Up In the 'Gram With Israel Adesanya
UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya gives us the whole story behind some of his past Instagram posts including his first stadium show and capturing the undisputed UFC title at UFC 243 against Robert Whittaker in Melbourne.

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  • malaka

    Good job champ ez win

  • Diego Diego Gomes viana
    Diego Diego Gomes viana

    Pega o Jonjones pela cara aí sim quero ver

  • Andrew Wu
    Andrew Wu

    need to put the black beast on here

  • TheAntManChannel

    Marvin was mad because he got robbed.

  • Luís

    Adesanya my favorite fighter after McGregor. Awesome fighting style.

  • Johnny Bacon
    Johnny Bacon

    Itd take me a month to learn how to say izzys full name, he has like 13 middle names

  • Brain jung
    Brain jung

    C*r*y*p*t*o I*n*v*e*s*t*m*e*n*t G*u*i*d*a*n*c*e W*h*a*t*s*a*p*p +1.2

  • Brandie Regan
    Brandie Regan

    Lol I like izzy he can fight but he ain't all that Jan showed exactly how to beat izzy but izzy did mess up buy coming in light sometimes being lighter on your feet ain't good you could tell izzy was not strong enough to keep Jan off him


    My favourite fighter

  • E . M
    E . M

    As a kiwi I'm completely embarrassed how CKB and Izzy have treated Robert Whittaker during this whole title date. It should be him fighting for title, forcing him to fight depleted. They are treating this like the boxing game and there's a reason boxing is dying off.

    • Roman

      Well, they had a little fun with him and now he's still next in line for the title. Adesanya probably just wanted to stay busy with this fight, why not use the opportunity to aggravate your future opponent a little as well. I'm pretty sure Whittaker is over it and so should you.

  • Sword Onlin
    Sword Onlin

    Bring back zabit !you bald head

  • Rodney Ives Collen
    Rodney Ives Collen

    I can't wait to watch the champ Israel Adesanya beat Marvin Vettori again, and I just hope Izzy finishes Vettori this time to leave no doubt in Vettori's mind that he got beaten.

  • xolani HTG Sibiya
    xolani HTG Sibiya

    Get it done, Stylebender!

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1

    Why in the beginning does it look like a before he got famous interview lmao dusty ass bomber with the shoulder stain hahaha

  • CODStreamer

    Let’s get that money IZZY, I’m putting 10k

  • Nimz Maestro
    Nimz Maestro

    izzy doesnt even fear heavy weight champ, he"s gonna eat that italian cake body

    • TheAntManChannel

      Vettori doesn't have a dad bod. You need your eyes checked.

  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh


  • Samir Nedir
    Samir Nedir

    Izzy ain't my favourite personality, but Vettori is annoyingly cringe as they come. I hope Izzy steamrolls him.

  • ClickityClick

    He has a head like an Alien 👽

  • Ghosto Polo
    Ghosto Polo

    Izzy da goat

  • sandman62100

    I would love to see Jake vs. Izzy in a kickboxing match. After Jake knocks out Tyron he needs to find an actual challenge and I think this would be the fight to make. Jake has the superior hands and Izzy has better kicks and it could marketed as the best hands vs. the best kicks. Call me crazy but I think it would be pretty even.

    • josh

      This is the dumbest shit ever Izzy would beat him in boxing and absolutely destroy him in kickboxing.

  • Aidan

    No Instagram post for his loss to Jan?

    • Tenz Kage
      Tenz Kage

      He did post bro but don’t know didn’t show here

  • BOBO

    Real recognizes real!!

  • Christina Taylor
    Christina Taylor

    This man doesn't age!

  • Camo Blaizz
    Camo Blaizz

    i was like “whaaaat?” too

  • Golden Duck6
    Golden Duck6

    Vettori is only going to get knocked out from high volume, his head, neck and upper back are too damn big for him to get knocked out by one single strike

  • Party on Wayne
    Party on Wayne

    “Up in the gram” - picogram. Mr Gyno

    • Party on Wayne
      Party on Wayne

      @Fazzy Kahn Sorry, mrs adesanya

  • app369

    Adesanya borrow Stuart Little's mic for this

  • Aaron Keranen
    Aaron Keranen

    Do derrick lewis next

  • Peanut Boy
    Peanut Boy

    Seriously? Not going to feature him calling people "coons and crackers" for being against the racism and violence of BLM? I wonder if LibTube will even let this comment show up.

  • Alvaro Fernandez
    Alvaro Fernandez

    We need a Jon Jones one "Up in the Picogram"

  • Meek Dav
    Meek Dav

    Lovable Izzy

  • Jose Vallarta
    Jose Vallarta

    GYNOBENDER better not juice this time 😂😂

    • brennen spice
      brennen spice

      I truly he believe he might have done that just for our Juiceboy costa


    This mans egotistical side knows no bounds lool, why tf is the ufc promoting this mug hes CRINGE

  • berlev

    Func fact: That's a normal sized mic.

