • Charles Chi
    Charles Chi

    Wow. Goosebumps.

  • #TheDarkCloudNC

    This was dope

  • Smooth Straight
    Smooth Straight

    Michael VENUM Page

    • 💋 Sweety Hotgirl • Vlogs
      💋 Sweety Hotgirl • Vlogs

      Wow. Goosebumps.

  • heiko assassin
    heiko assassin

    Pushing kids into violence, nice.

  • Clint

    hell yea

  • RandmVision


  • BackwardsKnees

    thought this shit was gonna be about jon jones when that car accident part happened

  • Mehdi Felji
    Mehdi Felji

    Maaan that's what I call a motivational video. Keep it coming, ( as joe rogan sayed it when nick diaz lied on the canvas in front of anderson Silva ): I LOVE IT.

  • Avimac007 *
    Avimac007 *

    I'd watch this movie 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • BatBeast 10
    BatBeast 10

    Wow the ending just gave me chills!

    • BatBeast 10
      BatBeast 10

      @NSB Charlyy no doubt about it 👍

    • NSB Charlyy
      NSB Charlyy

      "iiiiiiiiiiiiittttssss tiimmmmmmeeeee" 😭😭💪🔥Bruce buffer a legend

  • Nathan Carter
    Nathan Carter

    Man that had me tearing up.

  • mickaflopalypse

    Probably the best RACIST commercial I've ever seen

  • curtis2439

    Remember how excited everyone was that UFC was dropping Rebok? Surprise! It's the worst fight gear you've ever seen. The red shorts look like spiderman lol. No design with solid colors would have been better to 99% of us

  • Justinas Smetonis
    Justinas Smetonis

    Let the fighters personalise their shorts

  • mickaflopalypse

    lame af

  • Galveenus

    If anyone needs a daddy let me know..

  • Doris Alvarado
    Doris Alvarado

    Investlng in crypto should be in every wise individual list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today..

    • Lewis Stewart
      Lewis Stewart

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    • Kimberly Munoz
      Kimberly Munoz

      I got sir Jordan Hills info, how good is he ?

    • Clinton Pédro
      Clinton Pédro

      He has really made a good name for himself

    • Billy graham
      Billy graham

      @Bradley Powell Yeah, My first investment with Mr Jordan Hills earned me profit of over $25,530 US dollars, and ever since then he has been delivering

    • Bradley Powell
      Bradley Powell

      I heard that his strategies are really good

  • Cantthinkofaname

    They should let the fighters make their own custom shorts.

    • Cantthinkofaname

      @The Narrator no they dont. They use to have them before the Reebok deal. No reason that they couldn't do it now

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator

      Fighters got better shit to worry about.

  • mickaflopalypse

    Fix your fucking gloves!

  • Fayaz

    Probably the best commercial I've ever seen

  • oreo 25
    oreo 25

    what this got to do with them straight copying reeboks fight kits lol


    Moral of the story: a kid needs a father

    • The Narrator
      The Narrator


  • Julio Ernesto Febles Romero
    Julio Ernesto Febles Romero

    Everything you want is o the other side of hard...Monty Williams.

  • hasan ebuirfan
    hasan ebuirfan

    thi isso RACIST i cant even watch

  • Jeremiah Freitag
    Jeremiah Freitag

    So basically they made a TV show for nothing more than a glorified commercial? Ok, I'm here for it haha

  • Nemo

    If this were true everybody wouldn't be wearing the same boring ass uniform you would make some bomb ass fight kits

  • Jorge

    Looool for some reason I thought of MVP when I saw that thumbnail and titel

    • Tammy 23 y.o - check my vidéó
      Tammy 23 y.o - check my vidéó

      This commercial reminds me of all the hardship I've faced in life that made me want to quit. It's in those times when you dig deep and know what you're made of.

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior

    Don't know many artists with CTE and having to crowdfund their own profession...

  • Sir1626

    until you guys still have those boring ass trunk designs, no you're not

  • taufik emoscreamo
    taufik emoscreamo

    After i watched this video, i want to be a MMA Fighter. it inspired me

  • DrakothRieth

    Bro this trailer gave me goosebumps this was so beautiful

  • Beaver C’Bearing
    Beaver C’Bearing

    I was dicing onions when I watched this. That’s why I had tears. 😝

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