    • Thawhid

      Apparently izzys 5 9

  • sinkiy

    Izzy yea you know who is he.

  • Taylor groat
    Taylor groat

    Izzy such a big star that he makes his mic look small

    • Colin


  • Johnny  A.
    Johnny A.

    Everyone hates on Adesanya because of his personality, but Honestly I think he's a great smart charming and relatable guy. Definitely gonna be champion for a long time in the middleweight division in my opinion.

    • Tstan

      He's a height bully

  • vinny purity
    vinny purity

    The only gram we wanna see from gynosanya is his mammogram 🤣

  • Danny Dore
    Danny Dore

    A gram of what? Oh.......right. insta. Whoops

  • Matt Liston
    Matt Liston

    'Upping the grams' with Israel. You don't magically sprout a tit overnight without some serious hormones.

  • Victoria Kat
    Victoria Kat

    Real recognize real 😂🤙🏻

  • Erica gallitano
    Erica gallitano

    The spiritual saw unknowingly land because popcorn formerly fail upon a awful eyelash. overjoyed, billowy colon

    • Jason Glass
      Jason Glass

      The kill is the only way that I know that you are the only 5.8ghz I can have with the world

    • Bob Dills
      Bob Dills


  • Malik Hassanaah
    Malik Hassanaah

    Izzy u not only fighting Vettori, he leaning on something darker. Its NOT going to give him the edge he was hoping! We wrestle NOT against FLESH and blood Izzy! Higher powers r working in ur favor! DONT compromise ur LIGHT! RIGHTEOUSNESS is ur strength!

  • Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr
    Jaquariuss Quontavious Jermichael Jr

    Izzy all up in the grizzy


    where's the all people he blocked for saying he isn't a special little black boy victim?

  • Alpha Billionaires
    Alpha Billionaires

    So much energy, love you bro. ♥️

  • Jake the snake
    Jake the snake

    I think he could make welterweight

  • Alysse Winston
    Alysse Winston

    My Ninja🤜🤛

  • Bostek028


  • Orlando Trustfull
    Orlando Trustfull

    Maybe I'm a filthy Boomer, but this doesn't appeal to me at all.

  • Anthony Holloway
    Anthony Holloway

    @ 2:54 When Max Holloway “lost” to Alexander Volkanovski in the rematch

    • Hotep Tiger
      Hotep Tiger


    • bob bob
      bob bob

      nope and I'm not a Alexander fan but Max did not win.

    • Jacob Robles
      Jacob Robles

      really sucks, max would be a great champ, volk still good though

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker

    At the last I thought he says drop the like on this video 😂😂 but the reality he says Mic dropped

  • William Cooley
    William Cooley

    UFC is here to help us forget about that dumbass Logan Paul v Mayweather fight

  • Nico Taormina
    Nico Taormina

    And still Israel the last style bender adesanya

  • Terry Tibbs
    Terry Tibbs


    • Terry Tibbs
      Terry Tibbs

      @Fazzy Kahn emoji using on youtube lmao

    • Terry Tibbs
      Terry Tibbs

      @Fazzy Kahn using emojis on youtube lol, you are the only clown round here

  • JAIR yan
    JAIR yan


  • JAIR yan
    JAIR yan


  • JAIR yan
    JAIR yan


  • JAIR yan
    JAIR yan

    Orc time

  • Yanex x
    Yanex x

    Kevin really put it on Marvin standing up so I think Izzy got this ez

  • Jon Martins
    Jon Martins

    Izzy's dogs are back in Auckland barking at Vettori. Costa is pregnant guys

  • Kyler P
    Kyler P

    1:26 wow Rashad been on the Stylebender train since 2014. Legends recognize future legends. 🙌💯

    • S P
      S P

      @Terry Tibbs you should know

    • Shinigami Eyes
      Shinigami Eyes

      Yeah I remember him saying on MK podcast that he first seen Izzy in China and knew he was the real deal since then

    • Terry Tibbs
      Terry Tibbs

      bell ends recognize bell ends

  • Karl Marks
    Karl Marks

    Izzy by ko, and stilllll

  • Jeremy JOrdan
    Jeremy JOrdan

    Man it's Personal 100% pershent

  • t

    I like Rob more than Izzy but I like Izzy more than Italian baldy. Go Izzy.

    • Ayothakid X
      Ayothakid X

      @luka he's arrogant asf and so disrespectful

    • t

      @luka ok go Marvin too.

    • luka

      Marvin isn't bad guy he is trying his best for his county. I hope we will see great fight

    • Alex Korami
      Alex Korami

      The pre-like and post-like People in the house again!!🙄

  • M17

    Izzy is so good and motivated after the Jan fight. But I think people dismissiveness of Vettori is alarming. That kid is really a hard worker. A bit slow and not that smart but a true hard worker and has fire in him. If Izzy don't respect him enough I'm afraid he'd be surprised.

    • brennen spice
      brennen spice

      Agreed, but I don't think Adesanya's confidence is him looking past martin, he's generally had this demeanor with any opponent who talks too much shit

  • Diallo Djibi
    Diallo Djibi


  • Nick Torres
    Nick Torres

    This is exactly like the hot ones take when they ask celebrities what they’re doing and where they’re at on they’re Instagram page lol

    • TheAntManChannel

      "Exactly" would only work if they actually had wings tho.

    • Paul Mill
      Paul Mill

      Nick Diaz did you misspell your name?

    • bezguy

      definitely -stolen- inspired



  • Teeroy


  • Mr. P
    Mr. P

    Yeah judges removed because Israel getting smashed. Lmao I used to have a kid like this in high school. Insecure, trying to cover it up with training, but sadly like Jon Jones the cringe comes thick. 🤣🤣🤣

    • SKRMZ

      You don’t think Vettori is more cringe? Dude hasn’t fought anywhere near the same kind of opposition and thinks he’s the next thing since sliced bread

  • Asher

    1:23 "Remember that name world.. I'm coming." The confidence and self belief has always been there. Manifested that shit by hard work and belief.

    • Porker Pete
      Porker Pete

      That's why I respect Adesanya. It's pretty inspiring.

    • Gayson Jiovanni
      Gayson Jiovanni

      And then u came

    • Sam Schreiber
      Sam Schreiber

      nah he maniacally depressed

    • Speak Good
      Speak Good

      *rsloft.info/loft/video/ncJ7vqybm3SiiHI* ,,,

  • The Sage
    The Sage

    Post the video of Izzy touching his dog inappropriately

  • not from this world
    not from this world

    2:50 the new WHO?

  • Bourneassassin1

    Gotta love this guy

    • Now I See
      Now I See

      @Martin Bucher opinions. But I love the guy

    • Martin Bucher
      Martin Bucher

      or hate 😂

  • NBA Monta74
    NBA Monta74

    I will have catch weight bout with this guy lol 😂

  • Frank Lehner
    Frank Lehner

    Adesanya is childish

    • Frank Lehner
      Frank Lehner

      @Chibi thanks for the prayers! Wimp

    • Chibi

      @Frank Lehner You're a biter sorry man, hope everything gets better at home soon 🙏

    • Frank Lehner
      Frank Lehner

      @Kyler P hes over 30years of age! You wimp

    • Kyler P
      Kyler P

      And how is that a bad thing? I guarantee he's more comfortable in his skin and happier than you being "childish"

  • The Sage
    The Sage

    The real Cringe king, Adesanya.

  • one foot out the door
    one foot out the door

    Up with the (Mason) G (gang)

  • The Hooded Geordie
    The Hooded Geordie

    Izzy back on track or Izzy hitting a slump???

  • Davien D
    Davien D

    was that his name or did i just get cursed(❁´◡`❁)

  • Jid

    Marvins gonna be waking up from the canvas still insisting he won the first fight 😂

    • brennen spice
      brennen spice


    • N N
      N N


    • Maxim Dinov
      Maxim Dinov

      @Vibe hahahha dude that's a legit possibility im dead

    • Vibe

      Marvin “I won the first fight, he won this one so it’s only right we have the trilogy” Vettori

  • Adesanya lost to a 40 yr old LOL
    Adesanya lost to a 40 yr old LOL

    Should’ve talked about when he lost to a 40 yr old man who was shorter and had the smallest reach

    • B.R.H

      You got roasted, incel

    • Asher

      You literally created a hate account for a man who doesn't know you exist. That's pathetic.

  • Stark Parker
    Stark Parker

    I'm pulling for Izzy. He's the most entertaining fighter in the UFC. But my man can't wrestle so... Vittori -165.

    • Stark Parker
      Stark Parker

      @Kyler P I'm pulling for Izzy, but yes we will see on the 12th. That's what's great about the UFC: We always see.

    • Stark Parker
      Stark Parker

      @Karl Marks Vettori isn't going to try submissions, just lay and pray. That's been his thing lately and I think Adesanya is going to spend a lot of time on his back.

    • Stark Parker
      Stark Parker

      @Remy Stones that's one word, an abbreviation and an emoji.

    • Remy Stones
      Remy Stones

      I only have one word for you lol “CASUAL!!!” 🤣

    • Karl Marks
      Karl Marks

      Kelvin gastalum and Rob whitaker are great wrestlers they couldn't hold izzy down

  • Ractor Studios
    Ractor Studios

    Love the new mics. A little big however

  • R P
    R P

    Unpopular opinion: UFC 236 was Izzy's best walkout. Walked out to Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle couple weeks after Nipsey died. That stoic walk and then the beat hitting exactly as he entered the cage was just perfect before that war vs Gastelum

    • R P
      R P

      @Relouch of the Rebellion Just search "Israel Adesanya UFC 236 walkout" on RSloft

    • Relouch of the Rebellion
      Relouch of the Rebellion


    • Speak Good
      Speak Good

      *rsloft.info/loft/video/ncJ7vqybm3SiiHI* ..

  • CostelloXIII

    no one talks about how kevin holland rocked vettori and he was shooting for he's life at one point in the fight

    • Brain jung
      Brain jung

      C*r*y*p*t*o I*n*v*e*s*t*m*e*n*t G*u*i*d*a*n*c*e W*h*a*t*s*a*p*p +1.2

    • TBear

      @Zoeboy305 It's a dude... so it would've been better if you said they or he.

    • Kawalski

      You would beat them both huh? Clown

    • Zoeboy305

      @Vincenzo Bassano she was talking about Holland so why u bring Izzy name ?

    • a o
      a o

      @Vincenzo Bassano bro don't try it. 90% of mma fans these days got the down syndrome 🤤.

  • John B
    John B

    Adesanya: attain peace Also Adesanya: Does nothing but talk shit

    • John B
      John B

      @Kyler P The fact that the saying is supposed to honour his teammate makes him look even worse. Idk how you thought that was somehow making him look better

    • John B
      John B

      @J D Yea the dude was talking mad shit before the fight, purposely weighed in below 205 and then used it as an excuse to why he lost. Clown shit

    • J D
      J D

      @John B yeah lol still thinks he won vs Jan too. Pathetic

    • John B
      John B

      @Kyler P Izzy doesn’t talk shit to sell fights lol he kicks his opponents when they’re down and on all of his livestreams he does nothing but spread hate. It’s even more sad that he still acts like a child when he has teammates who have died

    • Kyler P
      Kyler P

      Attain peace is a saying CKB members have for their teammate Jamie VDK who died a few years ago you bozo. He talked about him after his debut. Has nothing to do with talking shit to sell fights.

  • Neel Depala
    Neel Depala

    Izzy diff

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Jimmy Buckets: Rough Rider Stephen A: Ayo, PAUSEEEEE

    • Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze

      Lol I don't get the joke at all homie but Stephen A. Isn't someone to watch for ANY sport.

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Max: Luka's The best Player Also EM: Fate of the Universe?

    • ik ur cool
      ik ur cool

      *rsloft.info/loft/video/ncJ7vqybm3SiiHI* ...

  • Manuel Pavosevic
    Manuel Pavosevic

    Best man

  • Ñêøn Çåt
    Ñêøn Çåt

    I don't think it'll turn into a finish, but Izzy has it 100%

    • Nayt Q
      Nayt Q

      @brennen spice Martin 🤣

    • Acumen X
      Acumen X

      Feels like a tough fight but I hope Izzy wins

    • brennen spice
      brennen spice

      Idk man, after he took on someone as large as Jan I feel like he has a competitive edge on the takedown defense withm martin - Which if the fight is forced to go standup Martin will NOT survive.

    • Savage

      *rsloft.info/loft/video/ncJ7vqybm3SiiHI* ..

  • Rollo_ Tomasi
    Rollo_ Tomasi

    *”Up in the Gram”* Is Definitely a segment Jon Jones might enjoy

    • Steady Eddy
      Steady Eddy

      Nice comment mate , we’ll played.

    • TheAntManChannel

      And he still punks all your favorite fighters. Keep hating.

    • Angel

      Imagine how many great fighters would of been unstoppable coked out their minds

    • Brain jung
      Brain jung

      C*r*y*p*t*o I*n*v*e*s*t*m*e*n*t G*u*i*d*a*n*c*e W*h*a*t*s*a*p*p +1.2

    • Absolute Zero
      Absolute Zero

      @EF EF thanks capt. obvious

  • Abdulrahim Yusuf
    Abdulrahim Yusuf

    Israel gynosanya

    • elijah

      Who cares? He can’t control it

    • Asher

      Grow up you manchild

  • ebube Josh
    ebube Josh

    Adesanya all the day

    • Amok 31
      Amok 31

      He run away

  • Idiboy123

    Izzy will knock him out Round 2

  • Ripper

    Izzy is gonna win for sure costa is alot better then vettori

  • Thabit Khalifa
    Thabit Khalifa

    Aslasnay is going to break him like he stole some thing

    • Danny Dore
      Danny Dore

      @J D 😆😆💀

    • Danny Dore
      Danny Dore

      Did you just try a dark arts spell?

    • Winston


    • EF EF
      EF EF

      broke your spelling too

    • hey bro
      hey bro

      *rsloft.info/loft/video/ncJ7vqybm3SiiHI* ..